What happened to the Bitcoin price today?? Will cryptocurrency price crash?

Will the price of bitcoin fall below $30,000
today? Cryptocurrency prices, were trading lower
today. with Bitcoin declining over 3% to $33,275.4,
data by CoinDesk showed. Ethereum was down 3% to $2,262. Dogecoin also slipped as it was trading around
$22, down 5%. Other tokens like XRP, Litecoin, Cardano,
Uniswap also fell more than 2% over the last 24 hours. Given that the bitcoin price is still fluctuating
on a daily basis, many investors believe that. it is very likely that the price will fall
below $30,000 in 2021. According to a survey conducted by CNBC of
a group of strategists, up to 44 percent of investors believe. bitcoin will fall below $30,000 by 2021. Crypto investors were taken aback by Bitcoin's
precipitous price drop. Bitcoin's dip has recently shaken investor

However, numerous seasoned traders have signaled
the nearing of a bull run. Ever since Bitcoin's recovery back to $33,000. The traders expect BTC to spring back to its
former glory. The main reason, holding back Bitcoin's growth
momentum during this time is mostly due to BTC derivatives contracts expire at the end
of this week. Bitcoin is expected to experience a surge
in volatility as more than $8 billion in BTC derivatives contracts expire later this week. Because as the contract's expiration date
approaches, the holders will either modify it, receive payment, or dump the virtual currency. Increased derivatives trading activity leads
to increased price volatility in the derivatives market and its underlying asset. Taking profits from short-term traders also
increases volatility during this period.

What will become of Bitcoin? Is there any possibility of recovery and growth? Let's wait to see how everything falls out
next week! What do you think you about the bitcoin price
? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe
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