What Etoro Just Did With Shiba Inu Coin And Why SHIB Will Reach $1 Before Dogecoin DOGE

etoro just did this with shiba inu coin it seems like a lot of cryptocurrencies are making their way back up the cryptocurrency market after the market crash and the shiba inu coin is making so much progress that it caught elon musk's attention but what's more interesting is what awaits the shiba inu coin in the upcoming future but what could it possibly be stay tuned to know everything that's going on presently with the shiba inu coin hey shiba lovers welcome to shiba inu coin your daily dose of shiba if you're interested in everything around shiba this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more shiba news and let us know in the comments how much you think shiba will cost next week let's get to it we'd also like to emphasize that this is not a financial advisory channel and we don't ask you to invest in any particular company this is simply a way for instructional materials to be delivered to your door with that in mind we recommend that you do your homework before investing in anything before we talk about the shiba inu coin let's speak about etoro most of you have heard about etoro but those of you who haven't don't worry that's what we're here for etoro describes itself as a user-friendly trading platform with a social component to investment i'd compare them to facebook for traders this allows you to sort through other users and view their trading history in plain sight including how much money they've gained or lost over time etoro is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage firm based in israel that specializes in financial and copy trading services cyprus mexico and the united kingdom the united states and australia are among its registered offices the company's valuation was 800 million dollars in 2018 and it's expected to quadruple to 2.5 billion dollars soon as a regulated platform etoro ensures that you may safely purchase trade and sell ship and other crypto assets sign up today to take advantage of the market's lowest cost as well as access to all the world's best traders if you think dogecoin was created as a joke have a look at this the shiba inumani dubbed the dogecoin killer by some was created to compete with the dogecoin while dogecoin's value has progressively increased since the recent cryptocurrency market crisis the sheba unicoin has been close behind and both meme coins are aiming for one dollar the shiba inu coin unlike dogecoin which is traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges is part of a decentralized website the shiba inu currency still has a long way to go before it reaches one dollar but dogecoin will be there in a matter of months given the currency's current state it appears that it will become a stable coin shiba inu has risen and fallen in the last month in his attempts to complete with tesla's ceo elon musk's favorite dogecoin when it was announced that ethereum co-founder and russian canadian programmer vitalik buterin had burned 40 of the shiba inu token supply shiva inu began to rise during the last week as demand for cryptocurrency rose prices skyrocketed the shiba era cryptocurrency was also introduced to the crypto map trading site which hit bitcoin and surged quickly despite the massive shiba army social media activities the coin has since dropped last week the shiba inu coins market cap was 3.13 billion dollars with a trading volume of 533.7 million dollars down 14.07 dogecoin on the other hand was at 30 cents down 1.71 the market capitalization of dogecoin was 39.89 billion dollars with a volume of 5.42 million dollars dogecoin is currently ahead of shiba inu it is expected to reach one dollar soon according to experts cryptocurrencies retail trading and special purpose acquisition corporations or spax have all had a big year in 2021.

The worldwide stocks and cryptocurrency trading software etoro is scheduled to go public later this year through a 10.4 billion dollar merger with fintech acquisition corp called vspac however etoro is well known among amateur traders and crypto enthusiasts as a significant backer of cryptocurrency trading worldwide it made news in early may when it added dogecoin to its service a move that helped propel the joe cryptocurrency to an all-time high of about 50 percent elon musk described dogecoin's community as big noisy and funny according to yoni asia chief executive officer of etoro which he co-founded in 2007. the real question is why it took so long to be honest we didn't think dogecoin was a good investment because it was created as a meme or a joke nonetheless asia claims that etoro finally judged the dogecoin's user's enthusiasm proved the coin had a future and was worth introducing asia claims that elon musk popularly known as the doge father has been one of the driving forces behind the boom in dogecoin bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general elon musk's single tweet has the power to send equities flying or plummeting it truly affects the dynamics when one member of the community is worth 180 billion dollars as he explains etoro has added a slew of new cryptocurrencies to its platform allowing users in the united states and throughout the world to trade digital assets is it planning to include dogecoin's arch rival shima inu which has recently been making headlines the shiba inu cryptocurrency has grown at an exponential rate since its launch in august of 2020.

Its success is due to the great strategic team behind it in its attempts to promote the money the ship you knew marketing team left no stone unturned and the results are spectacular the shiba inu coin has a significant following that continues to grow with each passing day a new york family's eight thousand dollar investment in shiba inu coin the dogecoin spin-off turned into a nine million dollar fortune in just a few months according to cnn business the shiba unicoin has been making waves in the crypto industry over the last several days many new crypto enthusiasts have been aggressively pushing the shiba inu coin after dogecoin's enthusiasm has faded shiba unu prices have also risen dramatically in recent years rising from zero point zero zero zero zero zero two dollars to around zero point zero zero zero three four dollars a one thousand seven hundred percent increase the shiba inu coin has quickly gained international attention as a result of its growing popularity the shiba token has a sizable community of supporters who use social media sites like reddit and twitter to support cryptocurrencies if the market loses faith in these currencies their value might quickly depreciate based on the data shown above it is acceptable to assume that the sheba unicoin has tremendous potential and a promising future in the cryptocurrency industry thanks to a broad network of supporters the sheba eu cryptocurrency continues to grow at a rapid pace it has progressed to elon musk's belief that the shiba inu coin has a high chance of becoming a successful cryptocurrency shiva inu currency has a lot of momentum behind it with a market worth of more than 3.5 billion dollars since its launch and the 10 growth in the last 24 hours at the time of writing the value of shiba inu 3rd june 2021 had ranged between a 24-hour low of zero zero zero zero zero eight six nine dollars and a high of zero point zero zero zero zero one oh four five dollars shiba iru is collaborating with placent to improve its payment procedures if they can find a method to make it more efficient and less energy intensive than bitcoin it will pique the public's interest particularly that of elon musk who will begin to use it this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity because all of the main cryptocurrencies are currently suffering due to the market crisis if shiba inu can devise an effective transaction method it will be able to grow at a rate unmatched by any other organization in this scenario the element of time is critical shiba inu is developing its own decentralized exchange dex dex to compete with uni swap and sushi swap if it achieves even a tenth of the other two decentralized finance market success shiba inu the new dex's native currency will be the biggest growing currency it has the potential to increase the coin's value to one dollar and with the intervention of etoro experts believe that the shiba inu coin will hit the one dollar mark before dogecoin in 2022 hence with the above data's help it is safe to assume that the shiba inu coin can be considered a stable investment this is the right time to buy as the price is stable right now you can buy a and thirty thousand three hundred and seventy ship coins and just rs a hundred isn't it great you can buy the coin right now as it is expected the prices might go higher and statistics have shown us promising growth of the shiba inu coin in the near upcoming future therefore for people looking for a stable investment with guaranteed returns the shiba inu coin could be the investment opportunity you've been looking for well that's it for today's video guys let us know in the comments below when you think shiba will hit 5 and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time at shiba inu coin you

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