What El Salvador Just REVEALED About Shiba Inu Coin + Bitcoin BTC & Why SHIB Will Hit $1.00

what el salvador just revealed about shiba inu coin and bitcoin btc since the start of 2021 shiba inu coin has seen some exceptional gain percentage even surpassing the meme currency dogecoin indeed the coin's sole existence was to take over dogecoin after calling itself the dogecoin killer however with such impressive growth what really awaits now is when will our dogecoin killer hit a one dollar mark and how has el salvador become a massive catalyst for the coins price surge stick on to the end to know more hi sheba lovers welcome to shiva enu coin your daily dose of sheba if you are interested in everything around sheba this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more shiba news and let us know in the comments how much you think of shiba will cost next week but before we move forward here are some things you need to keep note of firstly the prices of cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and change frequently so by the time you get to watch this video the prices mentioned in today's video will transform into a whole different range secondly the content of this video is restricted to serve the purpose of being an informative one nothing from today's video intends to be taken as financial or investment advice you are requested to conduct your own diligence or consult an expert from this field to make better investment decisions with that being said let's get to it even though the market appears to be dying with almost all altcoins trading with a red mark there are certain factors that have become more of a push stimulus for some of the altcoins shiba inu is one of them you must be overhearing news of crypto becoming a legal tender and el salvador flashing on your feeds every now and then but the real question is what exactly is going on this might be the most important news for this year that we see the world's first sovereign nation to adopt bitcoin the leader of the cryptocurrency as a legal tender alongside the us dollar el salvador's endorsement of bitcoin has marched towards the world's first digital currency to be adopted as a legal tender president naib bukele on saturday the 5th of june 2021 at the bitcoin 2021 conference held in miami a multi-day conference considered the most prominent bitcoin event in history announced his proposal to introduce legislation implementing bitcoins working as a legal tender president naive buchelli announced el salvador's partnership with the digital wallet company to build the company's financial infrastructure using bitcoin's technology this move by the president was approved by president naib bouquela's proposal to embrace cryptocurrency considering the current financial status of el salvador this move can be classified as a magnificent way to enhance the standard of living for civilians el salvador is mainly a cash economy with only 30 percent of civilians having an existing bank account leaving roughly 70 percent of the population with no bank accounts furthermore the country was facing issues relating to international transfer due to limited assistance from financial institutions only incumbent services can charge 10 percent or more in fees for transfer on a global level which is again time consuming taking up to several days to receive the required amount and extensive transaction fees act as a cherry on top adding bitcoin as a legal tender becomes a lifesaver both for the country and bitcoin's value bitcoin is the most significant cryptocurrency ever created in a superior monetary network allowing economies to be saved from colossal inflation shock created due to fiat currency this is significantly important for economies especially economies like el salvador the founder of the lighting design and ux payments platform jack mahlers said that this move by the president would help unleash the power and potential of bitcoin for everyday transactions increasing the coin's trading volume and technological developments of the country's financial network bitcoin's open network benefits individuals businesses and public sector services bitcoin even though there isn't any such official news of becoming the global reserve currency but due to bitcoin's substantial decentralized high value this currency has been considered as many it could potentially become the global reserve currency bitcoin is not backed by any institution nor has any government controlling it unlike the federal reserve's fiat currency bitcoin's value is derived from its rareness the fact that bitcoin's supply is limited to 21 million coins the currency is perfect to become the value reserve currency the finance minister zelaya clarified to the international monetary fund that el salvador would not be abandoning the us dollars and replace it with bitcoin's application with bitcoin's implementation as a legal tender el salvador is expecting to become a remittance currency for salvadorians overseas potentially looking at this opportunity there are high chances of the shiba inu coin to be seen as the next crypto to potentially be accepted as a legal tender if the coin continues to walk via dogecoin's price action interestingly dogecoin started to receive significant attention after it endorsed a jamaican team to the olympics this is an essential familiar stimulus that supports a coin to gain vast attention after fans donating doge for various charitable causes its fanbase began to expand to some greater extent shiba inu coin which is again derived from the same meme currency doge is following a similar path as that of dogecoin in fact as per analysts shiba inu is likely to hold on higher momentum than dogecoin given its endorsement into real-life causes shiba inu recently made significant news after vitalik buterin one of the eight co-founders of ethereum donated 50 trillion coins to the india covet 19 relief fund further burning 90 of his total ship holdings nearly 410 trillion coins by sending it across an unknown blockchain account completely cutting from its circulation from the main supply the last remaining ten percent of veteran's ship holdings he plans to again donate into a charitable cause though it's not yet confirmed what his previous ship donations will be shiba inu coin had a total market supply of a quadrillion coins initially on its inception fifty percent of the total supply was kept as hold on the uniswap platform and the other fifty percent was transferred to vitalik buterin's wallet shiba inu coin is a decentralized token on the ethereum network following the erc20 token standards even though the founder of the token who happens to introduce himself to the world as ryoshi thought to create a scarcity of the coin increasing its price by staking half its supply to vitalik however transferring such a massive supply to a centralized body or a single wallet contradicts the entire concept of having a decentralized token in the first place vitalik by burning half the coin's supply has undoubtedly created a considerable supply scarcity ensuring a suture trend of staking on the shiba inu network burning coins is a method via which a coin's price marks a substantial increase as the coin becomes scarce with vitalik buterin's donation which has also become one of the largest single donations in the world the sheba token has gained considerable attention mainly occupying the status of a token to be used for a real purpose being a relatively new coin shiba inu has become one of the best performing altcoins in 2021 the shibu inu token will need to gain at least 12 million percent for hitting a one dollar mark to date the coin has gained nearly half of that level since january 2021 and continues to give bullish markers on the coin's future price trajectory with the current gain percent sheep provides its token holders with an average monthly gain of 2 million percent provided the buying pressure continues until the end of 2021 the coin can undoubtedly hit a dollar mark however this is far too real to happen considering the market's current dip despite the fact that the coin began trading at a negligible price at the beginning of 2021 its exponential increase has led to its listing on the major trading platforms recently a petition asking robinhood to list the shiba inu coin has been spiraling all over the internet and ranking as one of the most popular petitions on the change.org platform with over 130 000 signatures likely robin hood will soon take on shiba inu as it did for dogecoin considering its high momentum currently shiba inu is trading at 0.00 with a red of 11.21 change in the last 24 hours as per the 4-hour chart the coins price looks forward to meeting a bullish divergence between the price and the relative strength index after breaking out of the price mark at the 0.000681 level shib has converted that range into immediate support the coin is currently consolidating and is likely to break out soon towards the 0.000834 dollars resistance target the coin will receive an additional barrier to the north at 0.000010 the recent breakout from the crucial point was initiated after the coin was listed on changely pro which allowed buyers to acquire the crypto using fiat currency methods due to the current market status the coin wasn't able to break out freely instead flipped into a corrective rally overall we are very bullish on the coins price and almost certain that the coin will rebound to higher levels after the market correction thank you for watching till the end let us know in the comments below when you think shiba will hit one dollar and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time at shiba enew coin

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