INU COIN & WHY WE MUST BE ALERT! One of the biggest political gossips of the
21st century is the Snowden affair. Its central character, Mr. Edward Snowden, has exposed
much about Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies and meme coins. It’s high time we present
his further shocking revelations about Shiba Inu.
(0:21) The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency token has been standing pat for a few weeks now.
But don’t forget that meme tokens are one of the most popular in the crypto market,
and Dogecoin led the pack a few months ago. However, Shiba Inu Coin has taken the market
by storm since August of 2020, (0:36) surpassing even Dogecoin's gains to rise over 2 million
percent. One could argue that their slogan "dogecoin killer" has lived up to its name.
Now experts say that its popularity should not be ignored since it reflects the behaviors
of a new, growing class of cryptocurrency traders.
For those who haven’t heard about Edward Snowden, here’s a quick rundown: (0:56)
he was bold enough to reveal state-level confidential data in 2013.

As a former National Security
Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, he exposed the existence of
several American and British mass surveillance programmes. He was judged for treason and
several other crimes,(1:14) but Edward Snowden cunningly moved to Russia where he obtained
residence rights through asylum and has lived there ever since.
So, today we are going to talk all about what Edward Snowden just revealed about Shiba Inu
coin & why we must be on alert! These are some of the questions we'll be answering for
you today, and we've also got a fantastic catalyst for you to look forward to.
So watch this video till the end because today’s video is going to be a game changer.

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Before we get to our topic, let’s take a look at the chart and see what the price of
SHIBA is doing on 1st of August, shall we? (2:07) The cryptocurrency market has turned
bullish during the last 10 days, after making a sudden reversal. Most cryptos have made
considerable gains, ranging between 30% and 50%, although, Shiba Inu haven’t benefited
from this bullish momentum in the crypto market. It turned bearish in May and has been on a
downtrend since then. We have seen retraces higher during this time, but they have all
ended at some point, and the highs keep getting lower.
Shiba Inu price in danger of significant decline (2:35) A symmetrical triangle pattern has
been observed on the 12-hour chart for SHIB, suggesting a sideways motion.

The higher lows
and lower highs recorded by SHIB created two trends connecting at the apex and thereby
forming a symmetrical triangle pattern. Despite the chart suggesting that SHIB’s
price is indecisive, the coin is now at the edge of a sharp decline after crossing below
the crucial support line. (2:57) The primary pattern’s measurements suggested the meme-themed
token might fall 19% down, with bears eyeing the $0.0000050 target.
If the price falls below the diagonal support trend line, high chances of a bearish SHIB
forecast lie on the sides.

On the daily chart, the situation doesn’t
look good either. (3:14) The price has formed a bottom at $0.0000057, but the highs keep
getting lower here as well, indicating selling pressure. The failure to make gains during
this bullish period in the crypto market also shows selling pressure.
Shiba Inu price today is $0.00000626 USD, which is down by -0.19% over the last 24 hours.
(3:35) There has been an hourly rise by 0.15%. Shiba Inu’s market cap currently sits at
$2.47 Billion USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #45.
The 20 and 50 SMAs continue to push Shiba Inu down on the daily chart
(3:51) The 50 SMA, and recently the 20 SMA too, have been acting as resistance at the
top, pushing the price lower, as we highlighted in our previous Shiba Inu price prediction,
so chances are that the support will break at some point.
Now let’s get back to the topic.

(4:05) With his scandalous revelations, Edward
Snowden was able to raise the interest of the general public and build a strong community
standing behind. Followed by more than 4.7 million people
on Twitter, this account is his one and only real platform. For instance, on Twitter he
discussed Biden’s $6 trillion budget plan, explaining its benefits for Bitcoin. To draw a brief conclusion, Edward Snowden
has a rather optimistic opinion on cryptocurrency as a phenomenon.

(4:31) However, Bitcoin should
make every effort to develop if its creators want to call their brainchild a global benchmark.
According to Snowden, other cryptocurrencies which appear to be more suitable for payment
solutions because of transparency, security, and transaction speed, like Shiba Inu and
Dogecoin can experience a substantial boom in the next few years.
Shiba is a Billionaire Asset (4:51) Built on the Ethereum network, Shiba
Inu was designed to be completely community driven and governed, breaking away from traditional
financial structures and remaining true to the core values or decentralized finance.”
The SHIB network is set to making moves as soon as it breaks the wedge, indicating it
could be ready to go mainstream in the near future.

The Shiba Inu network also just released
ShibaSwap, which is a decentralized exchange that allowed users to trade between SHIB and
other tokens, as well as stake their coins to gain returns.
(5:20) “Due to the network’s increasing utility, there is potential for SHIB to grow
in terms of adoption and demand.” According to “The Intercept”, Edward Snowden’s
documents reveal that the NSA has not only proceeded to track transactions on the Bitcoin
network, but also on other meme cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu, due to their popularity
among common people. (5:40) NSA has further analyzed global internet traffic and collected
user passwords and device identifiers to undermine the pseudonymity of users leveraging Bitcoin
to transact. It boils down to that the cryptocurrencies
like bitcoin and other blockchain should design competing systems and mechanisms to tackle
the challenge of threat to privacy by powerful agencies, governments, and authoritarian regimes
that boast powerful surveillance techniques. (6:04) Edward Snowden also said that the only
sustainable way out is to design competing systems that tackle all the shortcomings of
the present systems and at the same time attract the global consumer base.
This week, crypto went into a frenzy as Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced he only
has holdings in three cryptocurrencies named Bitcoin, dogecoin and Ethereum.
(6:26) For 2022 through to 2025, Cryptocurrency Price Predictions forecasts are even more

Over the next four years alone, we believe
SHIB will increase to $100… How’s that sound? Haha well, that was a JOKE because
it will require a market of thousands of trillions of dollars to reach that value, but we expect
to keep a target of 0.01 at least… (6:47) Despite its humorous tones, the meme
SHIBA coin has attracted a large following of investors and traders who regard it as
a millionaire-making investment. Furthermore, the project's founders have big plans for
it, and they're presently working on an NFT network based on the Shiba Inu Network.
On a more positive note, Shiba Inu could receive some support and reverse some of its losses
over reports that eToro – (7:09) the world’s leading social trading platform, has listed
the Shiba Inu token for its users to trade. eToro’s tweet on July 27 confirmed rumors
that SHIB would get listed soon, and its addition will now potentially drive up interest
in the meme coin in the near future. Shiba Inu price is likely to rally from increasing
demand, as it is available to over 20 million registered eToro users.
That’s all for today. Also, we would like to mention that this is
not a channel intended specifically to provide financial advice, and we do not ask you to
invest in any company.

This is merely a channel directed towards bringing educational content
to your doorsteps. With that in mind, before you invest in anything, we recommend you do
thorough wide-spectrum research on the topic. We hope you liked this video. Let us know
in the comments below if you are a Shiba holder, and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs
up! See you next time at Shiba Inu Coin! Bye Bye….

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