What Dogecoin And Popeyes Chicken Have In Common

what's going on guys protodoge here with another video and today we are going to be talking about oh you guessed it dogecoin and before we get started make sure you hit that like button smash that like button you know what i'm saying make sure you hit that subscribe button if you haven't subscribed yet and make sure you share the video and hit the notification bell so you don't miss the next time i post a new video oh yeah guys really quickly too guess what i got some merchandise guys make sure you go get that boom boom boom boom yeah make sure to get the merch at www.thedosecoinmillionaire.com different colors different sizes the link is in the description section so lately it's just been bad news all over we have dogecoin down from 75 down from its all-time highs we have upshot being accused of rug pulling on all his supporters with the up coin we have just basically the entire market is just kind of tanking right now right so i thought all right let me do a video and give you guys a little bit of hope for the future um i've done a video about you know what i feel like are the three biggest catalysts to bring dogecoin to a dollar um my last video you know i i give you guys reasons as to why i didn't sell it three million dollars but i've basically talked about what i see being the major catalyst and i kind of want to talk about some of the smaller ones in this video so i want to talk about a few of the smaller things that are exciting that are happening for dogecoin now and going into the future so the first one i want to talk about is axe body spray right so they have recently come out with a collaboration with dogecoin hashtag dogecan on their twitter feed and they're basically coming out with a deodorant that has the sense of doge or the sense of crypto or something like that right and by the way they're not paying me to talk about them or anything like that full disclosure they're not paying me at all like i wish they were but they're not uh but in any case uh dogecoin or dogecan that they're coming out with basically is a great example of where i see marketing going in the future when it comes to a name brand right like a like that has is recognized everywhere partnering up and not really partnering up but more so utilizing the dogecoin community to push their brand forward get likes get retweets get trending on twitter just kind of you know get the word out on on their end without actually using a whole lot of marketing budget or anything of that nature but let me explain why i see this as the future of marketing so when brands usually put together a marketing budget for a product that they're putting out they're they're investing upwards of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars not to mention if they were to come out with straight-up commercials uh in the millions of dollars or if they were to put something on in the super bowl which is like the epitome of of ads and promotion right for any type of product and you're talking millions and millions and millions of dollars right that's traditionally how most companies most you know marketing agencies go that's the route they go when they want to promote a product right and that's just in the history that's just how it's always been so now i feel like we're moving into a direction of companies and marketing agencies starting to utilize communities like the dogecoin community to push their product or push their brand name into the you know eyes of the masses without having to spend that much money okay so enter social media and memes for the longest time i've been trying to tell people about the value that there is in means i've been quoted by saying uh memes are the language of the millennials and the gen zers and it's just the way that we communicate and the way that we talk to each other not through memes and there's value in that there's value in the social media aspect of that right because this basically translates into free marketing dollars for companies and brands trying to get their products out there okay so take the popeyes chicken sandwich craze of 2019 right so i read somewhere that they reaped upwards of 65 million dollars equivalent of media value from the virality that it had on social media when everybody was going crazy about them coming out with the chicken sandwich so you're talking instagram posts you're talking people i gotta go get it oh i can't get the you know they're running out oh twitter people tweeting about it like it just went crazy and this is pretty much what the dream of every company marketing agency brand name out there trying to push a product they want this this is like a perfect storm situation right and since then i feel like companies have started being aware and being aligned with what's popular in culture right now and what's going on right so companies want to tap into that market because these are free marketing dollars that they don't have to spend because everyone kind of just takes it away for them right this is money that popeyes didn't have to spend on ads on promo on commercials on tv because it basically took a life of its own in meme culture in what we got going on now i'm talking about chicken sandwiches i'm actually kind of hungry right now but uh you know i'm on a health kick lately if you follow me on social media you know that i make celery juice almost as often as i can and you know i try to look for healthy stuff man and if you guys have seen my tour video of my house you know that i either buy the cheapest version of something or the best version of something and right now i'm kind of craving some cereal right but cereal isn't typically the healthiest thing except now it is biome what is this magic spoon guess what the first thing i check is sugar sugar content right because sugar's poison don't like try to get as least amount of sugar in whatever it is that you eat or drink and this cereal has zero sugar zero grams of sugar not only that but four grams of net carbs 13 grams of protein it's high protein keto friendly it's gluten free it's soy free it's grain free it's wheat free like there's so much free stuff in here it's crazy um naturally flavored totally delicious child likes cereal for grown-ups and boy am i somewhat of a child at times you know what i'm saying so oh it also comes in a bunch of different flavors so we got cocoa fruity peanut butter peanut butter frosted so yeah i'm ready with my magic spoon cereal and i gotta get some milk man oh oat milk don't drink whole milk what are you doing like put it back what do you drink a whole milk for two percent milk do i look like a cow do i look like a baby cow why am i drinking milk for we're like the only species that drinks milk from other i see i'm going off on a tangent right now back to the cereal delicioso oh i got my retainer hold on all right now i can eat it so yeah if you guys want to get some magic spoon cereal i got the link in the description make sure you use my code to get five dollars off your first order and go get you some because this stuff's actually really good and it's really good for you too so yeah imagine the spoon baby to the spoon mmm tasty okay back to the video so let's get back to axe for a moment right so i got my laptop right here we're gonna check out some of their tweets and see exactly what i'm talking about right so if you go to twitter and you go to the axe account right i'm gonna pull it up right now okay um okay and then we look at some of their tweets right prior to the whole dose coin dosh can hashtag thing right so if we scroll down look at this uh nba finals hashtag nba finals acts and six 110 likes right um what else just a random ad right here 128 likes uh 28 likes on this one um 32 likes 89 likes 23 likes like i'm just going through their post prior to dogecoin right now let's fast forward and go to when they're first talking about dogecoin right so hey dogearmy who's ready for the hashtag dogecan 8.3 000 likes okay scroll up 720 21 hashtag can 10.5 000 likes right uh we even got them trending on twitter hashtag doshkan was trending the other day and this post that they put up boss wants big trending you know what to do doge army 4.5 000 likes and when it was trending it was trending with 11.4 000 tweets all over the united states so you can so just there you can see the value and what the dogecoin community can bring to a brand right and the first brand that did this was slim jim so shout out to slim jim they were the first ones to really embrace the dogecoin community and create a capsule create something with the dogecoin community which i think was super dope so shout out to slimgen for that and um and i feel like a lot more companies a lot more brands are gonna start going in that direction and really start to embrace the cryptocurrency world and what we got going on and if you're a brand wanting to get into crypto and kind of tap into that marketplace what's the first crypto you're gonna look at is it bitcoin are you gonna really you're gonna try to advertise to some maxies out there some some bitcoin mac you think they care about your brand or about your product probably not these guys are probably boomers you know what i'm saying bitcoin boomers you know what i mean that's how we call them but if they're gonna pick a crypto to like have fun with it's gonna be dogecoin so that's just a given so whenever mcdonald's decides to come out and do something in the cryptocurrency world or wendy's or any one of these you know top-tier coca-cola whatever they're gonna come for dogecoin like they're that's gonna be the first step into that world they're going to reach out to the dogecoin community and probably do something fun and exciting and something that will not only pop their names up even more and and have them training on twitter too but you're you're giving awareness to the dogecoin community and the dogecoin crypto by doing a coca-cola maybe with a a branding a dogecoin on it or doing a mcdoge or or some type of mcdonald's kids meal or something like that with dogecoin you know what i mean like i feel like that's just kind of where we're slowly heading and you're seeing it little by little with these brands coming out now and as you can see there's value in dogecoin because there's value in means there's value in mean culture and there's value in going viral and all of those things play a part together hand in hand so that's what i mean when i say that i'm holding on to dogecoin long term because dogecoin and me represents mean culture and i feel like that's what we choose to put value in when it comes to the millennials to the gen zers and the next generations moving forward media social media memes uh just funny stuff online like that stuff's always gonna live on and i feel like as we go you know every year that goes by it gets even stronger so really quick a while back i did the iced coffee hour which is the podcast that graham has with jack and i actually did it twice by the way so shout out to them i went there back to back i'm gonna put the link in the description so you guys go check out the whole thing if you want but during the the second one that i did um there was a point where graham looked at me and he asked memes or something that are sick like a meme comes up and it's funny remember when the bernie sanders meme was funny that was hilarious everyone was talking about it's that funny anymore but that was what it was it was in the moment but a week or two dogecoin represents memes does that make sense dogecoin is not we're not looking at it at face value and saying this is going to go out of style next week because it represents all the memes it represents the bernie sanders meme it represents meme culture in the meme language so i feel like us using dogecoin as payment is paying homage to the memes that we love every single day so as you can see when it comes to doge it's not so much the doge meme at face value you know what i mean like those to me pays homage to meme culture it's an ode to memes everywhere it represents everything meme related a meme you saw today that's what dogecoin represents and i feel like that's never gonna die out that's never going to no longer be funny or no longer be fun because memes are here to stay uh that's the same thing as asking somebody like hey do you think in two or three years people are gonna stop using memes no do you think in five years you'll never see another meme again no memes are going to live on forever it's something that we've just embraced and something that we use on a day-to-day basis and dogecoin is going to be a part of that for as long as that's a thing which is very far off in the future the way i look at it graham also asked me what can dogecoin do that ethereum can't do and this was my response how was it how is dogecoin doing what let's say something on the ethereum blockchain can't do nothing it's just more fun yes i love it yeah end of the day that's what it is bro that's just what it is he's not wrong he's very right so there you have it i still believe in dogecoin long term i still believe that dogecoin is the future you know a few years from now we're gonna have the top five cryptos the same way today we can go to the supermarket or go to the store and you have different ways of paying you got visa you got mastercard you got cash you got gift card you got different ways to pay for stuff right so in the future when we have the top five cryptocurrencies we're gonna have bitcoin you know we're gonna have ethereum we're gonna have dogecoin right up there and the thing is this i don't personally i don't need dogecoin to be the number one crypto you know what i mean to have any type of success there i i just need those going to be top five and i feel like we are going to be top five and i'm okay with that i'm cool with that you know what i'm saying like if i walk into a store and they say you could pay with bitcoin you could pay with a theory you pay with those credit i'm good you know what i mean and i feel like the value is going to reflect that long term that's why i'm holding and that's why i'm telling everybody else to hold because this is something that's going to happen in the future and most people don't have the patience to wait it out but i do because diamond hands baby and that's just the way it is and it's not going to change so you know you can make fun of me all you want i'm going to keep holding on i'm going to keep holding strong and i'm here for the long haul look and at the end of the day if i didn't sell those clone windows at 75 cents you think i'm gonna sell it when it's at 15 cents you think all of these people that have been backing dogecoin for the past eight years before 2021 before it was everywhere before elon was tweeting about it all those people that were holding dogecoin this entire time have just witnessed what it can do and what they believed they could do all along and seen it go to 25 35 45 55 all the way to 75 cents they've witnessed that the world witnessed that we all saw what it was capable of right you think they're gonna sell now you think they hold on for eight years and been the backbone of dogecoin and they're just gonna sell out now no and all the new people that got in at 10 cents 15 cents five cents like me four four and a half cents uh 15 cents 20 cents do you think they're just gonna sell no they're not i mean if they're paper-handed pansies i guess so but like most of them are not gonna sell so this is just more and more people piling on holding on a dogecoin and it's gonna skyrocket again whether it happens in a month whether it happens in three months well it happens in six months it's gonna go right past the 75 cent mark hit the dollar and keep going and it's not that far away in my opinion you know what i mean so that's the reason i still hold that's the reason why i think anybody who believes in those coins should still hold you know what i'm saying though like people are coming out the woodwork now but you guys will see you know what i'm saying y'all y'all see the full potential of dogecoin and by the way shout out to elon musk you know i'm saying it came out with the dough shades hashtag those shades you know what i mean if you follow me on twitter you know that i've already made the adjustment and uh i got those shades on too you know what i'm saying because it's it's right there it's right there i feel like we're not that far away and so keep holding on or miss out on the rocket ship to the moon baby to the moon and before i show you guys my beat up portfolio it's probably in the 700 thousands or something like that um if you guys want to start getting involved with investing and all that good stuff make sure you use my we bull link down below in the description section and go get your two free songs you know what i'm saying 300 worth of stocks for free if you just use my link down below so make sure you do that and uh yeah finger guns all right guys so here's my portfolio i'm currently at 760 000 in the past hour i'm up 23 000 and today i am up 74 000 in the past week i am down 13 000 in the past month i am up 65 000 in the past three months i am down 430 thousand dollars guys in the past year i am up six hundred and twelve thousand dollars and of all time i am up six hundred and twenty four thousand dollars so here go my dojo doges how my dojo doge is doing today um yeah today we had a cool little spike man we went all the way up to 21 cents almost 22 cents at its peak so let me see where i was at at 22 cents at the peak today um yeah we were at 830 000 earlier today so that was because of the elon talk you know what i mean that he had um but yeah so here's my position uh 3.9 million doge coins that i have in case you didn't know my equity is currently 758 000 my average cost basis is 4.7 cents and my total return is 574 000 so yeah and um so yeah that's where i'm at uh so don't forget guys that i am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice this is for entertainment purposes only do not invest more money than you can afford to lose and do your own due diligence in your own research if you find that dogecoin is something that you'd like to invest in then do what you feel is best um once again make sure you like the video subscribe to the channel if you haven't uh share the video and hit the notification bell so you don't miss my next few videos and yeah i'll see you guys on the next one peace millionaire.com make sure you go get that [Music] www.thedoscoinmillionaire.com it's not good

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