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have you heard about nfts i assume the answer is yes they've enjoyed a huge comeback in the crypto space during this past month or so people can argue all day about their value as an investment but today let's take a look at some of the interesting ways they're being used this is josh from femex team before we start please subscribe to our channel turn on alerts like this video and share it with your friends of course if you have anything you'd like to add please leave a comment now let's get started [Music] so non-fungible goods are irreplaceable unique and limited in quantity these can also be represented on blockchain via non-fungible tokens or nfts nfts can represent artwork collectibles memorabilia and personal data other examples include gaming characters digital identities and certificates the list goes on you've probably heard a lot about digital art sold as nfts at first this sounds funny because anyone can reproduce the same picture just by copying it but here we can make a comparison with how this works in the space of physical or non-digital art take van gogh's starry night for example it's beloved and therefore very expensive painting now if someone recreates this piece and sells it as an imitation of the original perhaps the price they can fetch would be worth their time but it wouldn't sell for anything near the price of the original at the same time the creation and sale of this imitation would be more likely to make the price of the original go up due to the spread of appreciation for it if it affected the original's price at all on the other hand if someone made a really good imitation and tried to sell it as the original experts would be hired to investigate its authenticity and collectors of art trust these experts to help them ensure the authenticity and in turn the value of expensive art pieces however making a perfect copy of digital art is as easy as clicking save or taking a screenshot depending on the resolution of course therefore you don't hear much about people buying copies of digital art rather ownership has to be tracked through records of interactions nfts can make this easier and much more secure by storing the ownership records on the blockchain if everyone agrees that the ownership of the nft means ownership of the piece of art then the worry about authenticity goes away and any copies spread around only serve to increase the price of the original by bringing it publicity of course the digital space is flowing with opportunities for new concepts and nfts are being used for much more than just proving art ownership one of the big areas for nfts and a natural pairing to be sure is video games from clothes and cars to kitties and land nfts are bringing a brand new aspect to gaming unique in-game assets are growing trend in video games as they give fans a chance to show off and further customize their presence in their favorite games one of a kind and limited edition in-game skins and items have already been around for a while so clearly they can exist without nfts but nfts augment in-game assets quite nicely so let's take a look at some of the most popular games that are already using the power of nfts [Music] alright now we're getting started let's jump in oh i can see myself and my cool avatar i made this is a fun world it's like a train station great moves that's right i bet i can jump there we go ooh that was the next one hey what is this over here red grass yes controls i know thank you excellent i guess this is where where everything ends [Music] all right we're in uh we're in that mining world uh here's a machine the craftomatic hmm let me see if i can mine that meteor that fell hmm a bronze pickaxe i don't even have enough things for that iron okay titanium golden now that's like minecraft diamond also like minecraft oh nft interesting hmm a new nft coming soon all right now now we're in a gallery okay so um so here is like a virtual reality art gallery of nft art these are pretty cool very nfte and then the little introduction to the artist and you can go to their openc collection or oh you can look at it here last sold for 1.1 eth i like this it's a more like immersive way to check out nft art and even buy it if you want it looks like so let's get another oh or not for sale also just look at it 7eth nice all right it's more of its rendering now obviously not all of it but uh at least we can look at some art so this is pretty cool early adopter center frame ft art cycles wow is this the map of this place [Music] very interesting vibe of earth the galaxy beam me up no no beeping up oh here's some art it's kind of dark though ah just goes to the external link these are deviant art which is not an nft platform okay here's some art let's check these out cautious skeptic ah would you look here and then we can view on open c so basically another virtual art gallery with nft art pieces that you can buy which still i think is quite cool anyway you can see they use sort of a minecraft uh type world with blocks and people probably made these parcels and then they're using them as galleries to sell nfts or just look at nfts which is cool kind of reminds me you know just of any new concept type of game uh near the beginning like right now there's a lot of work to be done but there's definitely a lot of potential here too and i i like the concept so anyway let's move to the next one oh we've all heard of this one right crypto kitties collect and burrito forever friends get started then your metamask will pop up zero ath connect so yeah thanks metamask it sort of connects us to all of these kinds of games so breeding which i think is what cryptokitties is all about right select your kitty there we go get in there and give them some privacy done wow that was fast an egg hmm exactly how cats breed and reproduce cat eggs you ever had boiled cat egg amazing voila this was a fake cryptocurrency because i was just doing the class let's go to the catalog wow all right you get some real unique ones featured collections great value kitties all right kitties for beginners low cost low cost at only 31 dollars okay there's like 12 ones as well but again i don't know what the gas cost is going to be on these so you know if you're into this you could try it out i guess uh as i understand there's not a whole lot of a game to it other than buying them and then breeding and seeing what you get but you know you're gonna have to pay for each one that you buy and then there's going to be fees for whenever you do the breeding and hatching so yeah it's kind of a big cost to play crypto kitties to be honest but you know i guess there's been people who have made money on it and people like the concept i think what's cool about it is it's going to go down in history as one of the first major nft games that people play which also could mean that if you get some unique cat it's possible to keep going up and press but yeah as far as i understand there's not a whole lot to the game uh just sort of seeing what kind of kitty you get so for now yeah let's just leave it at that for now here's another big one alien worlds uh this is one of the top cryptocurrency decentralized games ah there you go i've received tlm for my mining efforts so it didn't actually show anything with the mining i kind of was hoping i would go on some sort of a world but it seems you just pick places in mine uh i guess as you get more of this tlm stuff then you can buy things like equipment uh [Music] yeah now i have to wait to mine again so i was just reading about it and it seems they're of course wanting to do a lot more with this game make battles and stuff and then make it to where you can use your weapons and mine better and apparently sometimes when you mine you can mine things that are nfts and sell them of course so again this one it's a fun concept it seems like there's a lot of potential but it's just very basic right now uh doesn't seem super interesting to actually play i think probably people are mostly playing it just with the hopes that it gets more popular as they expand it and that they'll have been some first ones in and that's probably an easier time to get uh unique things like the nft items that you mine so again with all of these it's just there's a lot of potential but uh for right now you know if you're just looking for a really fun video game i don't know if this is exactly where you're gonna find it personally if you enjoyed watching those games we've uploaded a longer version you can check out so those were some interesting examples of how nfts are being used right as i mentioned many of these decentralized games have a long way to go before they become as playable as today's most popular games and nfts being incorporated into gaming seems like a trend that is just getting started i hope this video has sparked your interest in this new technology and by the way femex is in the process of creating a piece of nft art out of qr code submitted by users we're calling it qart for more details about this and to make sure you don't miss the end result click on the link in the description alright thanks for watching this video see you next time if you don't have a femex account yet just click on the link in the description or scan the qr code on the screen create a femex account and you will get a 7 day free premium membership trial and other trading bonuses to learn more about femex and cryptocurrencies watch out the videos in the box on the left and if you're new to the crypto world have a look at the videos on the right for some of femex's user tutorials thanks for watching this video bye

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