What are Tezos (XTZ) & Neo? (Beginners Guide) #Tezos #Neo #cryptocurrency

hello guys this is zagrus in this video 
i wanna explain about tezus and no please   start now subscribing and clicking 
the bell you don't miss anything jesus xt what is the tezus tezus is a blockchain 
network linked digital token tests are not mining   based and really on a proof of stake mechanism 
tezos had a highly successful ico but it was   followed by low suite and price declines the price 
of tes reached record highs in early 2020 leading   to renewed speculation about its future investment 
potential understanding jesus like bitcoin   and therium tezos is a decentralized ledger 
that makes use of blockchain technology   like ethereum tezus is designed to make use of 
smart contracts the term tesla's is ancient great   for a smart contract according to the developers 
however tezus goes beyond previous offerings it   takes the smart contract concept one step further 
by leading participants directly control the rules   of the network how jesus is different one of the 
distinguishing elements of jesus is its governance   most early blockchain really on development 
teams and mining communities to formulate   new design choices however jesus attempts to build 
the decision making a process into the network   of users itself as a result of this system tezus 
creates incentives for user participation in the   core development process that democratizes the 
development process and decentralized maintenance   concerns about jesus with a powerful and flexible 
network its core testosterone massive attention in   its initial point offering the ico began on july 
1 2017.

It went on to earn 232 billion dollar   making it one of the largest icos of all time the 
feature of this was once gained looking bright in   february 2020 though the rapid rise in the price 
of tests suggests caution in the short term record   highs resolve some problems in particular 
all those who want their money back could   simply sell their tests on the market for a profit 
more importantly tesla's approved its staying   power by surviving in the beer market and reaching 
new highs as cryptocurrency skeptic warren buffett   once put it only when the tide goes out do you 
discover who's been swimming naked it seems that   jesus is better suited to the future than many 
believe however ultimate fate of jesus will depend   on the value of its technological innovations and 
its ability to gain support what is known it is   blockchain based platform that supports its 
own cryptocurrency and enables the development   of digital assets and smart contracts in that 
respect it resembles the u.s based ethereum   blockchain network digital equivalence on the new 
platform assets can be easily digitized on the new   blockchain in the open decentralized trustworthy 
traceable and transparent manner that is free of   intermediaries and their cost users are able to 
record buy sell exchange or circulate various   kinds of assets the no platform allows from for 
linking the physical assets with an equivalent and   unique digital avatar on its network also supports 
the protection of assets focus on regulatory   compliance no maintenance a clear distinction 
for from other standard blockchain platforms   it's focused on being regulatory compliant while 
digitized assets and smart contracts are popular   on their blockchain platforms like ethereum the 
third key feature of what it calls its digital   identity separates no from the rest how neo and 
unchained differ now an unchained or separate   entities that exist independently and neither owns 
the other no targets the business to consumer b2c   segment where the c can refer to customer or even 
community while unchained focus on business to   business b2p enterprise services a solution for 
china the new platform acts as the foundation   unchained dna concept now provide decentralized 
public blockchain while unchains dna fills the   need private blockchains linking the system may 
enable the best of both worlds thank you very much   for watching i do hope you enjoyed the video and 
i hope to see you for the next time bye for now

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