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hello everyone welcome back to our channel my name is zari and I cover the best for you price analysis of cryptocurrency and price range now, whether you are in the market or Bearish market there is something for everyone here now, I'll call you today bitcoin ethereum litecoin xrp XLM and Cardano, so keep an eye out so we can dig in. we have a crazy crazy market volatility how crazy, let's see, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency was Just two days ago it was $ 582 billion, and it's about $ 490 billion it's a lot of money that left the crypto-currency and now it's actually changing between $ 500 billion and I'm now saying for $ 511 billion the next thing you need to know if you're a trader in cryptocurrency you want to understand if there is still momentum for other traders in this sphere so just before we had this big change in the price shift for all cryptocurrency the Futures trading only for bitcoin was now more than 68 billion dollars almost 70 billion dollars we look at $ 31 billion, so in the future less than half will trade in derivatives market now it's only in bitcoin just for you to understand now the only time i will tell you Everyone wants to listen now, the market is not so attractive for the traditional crypto trader who when we really go back now to one month or two months future volume trading it's still okay, and now we'll be about 10 to 18 or 20 billion dollars tell you guys guys there are fewer and fewer traders in an atmosphere that probably means less price fluctuations, can be even more stable, so if you use day trading, use us, let us say not an extremely high leverage, then it may be that you will not feel comfortable doing so Let's look at bitcoin analysis now, and I also want to remind you that I made a very good result detailed long-term and short-term um analysis two days ago that is still valid here specific analysis of this cryptocurrency, I will mostly focus on short- to medium-term if you want to see more about a holistic overview of the price ranges, I recommend that you take a look this video we actually have a lot of price analysis that is still in action you can also still looking at it.

Now, as I look, I've created a support level for you and a resistant level. I will always or in most cases always use the support level in the color red and the resistance in a green color now if you are so short the support level will be your resistance level and the resistance will only be the support level you have to understand well, so let's dig in, look at the price analysis for bitcoin so that the first support level for the next week or two is probably the $ 15800 now, if there is a rapid collapse at this price anyway then it can be a very good buy or a very big opportunity to enter the prize profit or variation is about 8.7%, so if you really do enter this market and let's say now that the price needs 15 800, then it will be very good potential for you to go in now if you have a clumsy vision or perspective on the present market, so you're probably looking at opening a short position around 17200 and maybe considering it make a profit around a 16500 it has a few times, so maybe not be too greedy so maybe place a short position between 17 200 and 16600, now it's if we go now in the bullish market, so bitcoin should probably pass 17200 and stay a few days a few hours and then try to break the 18760 dollar, this is the next resistance level that bitcoin has must now of course surpass if you are very clumsy in the market and somehow bitcoin reach this level you can also look at the opening of a short position, this is my perspective and my look at bitcoin price range for the next few days or for this weekend if we want to act the most probably if we do something it will probably happen on sunday when fewer people trade and there are more price fluctuations during Sunday, so keep that in mind, now I've provided you too guys a 30 minute chart on the bitcoin price range for those who are really active trading and they may use slightly higher leverage than usual, so this is the price range you can look at so you can see that BTC has tried as in the past and two days to pass the 17300 and BTC has been rejected on several occasions, so it is basically will be the range for day trading, whether you buy or if you need it be a very good price range, try again never to open the position when it is actually in the middle of the price range because you literally risk a lot.

Okay we are not looking at ethereum so ethereum I set up the chart for 30 minutes because it makes sense from a trader perspective which we can see in a much clearer and then the support level and the resistance level so that the Ethereum support level is $ 486 and the resistance level if you are natural On the market it is 525, so there are now 10 or 11 different to touch again the resistance level, so if you want to enter the market or start trading should again not open the position in this series, but it is very risky, so try it of course open below the middle range of the support and resistance level and this is it so if you think and let's say within a few hours or by Sunday ethereum will reach 525 and you have a clumsy perspective in the market, so you can of course look at the short circuit of the market and then maybe look to make a profit around 505 and if you have a very strong market for example perspective you can look at opening a position if you are lucky that the market decides to give you another opportunity around 480 490 and then look at the closing of the trade around 515 it will be more decent and more realistic, so let's look at the price range of XLM for xlm is a fairly large range, it's a range of 50 percent, so it's between 15 cents and 20 cents is my price range, I'm sorry I can not give you a stricter price range, but this is my price range and so you can see that the price that will try to break the XLM price is 22 cents, so natural if you have a more bearish market on XLM, you will try to place any order in between 15 cents to maybe I would say 19 or even 18 cents, and if you have a bearish market, you are clear we look at an order between 22 cents and then I say up to 21 cents what the rate is for You have to see if you have a bearish market in the markets, basically you think the market will now fall within this range.

For Litecoin, I may have given you the most the price range I can give Litecoin will be the price range for LTC for the following maybe a few days or for the weekend is between $ 65.2 and $ 72, that's where the price is I would of course expect LTC to fluctuate for the next few days, as I mentioned in the previous cryptocurrency I covered if you are very positive about the market you are want to look at buying below the mid-range of their support and resistance level, so in this the case is probably between 67 and 68. these are perhaps good prices to buy of course if you can buy lower rate if you do not believe in litecoin for which LTC will not perform as well the next few days you can also look at an order between 72 and 70.5 it will probably be a good perspective for you to look at its use and utilization this current volatile, perhaps the price of LTC is trapped in a very narrow price range now we look at cardano or ada now potential price range within the support level and the resistance level is 13 percent, so if you trade by being conservative, let us say using lever x5 or lever x10, and if you can enter at any support level and to resist the level of leverage 5, look at potential profit of 50 percent if you are going to take a little more risk, you can of course look at anything above 10 percent, so 10 percent profit in this price range will be 100 profit, now the price range for ADA is literally between 12.6 to 14.4 this is the price range you should of course look at if you want to trade ADA so look again at buying or opening a position in the middle row of the price range always look at the support level or the resistance level If you can get to the support level and resistance level, you probably do not need use high leverage because you know the price range for this cryptocurrency is 13 price range if you go in or out of something, and also reduce your potential profit and therefore you will be more likely to use a higher leverage, now we are going to review xrp now xrp compared to the other crypto currency is actually still in a bullish momentum now the reason why I say this because it has continued for the past few days to resistance level in several cases, so we see here touched three times to touch here so it affects you on 26 november around 6 30 and it affects you again on November 27 at 12 30 then again on the 28th, so based on that I can say it xrp will probably try to break this resistance level and move on this is a support level that I actually raised for xrp so literally about 49 cents if it is 0.6, it is a support level and in the worst case again It's 46 cents now, and I've actually given you a very good overview and on a more long-term perspective on xrp we can of course see in my video that I posted information in the description below now if you have a specific cryptocurrency that you want me to cover and give us the price series, then you are welcome to write a comment and enjoy your weekend bees until next time

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