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from crypto cam hope everybody's having
a wonderful day today so what I want to do here today is bringing you the latest
news on the tasers ICL oops not calling it an IC o—- anymore it's actually a
Kaos crowdfunder we have been in communication with the Kaiser Foundation
which is based in Switzerland and we were able to ask him some questions and
get some additional information about that now before we go into that we need
to talk about a couple of things real quick number one is the crackdown on the
on the IC OS by the SEC now the SEC stated last Tuesday ders have been a
halt on Tuesday when the SEC declared that because certain species of ICO
tokens were marketed with the promise of profits they were behaving like
securities and in doing so the regulators said that they should be
subject to depending on the facts and circumstances to the rules that govern
all securities media reports described a new environment in which some registered
offerings could be subject to criminal criminal punishment these are some cold
words for an overheated market so you can see now that we are you know
definitely in the wild wild west initial cooling offerings in cryptocurrency and
they are looking actually the SEC is actually looking to crack down on them
and regulate them so they're are being very careful these icos now how they
would their offerings you may not even hear the word initial coin offering
being used in the future as things have changed so as we can see things are
changing very rapidly indeed in the IC o—- market now on Tuesday Wall
Street's main regulator said that I SEOs initial coin offerings means of
crowdfunding for blockchain technology companies should be subject to the same
safeguards required in traditional security sales ICS have become a bonanza
the digital currency entrepreneurs allowing them to raise millions quickly
by creating and selling digital tokens with no regulatory over
site now is this a good thing it is a good thing because there is a lot of
people out there they're going to be losing millions or I've lost many many
dollars on the eye cos that were basically just outright scams because
there being no regulation just believing what is printed and what is put out
there you know on the internet and just saying hey this sounds good looks like I
can make a lot of money that other one went up like two hundred three hundred
four hundred percent why don't I just jump on board on this one and they jump
on board they participate in the ICL and that's lost all their money so it's good
to have a little regulation but not too much regulation in my opinion so let's
get back to tasers and talk about what is going on with the foundation the
organization so you did reached out to them we had a couple of questions you
know considering they have been the most successful and largest ICO ever in
history raising almost two hundred and fifty million dollars once again correct
myself not an ICO it was a fund raiser so basically we did
reach out and we asked them some very you know interesting questions and we
got a response from Ross Kenyon community manager at the tasers
foundation in which he communicated to us the following so first of all we
asked him how much and what the breakdown will be is as far as the
distribution to various founders employees and being in big investors and
there is this public information and much went to general public and it
participated in the IPO and their response was first thank you for your
kind words I must inform you one would have been
making a contribution not investing in a fund raiser for a Swiss foundation not
an offering ico etc the foundation will recommend allocation of tokens in the
Genesis block based on contributions so that's what we got back as a response
from them so as you can see they're being very careful not to even mention
the word ICO or anything towards that nature of it being an investment
basically it's just a contribution to a fund raiser and the foundation as well
being based in Switzerland of course so they're very careful not to say anything
about any investments or about you know any gains or anything like that so that
was a very interesting I thought now obviously they didn't answer any
questions about how much was distributed to the various large investors like Tim
Draper etc any of the founders any of the senior management of the company so
we didn't get any information from there they pretty much did not want to answer
any of those questions at this moment in time and the other question we did ask
again was how soon do they think it will be available and listed on any of the
public exchanges will there be any delays and basically we just basically
got one of their remain canned responses which was so the four months it's an
estimate and delays in software development can occur but that's the
most reasonable customer we can give at the moment so that would probably put us
sometime in October I would say before we should see anything so they're very
actually been very hosed and not giving out too much information right now I
guess they're seen how this whole SEC finger plays out but it looks like
they've pretty much got themselves covered as far as the you know being a
crowd funder and contribution to the you know to the crowdfunding fundraiser the
only thing that I don't know if it's of concern but you know with them raising
such a vast amount of money obviously and it was open to us investors so us
investors could contribute as well that maybe the SEC might be in contact with
them we don't know about that yet they may be investigating so we have no ideas
or speculation but you know anytime you raise almost two hundred fifty million
dollars and you're open to US investors you're definitely opening yourself up
you know to a can of worms and anything could happen but for now I'm not worried
about it it is one of the best you know offerings out there I should say
fundraisers out there and you know obviously when we got into it we knew
that there was going to be a delay and what
have the access army right away but you know soon it will happen eventually
normally it will happen but it seems like everything is going well now I was
looking through the paper let me just pull that up here a second then we'll
take a look at that all right now we just scroll down here on their PDF here
which explains all about Tasers the self and mending cryptographic Ledger and
just read their executive summary iPhone is quite interesting here it says here
this document provides a comprehensive overview of Tasers its applications and
benefits to developers involved in the project the upcoming Tasers fundraiser
sometimes loosely called ico or crowd sale the Tasos foundation and the goals
and foundation hopes to achieve so they are using some wording they're loosely
called a ICO or crown cell so they haven't removed
any of these words but they obviously clearly stated in that letter to me that
it is not an ICO it was a contribution to a fund raiser so but anyway thought
that's pretty interesting that they add that to wording on there so but anyway
there's a lot of information here but nobody's really seen much at the moment
about it but anyway we can only wait and see how our tokens perform once the
crowd sale hits the market and it gets listed on some exchanges and you know
we'll see what happens but I just wanted to make this quick update for y'all and
that way you know what's going on from my contact with the tasers foundation
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