Wat is Litecoin? | In 2 minuten

hi guys NLcryptos here today we are going to talk about what is litecoin litecoins could be seen as silver next to bitcoins gold Litecoin and Bitcoin are actually quite similar bitcoin as the first crypto currency to emerge in 2009 and litecoin as well as one of the very first in October 2011 for example, the differences between litecoin and bitcoin are that bitcoin is every 10 builds a block in minutes where litecoin does in two and a half minutes which is of course a bit faster, there are also bitcoins 21 million and of litecoin 48 litecoin is generally seen it very underrated last year if you ask me Bitcoin, for example, has risen enormously and everyone knows that he is for 1000 to 15,000 dollars in a year's time quite a lot but litecoin for example stood last year January at five dollars and it is now at 242 that's just that's unbelievable it's just huge so if you came in last year litecoin was enough then you are good now Litecoin is also number 5 in the entire market cap which makes a very reliable as a coin do you have any questions about litecoin or about other cryptocurrencies leave a comment at the bottom you have a preference about which crypto currency you want me to talk about it next time leave a comment did you like or dislike this video please give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down if you want to see more videos for me press the subscribe button and do you want to receive a notification message push the bell sususuusp

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