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Hi, welcome back to make money
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on the notification button. So today we'll be looking at the price
of XRP and the circumstances surrounding it. So Ripple is a decentralized crypto like no
other, and thus it's not so surprising what unusual things happen in its administration. The queen has long been a
unique type of crypto, though decentralized. It functions to be the activities
of both centralized applications and decentralized, decentralized applications as well.

How? Well, the crypto is an integral part
of a whole system that handles complex payment actions between financial institutions from one part
of the world to the other. And this cross-border platform is a working
platform by Ripple Labs who deploy the cryptocurrency in handling those transactions in
a faster and cheaper way. And this is another issue that is
not available like any other cross-border transaction facilitating platform, including sweat the bank
system, which is technically the one being put to use by most banks across the
world, as well as high finance platforms such as MoneyGram, et cetera.

Now the company set its sights on the
opportunity afforded it by the daily execution of international monetary transactions of some
of the world's biggest banks. And those include the central banks, the
microfinance banks, as well as other payment platforms which are used for remittances. So example, prices greatest peak so far is
up there at three point eighty three dollars, which it attained early back in 2018. Now, it's not reached 50 per cent of that
price, with a price only hitting as high as point seven of a dollar in the aftermath
of the covid-19 lock down restrictions and that are also saw Bitcoin and a
host of other all coins rally. XRP didn't join that rally
until later in the year. It was still a pretty good
time to see the critser rise. And the price surged towards point five five
in November before hitting as high as point seven dollars. Now, this was before the SEC bore down
on the activities of XRP as multiple forebodings and warnings were criticized in the
crypto and providing depressing information to suggest how the coin could survive the fall
now its subsequent fall when it did come back.

Many people nodding their heads,
saying, I told you so. Now, these comments were proven to be hearsay
when the price soared just last week to point three, three of the dollar. Now, this was unexpected as it was majorly
a rush of people dumping the crypto and exchanges in the coin as a result. Now, the worst possible thing that can happen to
a crypto was deemed to be a total exclusion by the crypto exchanges. Now, you need to know this fact that
the lawsuit single handedly dealt damage to the crypto price trend as it did. There was a pretty long wait to see
which exchanges would then delisted crypto and which ones would choose to stick with it.

Now, it wasn't long before two smaller exchanges
dropped the buck on XRP price while Coinbase made a declaration about how they would handle
the crypto in a bid to stay on the safe side pending the
result of the lawsuit. Now, they then later delisted it while leaving
its holders the grace, at least to sell off the holdings of the crypto. Now Greyscale, a major investor in millions of
XRP, also happened to drop the crypto, whilst a host of other
exchanges then followed suit.

Now a unique position has now developed because of
this for the crypto, as it is bound to become more difficult to buy. And this is a potential reason
for the coin to rise. It's basic economics. And of course, in economics, scarcity is known
to be the biggest factor that makes currency valuable. Now, while Bitcoin was pretty easy to mine,
its price was never truly anything to write home about. The more difficult it became to
gain bitcoins, the higher, of course, its price, and it shows a high demand for crypto. Now, this could happen to XRP. Also, even while this lawsuits ongoing crypto
exchanges such as GetUp have resigned to fate, yet claiming the crypto still has a
huge window of opportunity to rise above the current struggles. Now, the UK based
Cryptocurrency Gateway Service has decided to continue listing XRP. The gay hub will not delist XRP unless
a decision from the US Securities and Exchange Commission makes it necessary to do so. Now it advises that Gay Limited will
continue listing XRP until the SEC's complaint against RIPPLE has reached a final decision.

Entering the XRP is properly classified as a
security or until receive a cease and desist notice from the now. They have said that the decision to keep
XRP on its platform follows some careful review of the SEC's complaint against RIPPLE, which claimed
that the firm sold XRP as unlicensed security. Now Jacob expressed optimism about the
future of XRP, claiming that the company is confident the XRP is not a security. So the. Doesn't believe XRP is a security
under the prevailing howay test, as it's called in the US, and an example primarily as a utility
token whose value is based on its use in payments and foreign exchange now. Nor have we personally witnessed any improper market
conduct by RIPPLE Labs or its senior officers, and that's pretty significant. The firm went on to say that RIPPLE
should be subject to appropriate enforcement actions if US authorities prove that RIPPLE
and related executives have defrauded investors.

But that is a far cry from an action
brought by the SEC classifying XRP as a security gate upset, emphasising that this action
potentially has catastrophic consequences for investors who themselves did nothing wrong. So in a publication, the UK Treasury considers
considers XRP an exchange token rather than a security which further cements its position
in other countries crypto industries as against the measures being taken
against it in the US. So currently the crypto market is posing a
recovery here at press time after the slump that we've had over the last two days. And that slump saw Bitcoin retreat from an
all time high of forty one thousand nine hundred sixty two dollars. Wow. To near the 30000 level mark. Now, Bitcoin has recovered just over four percent
in the last 24 hours, leading to 36000, 280, and with a market dominance
of 68 and a half percent. Now etherial, the world's second largest crypto
is up four point to nine percent. And that's at the just
over 1001 140 dollar mark. Yet the one stealing the show among the cap
cryptos is, you guessed it, XRP, which is trading above the crucial point, three
of of a dollar mark.

Now, XRP has added just over 10 percent in the
last 24 hours and just over 31 per cent over the last seven days. And this surge comes as RIPPLE Labs
Inc, the Silicon Valley company behind XRP. They announced that former Amazon and vice
president VP of Delivery Experience Deborah Vadum has joined the payments network
as a senior VP of engineering. Big news. So just as the Internet was
the driving force behind many of today's leading companies, Blockin has the potential to
fundamentally change our current financial system and bring billions of people into the
financial ecosystem and, of course, accelerate financial inclusion globally. And then the comments passed by the former
employee of Amazon following the decision to join RIPPLE. Interesting news. So the recent XRP price rally is
predominantly carried by the Asian exchanges where finance and that's led by processing over thirty
two point seven percent of the traded volume, worth nearly 337 million dollars. That's a third of a trillion dollars. Abigroup on a third of a billion dollars,
followed by BTC with fourteen point seven percent worth 145 million and B eleven and
a half percent worth one hundred and seventy dollars million.

Now the fourth largest crypto
recorded over one billion dollars in trading volume in the last 24 hours. Wow. Now most the US based exchanges will
hold takes up trading by January the fifteenth. However, exchanges outside the US don't seem to
be much bothered about the lawsuit and have extended support to Ripple and Xabi. Now, many exchanges even saw XRP taking the
top spot in terms of daily traded volume above Bitcoin, which is currently selling
at a premium on many exchanges. Now, South Korea is one of the key markets
for Apple, and so XRP is fairly popular owing to top remittance services such as S.B
1000 via Bali being replaced partners. This is the key reason behind high XRP trading
volumes on the Korean exchanges, even at a time when many over in the US believe
the XRP price would crash into oblivion.

Now the company said that all of the banks
can use Ripple's XRP ladja the example for issuing stable coins. Now, as RIPPLE said, Bill for payments example,
can also be used to support the issuance of stable coins with a unique,
fungible token functionality called issued currencies. Now issued currencies is designed to be
the ideal stable coin platform, providing simple but rich management functionality
for the issuer. That makes it easy to create issue and
of course manage any asset, including stable coins. Now, recent predictions show the stabilizing
pattern of XRP pricing the charts. And here, as you can see in these charts
now, XRP USD is in a situation where it marginally shows some reversal signs from
the heady, bearish downside volatility. Now, in this case, XRP USD has
developed some interesting formations that can determine the. Movements in the structure when the
right price actions show up here.

Therefore, it's from high importance that
exp USD confirms to it. And when this happens with the example of
the US completing this potential bull flag, it will indicate the testing
of remaining resistance. Resistance is higher in the structure, firstly
determined within the point three three when examplar USD reaches out these levels. And at that point it has to be elevated. How it moves on further from there. And if they can be an immediate
continuation or firstly a reversal, visiting lower levels, which is not unlikely here. So this chart reflects the short term optimism
surrounding the XRP price, as is expected to break the resistance at its current price
levels and surge high towards the point 341. So the point 355 range. Now, investors who brought the coin at its previous
low range of point 22 to point twenty four have benefited from its current consolidation
here at the point three mark.

Now it's advisable to hold out on the coin
for future breaks on a potential surging run towards much higher levels, as
indicated here on this chart. And this is quite realistic. So this chart shows the potential, for example,
to hit the resistance level at the point for 2.5 and in the
coming days, assuming Bitcoin pumps. Now, analysts still expect to see a pullback
in examplar at some point in the coming weeks to 10 days due to a
major pullback over there of Bitcoin. But it might just be speculative. Now, a wild ride is ahead of us
and potential for a swing trade potential effects. Arpit does hit the high trendline and Bitcoin looks
to have topped out by the 16th or the 17th.

So they it do. Stay tuned for our next video. Look forward to seeing you next time..

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