what's going on guys protodoge here we have so much to cover in the video today i'm taking y'all to school like we're gonna look i even wrote look class is in session you know what i mean before we get started make sure you hit that like button it helps the algorithm make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet and make sure to hit that notification bell so you know exactly when i post a new video so let's get into it also i got merch available boom boom boom boom make sure to get the merch at www.thedosecoinmillionaire.com different colors different sizes the link is in the description section today we're going to be talking about the three major catalysts that need to happen in order for dogecoin to finally hit a dollar right because right now we're about 30 cents give or take consolidation station go look at that video if you haven't seen it go watch that video because i talk about the consolidation station which is where we're at right now about 30 cents give or take which is pretty much the best time for you to get into doge and the best time for you to buy doge because the hype has kind of died down right nobody's really talking about dogecoin right now so this is one you want to buy you want to buy up right now because when that next spike comes up you're going to be well on your way okay so three catalysts that we need in order for dogecoin to get to a dollar let's get started the very first one some of you guys may know others may not so we're talking about it in this video right robin hood wallets okay so that's the very first catalyst that needs to happen what does that mean robin hood wallets opening up the wallets what does that mean pro doge what does that mean enlighten me so i got you what that means is right now for example i have 99 of my dogecoin in robin hood the app right and i can't actually move it out of robin hood in crypto form just yet it's kind of stuck in there right the only way i can take it out is if i cash it out and then i take it out in a fiat you know regular cash money form and i have to pay 40 taxes and when i do that right so i'm waiting for robin hood to open up its wallet so i can move it in and out in crypto format the problem is this they haven't given us a date just yet of when that's gonna happen but they have came out and told us that it will so they're working on it right now i think personally this is just my opinion that robin hood is one of the major wallets holding dogecoin it could be the biggest wallet out there it could be the second or the third biggest but i do believe that it's one of the biggest wallets out there actually carrying dogecoin and when they decide to finally open up the wallets and have a safe way to do so because that's what they're working on right now then you're gonna have about a third of all dogecoin out there just loose just out you can buy you can trade you can sell you can do whatever you want with it right because right now it's all stuck in robin hood the app same thing with you know lots of other exchanges where you can't just yet take everything out another thing that i think is going to happen with the whole robin hood wallet situation is robin hood knows that as soon as they open up the wallets everybody's out right everybody's just going to move their coins out of there into their own wallets so let's think strategically here right let's say what if i was to work at robinhood what would i think i would think okay how can we make it so people want to keep their dogecoin in robin hood because as soon as we open up the wallets they're gone right we're gonna lose a bunch of our clients so what i think they're doing is this i think they're trying to come up with a way to add staking to robin hood if you guys don't know what staking is that's when because you're holding dogecoin in a certain exchange they give you money interest because you're holding it in that place so gemini does this right so if you have bitcoin or ethereum and gemini just the fact that you have it in there they will actually compensate you and give you interest every year i don't know if it's every month or every year but they'll give you interest a percentage back just for holding all of your coins in their platform so i feel like robin hood is going to come to a point where they have to offer staking because what other reason would i have to keep all my dogecoin in robin hood you know what i mean like you got to offer me an incentive to keep it in robin hood so i really think and i truly believe that robin hood will come up with staking or some form of that so people don't just you know move all their dogecoin out as soon as they're able to so that's catalyst number one robin hood opening up their wallets so you can move those coins and any other crypto they offer in and out of their platform oh also fun fact uh vlad who is the ceo of robinhood actually follows me on twitter so if you don't believe me go check out my twitter proto doge and then go check out his twitter vlad i don't know what his last name is but he follows me on twitter which is kind of crazy and kind of cool at the same time and maybe i should ask him about the whole staking thing and see what he's got to say about it let me know if you guys want me to do that in the comment section down below so before we get into the next catalyst i want to talk to you guys about surfsharkvpn so i partnered with this company for this video and i'm going to tell you guys exactly why you should also get surfsharkvpn because it's important not to get hacked okay so summer's right around the corner people are gonna start traveling again going to different countries going to visit france and italy and europe and all sorts of places right so like when you're all sorts of places you want to make sure that if you're using free wi-fi whether you're at a coffee shop or at a bookstore or anything like that you don't want to get hacked right so when you use a virtual private network you're secure you use a different ip address so nobody can hack your account easily right another good thing about surfshark is if you want to use netflix and you want to be able to stream shows that can only be streamed in other countries you can change your geographical location of your ip address by using surfshark as well it's just really important that when you're out there in the world whether you're traveling or you're just at some coffee shop using public wi-fi free wi-fi that you protect yourself and you don't get hacked and you don't get your things compromised so surfsharkvpn is definitely the way to go also if you click the link in my description and use my link to get a membership to serve shark you will also get 83 off and three months of free service so if you're not happy with it within the first 30 days they will give you back your money no questions asked now back to our regularly scheduled program catalyst number two number two it is tesla for dogecoin right so i've been saying this since my very first video go back to february 6th when i did my very first youtube video the day after i yolowed all my money into dogecoin i talked about that i said but if at some point elon musk comes out and says you can now buy tesla's with dogecoin that's gonna be that's gonna be crazy because then he sets the standard damn i was so cute back then i didn't even know i was about to be a millionaire in like 69 days hey bro you're about to be a millionaire in like 69 days bro oh by the way don't sell you know graham like you know andre everybody's gonna tell you so don't sell diamond hand that thing diamond hand it elon even teased this a little bit and i did a video on it too make sure you go check that video out talking about tesla for dogecoin and what i think is gonna happen in that situation so tesla for dogecoin is such an important thing because what happens is this as soon as a company like tesla you know the most successful car company in the world it's valued more than every single other car company put together tesla is killing the game right now so if you take the top car company out there saying hey guys we will now accept dogecoin for our vehicles that kind of sets the standard right that kind of sets the mark where it's like look we're willing to do that because we believe in dogecoin and we believe in cryptocurrency and we believe that it's the future right they already have 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin so why not dogecoin right especially because elon's such a big fan of it so i feel like as soon as tesla accepts dogecoin for their cars that's gonna change the game for every other company out there i feel like other companies are going to slowly follow suit right it's almost like tesla is leading the way and all of these innovations and all these technologies and and the way we see the world that it only makes sense that they're the first ones to accept bitcoin and accept dogecoin for their vehicles so when that happens i feel like that'll change the game and i feel like that'll be another catalyst that'll help dogecoin get to a dollar that's catalyst number two tesla except in dogecoin also if you guys follow me on twitter you probably saw me make this tweet but i said i made a proclamation that i would be the first person in line at tesla to buy tesla with dogecoin as soon as it becomes available right and then i made a question to you guys saying hey should i buy the model 3 performance should i buy the model s plaid or one of the other cars right a lot of people said cyber truck but guess what that's not out yet a lot of people said roadster but guess what that's not out yet so if i'm gonna go ahead and be one of the first people to buy tesla with dogecoin i want you guys to let me know which car i should get in the comments section down below but i think a lot of people are saying plaid so maybe i'll go with that oh and if you're asking how you're gonna do it if you got all your money in robin hood how you gonna do all your dogecoins and robin bro how you gonna do that well i also have a lot of dogecoin in my coinbase wallet about a hundred thousand dollars coins so that's what i would be using if the wallets still aren't open by the time that tesla does accept those coins by their cars so that brings us to major catalyst number three right what could that be well let me tell you something ethereum and dogecoin collaboration what yeah i'm not even making that up that's actually going to happen so let me break it down so it all started on may 16th when elon musk made a tweet that said if dogecoin can speed up what do you say if dogecoin speeds up block time 10x increases block size 10x and drops fees 100x then it will crush didn't say crush but you know i like to use that word we'll beat bitcoin hands down vitalik responded to that tweet saying but what about scalability big dog what are you gonna do how are you gonna scale those coin up even higher how you gonna do it to which elon responded oh you gotta be scared you have you fear the doge and then vitalik was like no i don't fear the doge i actually love the doge i actually own millions of dogecoins myself i even went to japan a few years ago and visited the real life doge did you probably didn't but you know he flexed a little bit but in any case so then metallic has this interview he does where people are asking him a bunch of questions right so just so i don't mix up his words and all that i'm actually going to read exactly what he said he said this i personally think that if doge wants to somehow bridge the etherium and then people can trade those thousands of times a second inside of a loop ring then it would be amazing if they want to just like take zk roll up style technology and just have thousands of transactions a second on their own chain then that would be a great outcome as well but see look at this part i think if we can have a dose to ethereum bridge then that would be amazing and then when ethereum gets its scalability any scalability thing that works ethereum assets you would also be able to look trade rap those with extremely low transaction fees and very high speed as well right so as of right now a lot of you guys don't know this but dogecoin actually merged mines litecoin right and obviously back in the day it was a lot smaller than litecoin so it made sense but now dogecoin is even bigger than litecoin so it's becoming a little bit of an issue right so what vitalik is basically saying is if there's potentially some way for dogecoin to merge mine with ethereum then that would be an interesting alternative and basically help everything out and then vitalik went on to say a bunch of other technical mumbo jumbo that i'm not gonna say in this video but basically what that means is this is great news for dogecoin if we merge mine with ethereum and there's a bridge there everything's gonna be super awesome and dope and those will get to a dollar got it okay so elon came out on june 5th and said i pretty much agree with italic so what does that mean that means that a collaboration is potentially underway and when that happens then that'll give us another catalyst to get us to a dollar so that's catalyst number three dogecoin and ethereum collaboration collaboration station i should do a whole another video about that oh and guys don't forget to use my link in the description for your surfsharkvpn membership where you will get 83 off and three months for free not to mention that if you don't like it within the first 30 days they will give you your money back so there's no risk at all there but yeah and before we get into my portfolio update guys which i get into at the end of all my videos i just wanted to remind you that i also partnered with weibo so make sure to go to the description section and click the link my affiliate link where if you deposit a hundred dollars and you get started in the stock market you can get up to 300 worth of two free stocks so make sure you guys go do that and um yeah on to the portfolio all right guys here's my portfolio today always remember i will be showing you the good the bad and the ugly and today do not let the past hour fool you because we're looking a little ugly okay i am down 36 000 for today for the past week i am down a hundred and eleven thousand dollars for the past week for the past month i am down 185 000 in the past month guys but once we click the three months you know when in doubt zoom out i am up 879 000 in the past year i am up 961 000 in the past of all time i am up 971 thousand dollars so if i click on my doj doges we are currently at about 28 cents you know consolidation station baby make sure to pick some up if you can um at 28 cents that's a bargain my position right now is 3.9 million dogecoins if you didn't know my equity is at 1.1 million dollars my average cost is at 4.7 cents that's when i bought it all in and my portfolio diversity is 99 it should be 100 i don't know why it says that and my total return is 922 000 so there you have it folks uh you know make sure to not be no paper-handed pansies make sure you guys stick and hold on to your dogecoin because we're going to a dollar at some point we're hitting you know what i'm saying we're going to the moon just letting you guys know but um yeah so 1.1 million currently uh don't forget to like subscribe hit the notification bell so you don't miss any one of my future videos and always remember i am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice this is purely for entertainment purposes only do not invest more money than you can afford to lose and i think that's about it um yeah so i'll see you guys on the next video okay [Music]

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