Warum fahren Sie Audi A3 e-tron, Herr Paul?

Why do you drive an e-tron, Mr Paul? Driving in pure electric mode is quiet driving, silent driving; you can feel the energy and it’s fun behind the wheel. My name is Fabian Paul, I’m 34 years old, originally from Berlin, and I’m the managing director of yoove Mobility GmbH. We’re a communications agency that deals with the subject of “new mobility", which is why we chose the e-tron. The e-tron is perfect for everyday driving. It’s great to be able to get around the city electrically, and when I have to go further, the combustion engine kicks in. You don’t necessarily need all the power this car packs, but the good thing is, it’s there when you need it. Most of the time, you really just sail along rather than having to stomp on the pedal.

The higher price tag didn’t put me off because it’s an investment in the future, so I’m also doing something that will benefit my children and maybe one day my grandchildren. Changes the world. Not everyday life. My wife loves driving the e-tron, too. Sometimes she just grabs the key and takes off..

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