Warum fahren Sie Audi A3 e-tron, Frau Liebel?

Why do you drive an e-tron, Ms. Liebel? I’m an inquisitive person, I like to try out lots of things, I have a thirst for adventure. It’s something I find truly exciting. My name is Janine Liebel, I’m 42 years old. I am a dentist, I live in Ingolstadt, am married with two children. You get the feeling it’s a bit more nimble, just that bit nippier than the rest. I found the Audi the snazziest. I liked its design the best. The first time it accelerated, I thought WOW! Now that’s something. When I’m out and about in town, I do 95 percent of my driving in pure electric mode.

I don’t think I’ve actually filled the car up yet. My husband did that at some point. What I really wouldn’t want to do without is that the car is so quiet. I find that incredibly pleasant. I don’t have to worry about whether it makes sense to use the car or whether I should take the bike, or just walk. I can just take the car when it makes practical sense. And I’m doing no harm to the environment. With or without the kids, with or without the dog – it all fits in. My next car will be an e-car, too. Changes the world. Not everyday life. Of course, I leave everyone standing because I’m much faster than they are..

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