WARNING! Ethereum to Have BAD NEWS Tomorrow! What!?

Question everything! Never become complacent…if you have stuck
your nose around this channel for any amount of time, you know that is how we do it. So… This is how we DO it, it’s Wednesday Night,
and I feel it time, not for Montell Jordan, but for Chico Crypto! Well, we have to talk about this, as the news
won’t be known till tomorrow, but Ethereum’s golden star of a scaling solution. Is having a Delay!? Who are we talking about? Optimism PBC. WIth their optimistic rollup! It was told to be a general smart contract
rollup, that could provide dapp scaling when Ethereum needed it the most! Much hype, much wow with this one…But even
3 months ago, I knew something wasn’t right, and this DELAY could be coming! I posted this video…a little shock value,
with the Ethereum to Zero, but it showed some of the weird connections with this scaling
solution, and even back then they weren’t following their initial roadmap.

Well things seem to be getting weirder with
how this project is deploying their rollup scaling solution. Head of the project Jinglan Wang, spoke in
Discord and gave some details. Let’s see what she had to say about the
future plans for the rollup. She began with “We've drafted an update
post and it's going through revisions amongst team members. It will be published on our blog on Thursday. I'll post it here before releasing to the
public Good News right!? Thursday an update is coming for Optimism. Well she continued… “I definitely think it's good news! In the short term, it may be annoying for
those who get frustrated by changing plans (and understandably so). However, we feel that listening to & implementing
feedback from the ecosystem is the right move. The very high level update is that our integration
partners have been campaigning for a testnet phase prior to mainnet.

The initial announcement took people by surprise
and many don't feel ready. We made that first announcement only thinking
about what features we needed to build, and not enough about the work required to make
it a successful launch for the whole community. Since L2 will need to serve the needs of many
people, we decided to take a step back to make sure that when we launch, we are doing
it together with the ecosystem. If you couldn’t catch that, Jinglan just
dropped that there will be no optimistic mainnet coming this month. Maybe a testnet?? Why is this a kick in the Ether balls? Well the Optimistic team put out a blog post
1 month ago, Titled “Dope Hires & Moar Mainnet in March”…they spoke of new investments,
allowing to hire great new talent, which meant the arbitrary mainnet would be coming in March
instead of a public testnet.

So it literally took the optimistic team,
1 month, to figure this out and let the public know? That hey, mainnet isn’t ready…which Jinglan
confirms in Discord of why they aren’t going on mainnet. She continued on the reason for this testnet…. “We especially want things like token bridges,
infrastructure providers, block explorers, multisigs, wallets, etc. to be ready for launch
so that people can use L2 as safely as possible. She gives an example problem with dai and
then says “Many projects use things like Gnosis Multisig on L1 to manage upgrade keys,
community funds, etc. In order for a project to upgrade safely,
we need to integrate a multisig prior to launch.

Other things in this category include oracles,
indexers, etc. Sooo, basically nothing was ready? Not even a block explorer?? All Chico Crypto has to say isss…YIKES! Buuuut all this means, is good news for the
Other Ethereum scaling solutions that are live on the mainnet, and have those things,
token bridges, oracles, multisig, wallets and more. And for the rest of the episode, let’s see
just who is furthest along with scaling!! So, having a block explorer is a good thing,
you can see the number of transactions, and the transactions going through the scaling
solution or chain. Going to a team, whose explorer is being used
throughout the ecosystem, xdai, we can see they are having transactions on their layer
2, which have peaked near 300k in the past month, to a low of about 120k. Xdai’s layer 2 is being utilized on the
mainnet, obviously….and why is this? Well what Jinglan said, the infrastructure
that they are missing.

For example…Orlacles. xDai already has those things. Chainlink price feeds are live on the xdai
mainnet! With developer documentation for deployment
within xdai documentation, and Chainlink documentation! Chainlink’s oracles are ready to go on xdai? Why is this weird in relation to optimism? Well in September, Optimism put out their
light at the end of the tunnel blog post, which got the hype started for their rollup! In it, they put out a roadmap, for launch,
which can have a big X through it, as it hasn’t been followed one bit. But at the bottom they said this “In parallel,
we will be preparing some of our other early adopters for testnet integrations so that
they are ready to deploy once the full testnet is running” And those partners, Synthetix, Uniswap & Chainlink.

And then one day after they dropped this blog,
my birthday September 25th, Chainlink said this “Congratulations to Synthetix on being
the first Ethereum dApp to integrate on the recently launched Optimisim PBC’s L2 chain. As a blockchain agnostic oracle network, we
look forward to continuing our support by providing secure & reliable price feeds” So, you’re telling me, for 6 months, since
the end of September…Chainlink hasn’t deployed anything??? What the freak is freaking going on?? They were posted as an integration partner,
you would think their price feeds would be ready…well according to Jinglan in Discord,
oracles aren’t ready… That isn’t only good news for xdai though.

Remember there are many scaling solutions
hitting their strides. Another one is Polygon, formerly Matic. Going to their block explorer, transactions
are surging this month! Recently over 300k…but doesn’t that block
explorer look familiar? Well because it’s a fork of xdais.. Remember how I said xdai’s block explorer
is being used throughout the ecosystem!? But also like xdai, they have chainlink oracles
live on their mainnet with in house Developer documentation!! Does Chainlink reciprocate the deployment
like xdai? Well going back to that chainlink documentation
we can see to the left there is Polygon Price Feeds, clicking into it, a similar amount
to xdai. But to the left…there is also Binance Smart
Chain and Even Huobi Eco Chain…but no Optimism PBC! My friends, what I’m trying to say, is xdai
and polygon, they are the two live scaling solutions many projects are choosing, as it’s
the only way to go live! And it’s not about fighting between these
two, it’s about connections!!! Remember that project Connext? Well it was the channeling project connecting
layer 2s! One of their first connections besides Ethereum
Layer 1? xDai & Polygon.

It was one of the first bridge connectins
deployed, and Arjun founder of connect tweeted this end of last week. “In the last week, Matic<>xDai bridge alone
routed $80k + $48k Dai//xDai in each direction ==> Total $128k This was done using $40k in
liquidity going back and forth across the router. bUt cHaNnELs ArENt cApITaL EffICiEnT Yeah Baby, for these two, it’s probably
the best news they can get. Polygon and xdai will be interoperable with
each other, and Layer 1 Ethereum…before any other scaling solutions can. Like Optimism or even the other rollup out
therer. Not a single one is in Chainlink documentation. Which means, xdai and polygon will be able
to do things like this very soon! Connext tweeted it just 2 days ago. “Not enough people know this yet: You can
use Connext today to call contracts on chain B using funds from chain A and paying gas
*only on chain A*.

Crosschain meta transactions. Tell your friends, it's gonna be a thing” A thing on xdai on Polygon, before Optimisim. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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