WARNING! BITCOIN to Crash Tomorrow!?…(Coinbase IPO)

The BIG week is finally here!! Crypto forever will be changed after wednesday
as 2 worlds directly collide for the very first time. The old world vs the new world. Crypto vs legacy finance. Crypto versus Crypto!? You guys know whose side I’m on, and I can
only guess whose side you're on if you're watching this channel. So can I get a HOORAH….(put hand to ear,
listening)…that’s what I like to hear, because it’s time for Chico Crypto! I’m sure there are a few newbies watching,
so if you don’t know what’s happening Wednesday, April 14th, it is the day of the
direct listing of Coinbase…Their IPO. The questions I'm gonna try and answer today
are what is going to happen to the crypto markets pre and post Coinbase IPO? Is this a good thing or is this a bad thing? Or is it a good and bad thing??? So to begin, let’s just look at the crypto
markets pre-IPO.

Pulling out the bitcoin price chart since
last Wednesday’s low, it has been pushing up in anticipation, cracking 60k for the first
time last Friday, and dancing around that level since, cracking it 4 more times as of
yesterday, and as of that day we were above 60k…. At peak levels though, about 61 thousand,
the increase from the low of 56k is about 8.75 percent. Ethereum a tad bit more bullish, from the
Wednesday low to its peak an increase of about 11.1 percent. I wonder if out of the top 3 crypto’s there
was one that was increasing suspiciously fast?? Out of the ordinary…well we looked at two,
let’s look at number 3. BNB… Their coin went from a low of about 368 to
pushing 600. Just an increase of 63 percent. Binance is obviously trying to steal the show….all
eyes on them.. Which is obvious from the leader of the Nance. CZ.

ANother tuber posted this yesterday “The
Coinbase IPO is this week and I'm expecting a Bitcoin pump!” CZ retweeted and replied to this with “I
thought the same. Look at what's happening to #B…Not financial
advice. He meant his own Coin…BNB. But the pure nasty thing they did. Was this. CZ tweeted also yesterday “Trade stock tokens
like Tesla on Binance, with zero-commission. Woah, they are dipping into the world of stock
trading, US based stocks too. But there is more to this than meets the eye…and
CZ gave it away yesterday with eyes of his own. Erick Voorhees tweeted this because of the
Binance stock news “How long until Coinbase $COIN stock is trading on binance? Of which CZ replied to it with BIG eyes…..

Yeah, he has their stock targeted and ready
to jump on it ASAP. I wonder why?? Well you have to know Conibase called out
Binance specifically in their S-1 filed with the SEC for the IPO. Diving into the actual filing we can see Coinbase
specifically called out Binance’s May 2019 hack. Then in the competition section said this
“We also compete with a number of companies that solely focus on the crypto market and
have varying degrees of regulatory adherence, such as Binance” Which they expand on in the document and say
“Our primary source of competition to date has been from companies, in particular those
located outside the United States, who are subject to significantly less stringent regulatory
and compliance requirements in their local jurisdictions. Their business models rely on being unregulated
or only regulated in a small number of lower compliance jurisdictions, whilst also offering
their products in highly regulated jurisdictions, including the United States, without necessarily
complying with the relevant regulatory requirements in such jurisdictions. To date, due to limited enforcement by U.S.
and foreign regulators, many of these competitors have been able to operate from offshore while
offering large numbers of products and services to consumers, including in the United States,
Europe, and other highly regulated jurisdictions, without complying with the relevant licensing
and other requirements in these jurisdictions, and seemingly without penalty.” Now, I hope you guys realize that was filed
by Coinbase February 25th.

What happened 2 weeks later on March 12th?? It was announced Binance was facing a probe
from the CFTC over their futures trading & US customers. Now before all the craziness in crypto that
has happened in 2021 so far, CZ spoke with Bloomberg about US regulation and their exchange. Here is what he said about not “operating”
in the US. ““We have always blocked U.S. access,
but users do find intelligent ways to get around our block sometimes and we just have
to be smarter about the way we block,” “Basically, we do continually try to improve our blocking.

There are sometimes a few guys who want to
circumvent our blocking and still use the platform and we have to come up with a smarter
way to protect that and when we do, we block them.” Well, those smart guys are proving to be smart. If you go to Alexa website ranking for binance.com
the main exchange, you can see that the US is still a hotspot, ranked as the #3 country
using it to this day. In my opinion, it’s extremely obvious US
traders are finding a way to still use the exchange, or this percentage wouldn’t be
that high… So what does this all mean Chico. Can you try and clear it up?? Well I will say this, it’s not the best
possible idea for Binance to list tokenized stocks, while under investigation by US authorities,
and there are still US traders on their exchange. But the nance has a problem with control. They control the crypto markets as we speak…they
control both derivative and spot trading by large margins, aka they have large influence
over the markets, including Bitcoin.

So now that their competitor, who ratted on
them to the US authorities, is getting the listing of lifetime. They want some level of control over them
too. We get your BIG eyes at Erik Voorhees tweet
now…Binance is looking to take it’s share of CB stonk trading and possibly right out
the gate… Now the BIG question is. What is going to happen to BTC this week? Just like the others, I expected Bitcoin to
be extremely bullish. 60k would be cracked this week, and left behind….

But now I see it, and just like the children
in the middle of parental fight, bitcoin is caught smack dab in the center of this FIGHT
between Coinbase and Binance. Let’s just show that tweet from CZ one more
time….CZ thought BTC was gonna pump too, but look at his coin, it is PUMPING. And then we have to show this one…in a reply
to a user tweeting that BNB volume had surpassed Bitcoin volume, CZ replied “Exchanges who
didn't list #BNB missed out on this volume. #BNB is "doing fine" without them”…

That was a direct shot at the BASE, and he
is flexing his volume muscles, showing it can even outdo BTC… People need to realize this, with the Coinbase
IPO coming. COIN stock and Bitcoin are going to be closely
tied to each other. I’ve been wondering since the announcement
of the stonk, who was gonna follow who? Would Bitcoin drive the COIN stock, or would
the coin stock drive the Bitcoin price? In my opinion, out the gate, it will be BITCOIN
who drives confidence into the COIN stock. So what is going to happen this week? Well Bitcoin might crack 60k pre coinbase
IPO, as that is what the markets expect….but the day of the IPO? There may be some surprises, some unexpected
price movements, and I’m thinking a possible unexpected DIP! If Bitcoin isn’t performing well the week
of the Coinbase IPO, that might not be good for Coinbase stock wouldn’t you think? Lackluster performance from BTC, equals Lackluster
Coinbase stonk performance??…But HEY BNB, this week…it shined, like a star!! Like I said in the beginning, crypto versus
crypto? They know, the future of finance is a very
valuable thing, Binance versus Coinbase…and the war begins.

Can I get a HOORAH. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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