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Okay, hello, it’s nice to see you today, yes, hi, it’s nice to see you again, it’s already It’s been a week, or a week like this, it’s a Tuesday, November 10, 2020, yes, so We are now in a very exciting season, yes, we have a lot of new things in The world is yes, this is correct and during UH last week, we are also waiting for the U.S. election 2020 Results, and then we will have some exciting news to know Some news came out, and then what happened around us we knew that the price of Bitcoin rose yesterday, and then We got the first news about the UK, and we are looking for a lesson in stablecoins.

You saw Mr. CBDC Nicholas, what do you think of the U.K. movement in the U.K. Then I think this is U.S. Stablecoins I think it’s the right time for them to do this. They started from last year The EU formally withdrew last year, early last year and things like that, so it’s been a while now They have officially left the EU, so many things are still under negotiation Many arrangements are still being made between the UK and the EU, so of course this In the post-Brexit speech, there are many trade agreements between the UK and the EU.

, So why do I think this is a very good time for them to explore CBDC, yes, like I said the British headwind Like the Cheshire department of the drafting team, it should also regulate private stablecoins. Yes, because currently we see there are many stabilizing coils there, of course there are Too many stable coins, so together with CBDC, I believe this can help the UK Stabilize the economy, yes, so China has done it, they have achieved Progress, so why don’t you know, do you know, so America is still not they’re still busy Yes, so they know their own politics, so the UK has started to The announcement issued on November 9 mentioned the facts mentioned in this article, yes, on November 9, The Prime Minister pointed out the recommendations of the upcoming regulations and the Other objectives of the country’s financial services industry include the review of the UK’s listing system and the The support of green finance, yes, new technologies like him say that this kind of stable coin privately issued figures Currency sounds like familiar privately issued digital currency, so these two types Cryptocurrency or digital currency can change the way people store and exchange currency , And it makes payment cheaper and faster.

I'm not kidding, I mean, You can complete the payment in a short time and the cost is very low, I think I think this alone can make Cbdc, Stablecoin or privately issued digital currency become A great way to move forward. Of course, there will be many challenges, there will be many People say no, this government is trying to lie to us, maybe they will start to say that, maybe they will start …… Put it on the website, the government is trying to use Digital things.

We don’t know to bypass us, and I don’t know that something similar might happen , But we must know that in the future or even more precisely, the future is indeed a lot of taxes, Yes, even if your money is spent outside in a technical way, I think it will fail because So many big men have entered the cryptocurrency blockchain, and I don’t understand why the central bank I should just stay outside and say no, I still believe I am , You know what, so they should be given enough excuses to let them enter cryptocurrency or digital Currency, yes, so when they see some of the highlights here, we are starting the history of financial services New chapter.

Then we hope we hope, this, this we The actions that will be taken that will change the way people talk about financial services, This will not only stop at the central bank, it will not stop at what the government is working on Enter this digital currency field, but it also means that not only this large financial institution Or government financial institutions are using digital currency, which also means Those insurance companies that deal with life insurance, investment insurance, investment-linked investment insurance, they may be such Insurance, I think some of them have already entered you will learn more , But you will know more.

This insurance company will start exploring this digital currency , And how it can help insurance companies from the urban environment (such as the last year) The money-making pandemic has come within the past nine months and my Meaning, so you see many companies are losing money, losing money, losing assets, losing people, but Insurance companies and this season, they should be able to overcome storm. This may derail them , So for the insurance industry, not only banks, not only the government, but also insurance finance mechanism. ial institutions or other financial service institutions, such as the insurance industry, They should also use digital currency, yes, I think so, Then we will update some all the news, and we will provide more about More detailed information on the news of the Bitcoin development trend Today, the development trend of cryptocurrency What is it, yes, we found some articles about the Securities and Exchange Commission which discussed which Companies can host other cryptocurrencies, um, yes, let me show you the flow of information about the Securities and Exchange Commission .

The company can include the custody of the cryptocurrency in a public statement at a second time To prove qualified custodians Yes, this is a customary tradition that applies to banks Documents and future muslims, we can understand why we Yes, but the banking sector applies to Austin Trust is a well management company, yes, This thing, this is one of the movements of the US government.

Some statistics in the United States, They have cryptocurrencies that they can adapt to, yes. Because as I said, they retreated, They are more familiar with cryptocurrencies, which is why under the result of the 2020 U.S. election, We have a chance today, especially this week when the cryptocurrency rises, the price is now It’s a bit high. Well, slow it down, yes, I hope you can enjoy it with cryptocurrency, And it’s still the right time, when you don’t know anything about cryptocurrency, you can Look at the reserves first, and then do more research.

Before you buy any cryptocurrency Before access, invest in cryptocurrency, yes, um, with the news in cryptocurrency, we still have Another thing, that’s a great thing, when we see a billionaire he invested Investing in cryptocurrencies and he and he also have statements about um, because it is better than gold , There are other people who say oh, he is his thing, why should he keep a pretty good angle, Some people have different ideas, yes, we compare coins between positions Goals, you can do your own research and understand it Before that, let me say hello to some listeners. Mr. Steven 34, Hello, please note that you can tell it to be embarrassed to see all your choices, live today, Yes, if you want to discuss with you, you can try er, we think your link is there, if you have any questions, I hope You can come in and try to give us yes, then any problems with the trucks and the Miller fleet, The comment is that the price of Bitcoin ranks past 15,000, Almost four times the price of the game, compared to last month The price is five thousand higher, yes, well, some people estimate the price of Bitcoin Not only like this, it will get higher and higher, depending on the mining activity, yes, later I I have some information to show you the correctness of mining activities, uh, can you see , Here is his intelligence.

I think the applause was great. It was six hours ago Price and price, you can see that s bitcoin plus market capitalism reached 14,000 Level, we can see that the market interface has many currency bases, Yes, you can see the sound of cost encryption and some more detailed Information, I can expect a big problem among my investors, this is because communicating with customers can develop other Bitcoin that has fallen below, yes, I hope you have any questions please let me know, we will Explain in detail why Bitcoin rose on this day? Yes me and one of my husband The reason why this is not said is correct, because after the election, the price of Bitcoin should Different because people’s eyes and the Microsoft employees we see In 1979, this was the first US Bitcoin case involving tax fraud in our scandal Sentenced to nine years in the scandal, yes, so what this guy did Ukrainian Ukrainians might be He paid more than 10 million dollars in taxes Is the numeric value provided by his smart employer in the subsequent currency storage value CSV, Including gift cards, yes, this is a bitcoin blending service for the future , He told IRS that he sent a transfer worth $2.8 million from relatives.

According to Dr. DOJ, This means that his Islam declares link prices, and then he avoids money laundering, And similar Ukrainians used storage funds to buy 1.6 million Electronic arms and Tesla cars, yes, that’s why they observe some of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), If they have a lot of uh acceptance in cryptocurrency, they will now Spying on you, that’s why many people jump into privacy coins, So this guy he stole bitcoins from his employer, yes yes, and then he was uh, yes , But his statement has stated that it is correctly applicable to the IRS because you did not state that it is , You can see the service system here, so this person says this person uses Bitcoin mixing service la la la tells us in our iras, The minimum points he gave the issuer has passed the account he provided, which is sent from Oh.

Yes, he said someone gave it to him, yes , Wow, I don't know who is who. Will believe him, someone will give him Two cents, yes, so of course this is a very suspicious thing, So yes, so in the end he was uh, uh, the thing is Yeah, this is traceable, the correct bitcoin is traceable, yes, many people You can check why you want to buy a $160,000 Tesla Yes, good, yes, I don’t think I know I’m not advising people Crime, but I think there is a better way to spend this money than buying a Tesla , This is why this is why we can still see some people, this is because uh, in the report, uh, It is a dual script, holding two sigma times 2 billion, yes, the price in the previous paragraph To be honest, uh, now we are talking about another thing dy yes, we uh, we go to discuss Another topic of a smaller report on cryptocurrency, it says that cryptocurrency only holds sigma, now 2.2 billion visits are under management, yes, this is a centralized encrypted cryptocurrency, It’s Celsius platform, yes, we don’t know about this, but yes, it’s some The cryptocurrency platform that Crystal has landed on, yes, that means it looks like Centralized alternative to decentralized finance, not decentralized Finance, therefore, this will help it now difficult to start all things that are now the third step, It’s hard to start everything, yes it’s people Start to do everything, but this is when people have a chance to discover things like 2014 and 20 The crisis will rise in 2009, the root of the problem is Everyone has a chance to join me, yes, that’s why many people got rich during the financial crisis Reason, because they saw the opportunity, I hope everyone can see this, I hope you can Find a new way to become something like freedom of supply in cryptocurrency, Yes, me and me, I am the same centralized UM financial report, they said They want to spread some good news about the benefits of cryptocurrency, We will do our best, and I will also try to share some business news with you, Yes, new business and all the current news about yes, for Bank of America The mini battle is the market boom, yes, this is what I want to share with you about the United States The question of the uncertainty of the general election, which is why the Greek Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies rose on the day of the then president , A terrible person Bitcoin leaked that the global market value did not reach 400 billion US dollars The allegations, does this article mention why this is a cryptocurrency market during our election uncertainty phase The reason for prosperity, so does it tell us why it will flourish? Directly affect crying The factor of the PTO market is because this is just the presidential election, Or is it because the company’s confidence level has changed, or the market The general market’s public’s confidence has improved, or it means that Wall Street’s Also bullish is his top priority.

Ii think this is nonsense, Everyone should solve COViD not only for Biden, but also for the United States, so I think this sentence Just want to make this article sound good, but by then they won our election and I Made the crypto market into a crazy weekend of course, many people I feel mixed and mixed about this election , Of course, this is a good opportunity for the wheels to stir something up, I’m sure if I’m the wheel, I’ll quickly stir-blow up the whole situation and gain from it The biggest benefit, yes, so of course there will always be the other half of the total population What happened is not satisfied, but they still want to see the key price increase Yes, Yes, that’s why it’s because uh, the future of Bitcoin and the world’s Wall Street is watching the U.S.-China trade war, which is why the U.S.

Is now facing China The trade war is the key to why the market develops the way it does, because you know Trump He has been very positive, he is very positive about China. Yes you all saw the right king Ben, because he was very far away, he has been forbidden to do so, but I believe Biden takes the post as he uh uh, he will start to relax a lot of pimple um, he will give one There is a lot of room for maneuver, uh, uh, our China’s trade war, uh upside down, yeah III, of course hope Is that there are some objections to us and then tell the audience whether he can Go all out to help fight and give a strong signal to healthcare companies that the future will definitely Encountered bright low bids and residential living situation, yes, so we can also see technology stocks Ialial Bitten, who was also hit hard and powerfully, served as chairman, yes, they are still counting Or recalculate, they still cut, but after I believe it is, I believe the trump card is The kind of people who will trust us, I will believe many I don’t know to make them accept yes, yes, Because investors want lunatics to be able to get away from the book leader, Investors hope to help the economy adjust by then To a better state, yes, because I believe there are many factors I have said many things, I mean most of the things he did are very good, you know, Yes, so he is just a minor here, and what he did is actually annoying China, yes, yes, because China is China and this is a big part of it.

No doubt, You know the world economy, so China and we have been fighting for the first place, yes, So, of course, the relationship between the United States and China needs to be slightly better, It’s not how to deal with the trump card, so I hope that s will become better for the United States Yes, but, of course, the most important thing is that Asia is a big market , The world recognizes this, I believe the West should also recognize The situation in Asia and Southeast Asia accounts for 70% of the world’s total economy just like three-quarters of yours.

In other words, 70% of the world’s total economy involves Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. So there is no doubt, yes, so a lot of China, and China has a lot of money, there is A lot of money, the gold there is yes, so, um, of course, um, you are watching China, I think China’s currency is strengthening, let’s see what I remember I read it The exchange rate of the U.S. dollar to the renminbi, so the U.S. dollar has weakened against China, did you know that actually, the rebound is not a lot of Rose by 2 cents, so 1 U.S.

Dollar is exchanged for 6.63 RMB, let me scroll to The latest 1 RMB, trying to rise a little bit, but now comes o In the past, one U.S. dollar to 6.75 U.S. dollars was I mean, I mean one dollar against 6.75 Chinese Federation, do you know that, yes, please calm down, of course, um, Well, of course the Chinese government hopes that things will get better for them, yes, currency can Become stronger. Yes, this is where they need to find the middle point somewhere. I also got some news from the Lombok strategist, saying that because of the 20k um maca leading Bloomberg Mike McLorn’s senior commodity strategy says it’s my black, his 20k the previous week Said that it was the experience in 2021, we hope so, but we have seen other eh Other charges, that’s why you want to play 20k like 2018, but yes, we don’t have it yet Down, but we just stopped in the next six months to see things How to line up in a row, um, of course, it can be labeled at any price, because it depends on the situation, It depends on the action.

Uh every government they Saw Cbdc and made an investment when they went to Cbc, they must find any Things to be supported by Uh, such as CPC must be returned from any other cryptocurrency, not Retreated from the thin air. That’s why we hope uh, yes, you need to be like you said Come back like that, yes, not something that has nothing to support like the dollar, yes, yes, hope so, hope It can be kept, but these 20,000 things are impossible, but um, Maybe it will happen this time, because look at the price Climbing slowly, rather than suddenly soaring like three years ago, so I think it’s possible Bar, it will happen because it is bar new investors may take some time To enter the market because when I see the whole bitcoin , The total market value of cryptocurrencies is now about 4000 Billions of Bitcoins, and compared with traditional market transactions.

2 trillion The financial market is just a small Chinese, with traditional markets, stock markets And all the stock markets around the world, that’s why it’s still like a student, why We have to wait for the arrival of the new government. Yeah and UM have one more thing and one other thing, let me see other news uh we are about us Of live streaming 40 minutes ago, we just a few minutes later, we will move forward, Uh, explore other channels to share related cryptocurrencies All the contents of technology include not only cryptocurrency, but also technology. Yes we discussed Some issues about Bitcoin, discussed some issues about the U.S. election that may affect the price of Bitcoin Now we move on about other news, yes, let’s keep listening, and then I’ll listen I said no, and then we saw the demand in terms of uh, well, wait for me to take a look, It is said on the market. The blockchain is mine, this is the future of encryption Utah, yes, when I saw different transmission circuits prepared for the new tower, A channel at the beginning of Mr.

Nicholas shared the length of encryption to all of us And how people can make money in the process of talking about this issue, I think it’s a uh uh, Someone is doing what they are actually doing marginal trading and shorting Bitcoin The thing, in other words, the price of Bitcoin has fallen and they can still make the money you know Yes, they are just what you see, all so many player-level things are talking about trains, Uh, it’s not that you didn’t know you were in trouble, but you will definitely end it soon Things, that's not right, that's right , Why diversification makes a diversification I say this, because it is necessary to incubate stock bonds, Because the Central Purchase of Commodity Settlement will lower interest rates, so that the three Maintain economic vitality, And his success touched the performance of the SB 4060 fund for one year, which brought us an impact.

Flig this Set why the first chance change will no longer have an interest rate in the return combat toolbox Reason, so there is no reason to expect the stock to announce a decline here Another reason is to keep the function in the portfolio to get Valentine’s Day income, Yes, we can also no one expects no one expects the US government The debt was defaulted, but there were more questions about the trust than the financial principles. No one expects The U.S. government defaulted on his debt. This is a very tricky thing because there are Bad things can happen this way, so I won’t say that no one expects this, but this It’s just the media trying to convince people because if hyperinflation occurs to some extent, Then the bubble will burst, and then you will start to see the government trying to do all kinds of things.

Is an interesting thing that we have never seen in our lives, so yes, Why do we need to perform hash operations, why do we need to perform hash operations? It’s very simple, because incubation will increase inflation, Because of hyperinflation, this is for volatility. Yes, you want to hash against volatility, which will make everyone Frustrated, the market will only become hysterically fluctuating, you need Hashing for all these fluctuations Yes, it's not good for you. Yes, and no reason Expect to return in this way. Yes, this is some news about finance. To share with all of us, this is the reason why the hash calculation is required.

2 inches , Is an ideal hedging tool asset, not affected by monetary policy and economic The impact of volatility, so the asset does not depend on its valuation gains, so that for those who cannot manipulate its supply What is it, are they trying? Say uh btc as an asset is the best way to fight inflation, yes, maybe not, because If you enter at the wrong time, you will still burn your fingers, so it’s best to You can tell us that this character is a source, yes, the best, and most importantly, You have to do your own homework for everyone, So when the market changes, you can move with others as you like, Yes, a very real mentality, with a wheel mentality, you can work together Make money, like this um, there are whales or sharks in the ocean, and then there is a The little fish stick to your stomach and they wait for the food to come And then they eat their food and then they go back and stick to the stomach or fish Big fish so this is the same thing no yeah, of course gold is an asset, but the thing is Many people are trying to use this Bitcoin as a digital target, Trying to compare on the same thing, but in fact they are different, so gold has Accepted history, and Bitcoin does not have Bitcoin, only 20 000 120 000 to speak intermittently , But this does not mean that Bitcoin has no potential, but it is The potential of a digital form is nothing more.

The goal is kind, yes, so, Well, yes, let us hope that both prices will remain stable and reasonable , Yes, what you want to say now is one thing, it is not recommended that you invest in Bitcoin, yes Yes, I’m trying to make this boy an investor and advisor, facing new realities, We need to question our assumptions, they need to determine the meaning of the hash Yes, yes, so if you think you want a long-term hedge, then choose Gold, don't choose Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been fluctuating up and down all the time, yes, although Gold is pretty stable, but yes, you don’t need gold because uh, you just want Make Bitcoin more exciting, yes, it depends on you, it depends Its employees in the best, tangible or tangible strategy, yes we see I’m more useful this time as a legal professional investor financial advisor than before because several The world doesn’t need a guide button, so it provides protection for investors, which is what I mentioned earlier, Not only the government, not only the banks, but also financial service institutions, these are Financial advisers they need, they need to be very flexible, they need to be very Understand the knowledge of this digital currency so that they Be able to advise investors, yes, yes, and then, I think yes, This article is a bit detailed, yes, we need a lot of information, we Should travel, we will move faster, we saw these at the bottom of other irrelevant articles, Yes, that's why we should say it now Say goodbye to the audience, we will continue to the next part of the live broadcast, we go The other part, which means we will continue to another channel, is Time to say goodbye to all the audience, and now, Mr.

Nick, maybe you have any Um, am I waiting for you, just… tell everyone to see you again soon, yes, so See you on the next channel, yes, see you have a good day.

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