Wakfu Księga II – Lodowy Tron NAPISY PL [1080p]

What a nasty day. Luis, open up! Away for three months
and not even a hello? Hello, Luis! Yeah, not very convincing. Make sure you wipe
your paws before you come in. That's right,
leave the door wide open! Almighty Ecaflip, what a stench. Luis, secret room! It's ok
to talk about my odor, but aren't you
forgetting the magic word? Open the secret room, please! That's better. Honestly, where
have this family's manners gone? -What an oaf.
-I heard that! The six Eliatrope Dofus.
Mission accomplished, Dad. Don't be so proud of yourself. Catching them without the consent of
Yugo and Adamai makes me uncomfortable. We followed the King's orders. And if the Dofus can help
save the Kingdom of Sadida, well, there's no
need for regrets.

You know that only an Eliatrope or a
brother Dragon can use these Dofus. And Yugo and Adamai– Will wipe the slate clean concerning
our little secret and help us, you– Shh! Keep quiet. Didn't you hear that? It must be Luis.
He's getting old. Sometimes when he's asleep,
without realizing he really lets rip. I may be old, but I'm not too old
to kick your butt! Calm down, children. Atch, go
and check the front door. Ok, we'll bed down
for a few hours, but tomorrow we'll head off
at the crack of dawn. We shouldn't have worked
so hard these past few months. No rest for the wicked. And so? Nothing. It must have been Luis. You're really beginning to annoy
me with your insinuations.

Let's take turns on watch duty this
evening to avoid any nasty surprises. Too late for that, Joris. Atch? It's not him. It's indestructible.
It's dragon slobber. That's right.
But it's a bit late, my dears. Dragon slobber or not,
you're not Atcham and you'll regret
stepping foot in here! Luis, combat gear! Just got here
and it's already messy. Did you really think
I'd be here on my own? -Harebourg!
-Joris, my old foe, what a pleasure to see you
again after all these years. The pleasure is all yours. I do believe
it's time for a reunion. Ush! Just forget it. You won't
be able to use them.

But that wasn't
our intention, Joris. Perfect, as agreed,
we'll share the Dofus. I'll go to the Ecaflip
dimension with these two. Harebourg, you take yours
and return to Frigost. And I'll take these
last two here. Ok, and what about
our three friends here? Don't worry,
I have a little idea. As you can see, Yugo, his little idea was to put us in
his collection of frozen heroes. We wanted to tell you
about our mission, but the King of Bonta
wanted it to be kept secret. I'm sorry, Yugo. -Thank you, Ruel!
-Thank, Ruel! No problem, guys. But the Sipho that took on your
appearance, why did he take Adamai? And what do they want
with the Eliatrope Dofus? No idea. We had to outdo
three formidable opponents, but it seems someone more
cunning is pulling the strings.

Adamai. They've trapped him. Don't worry, Yugo,
we'll find out what's happening. And anyway, you know
how resourceful your brother is. And what did you do
about Harebourg's ice cubes? They're renowned
to be indestructible. -Show him, Dally.
-Daddy gave them a mouthful. I think my mind
is still a little frozen. I've just seen
you do something impossible.

Iops don't know the meaning
of impossible, Master Joris. Well now, here you go. Lend me your fur
Kerubim before I die of cold. What a strange family.
It's really quite rare. That's true. What's going on? Does this thing work? Can you hear
that strange noise too? Dally-o? It was bound to happen. Our happy fool has taken
too many hits to the head. And he's lost his mind. Anyone at home?
-Yes? Dally-o, are you there? -Anyone there?
-Dally-o? Can you hear me? Oh, Master Goultard! Oh, yes, Dally-o, it really is me. But stop shouting,
you're giving me a headache. That's unbelievable!
You're still alive? What about your fight
against Rushu? I came out pretty well
even though I say so myself. But… But where are you? In the Shukrute. I've found a nice little spot.
Once you get used to the heat, it's actually quite nice. I should come and visit with Eva and the children. It will be difficult,
the journey is complicated.

I still haven't managed
to find a way to get back. Master Goultard
is talking to me in my head. He's conquered Rushu and has become
the Master of the Shukrute. Master Goultard, they're all looking at me
as if I was the craziest Iop. They'll have to learn to look up to you,
Dally-o, as the ruler of the Iops. I don't understand. Don't worry, that's normal,
a Iop never gets it first time. Hold Rubilax. Ok, he's here. Good, can you hear me, Rubi? Goultard! How are you, old chap? Great, thanks. Rubi, it's started
I can feel it. He's regaining the powers
he entrusted to me. It's time to
tell him everything. To tell me what? Don't you think it's too early?
I'm not sure he's ready. Ready for what? Right, Dally-o,
you feel stronger don't you? Stronger than what? Yes.

At the moment
I feel quite sturdy. I've even made some charms
which impressed everyone just by rubbing
my hands together. Have you been
remembering things recently? Mm, I've had
some strange dreams. About people I didn't know. It's as if they were
someone else's memories. Ok, very well. When you're ready, can I
have your attention, please? You'll need to hold on to your seats
at what I am about to reveal. I, together with Goultard,
have hidden something from you.

Nothing too serious.
Just a small thing. Percedal is not
who you think he is. Dally is actually… …a woman. What? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. It was funny,
but let's be serious, Rubi. It's complicated
enough as it is. Ok, I need to tell you
that Percedal is not just a Iop. He is the Iop. Do I need to spell it out?
The Iop! He is the Iop God! What? But being a woman
was more believable. Dad is a god?
Wow, that's cool! The… the Iop God? I've failed,
they stole them from me. You've put
the world at risk once again. Count, you only had to guard two
out of six Eliatrope Dofus. But once again
you acted selfishly. I did it for Frigost,
for my people. I don't call
that acting selfishly.

I appreciate your
reasons, Harebourg. But it's the second time you've put
the World of Twelve in danger for your stupid little island. Tell the others that I'm sorry. I will. But in the meantime,
you need to reflect on your actions. Otomai and Adamai,
don't be shy, come forward. Joris, wait, don't go there. We don't know the
scale of her powers. On the contrary, Otomai. Sipho, I missed you. I missed you too, Dame Echo. And I see that you have
not failed in your mission. Stay behind me, Master Otomai. Calm down, my beauty.
My name's Echo and I'll do you no harm. I still can't quite believe
what you've told us, Rubilax. I hope it isn't another one
of your Shushu tricks. Centuries ago, the Iop God
was given a terrible test and was obliged to descend to the World
of the Twelve in order to pass it. But he got a taste
of the mortal life and chose to renounce his divine
status to live more simply.

Until today, his son Goultard
had taken up the torch. His son Goultard? But, you have…
You have other children? Other families? It's more complex
than that, Evangelyne. Dally is a reincarnation
of the Iop God. It's him without being him. He could have lived for hundreds of
years more without any understanding. Hund… hundreds of years? You are a god, Dally. Generally Gods
live for a very long time. So… so, why now then? Extreme emotional shock.
It all started the moment he almost lost what he
considered most precious. His children. I've taken care of you for years, Dally-o,
now you must take up your role. The future of the World
of Twelve is in your hands. In your hands. Dally. I'd be surprised if anything
you say is of any interest. We may as well speed things up and get to the part
where we get to knock you out. Like all dragons, you're very
hot headed, my dear Adamai. But you're wrong.
I'm not your enemy.

I've heard that one before. Just before falling into the
hands of the worst villains. Adamai, why do you think we stole
the Eliatrope Dofus from you? To use them. Well, we both know
that only an Eliatrope or its dragon brother
are able to use them, and to my knowledge,
there are only you two. Maybe to add
to a collection then? Well, I collect
monster seeds and– No, Otomai, we took them
to stop you from making a big mistake. Come on now! No need to be skeptical, Adamai. Joris caught them hoping that you
would use them against Ogrest. Maybe… And? So, little dragon?
Are you asking me? Do you know what would happen
if the sixth Ogrest's Primordial Dofus clashed
with the six Eliatrope Dofus? So if that is
squared with that and we add… -It would be very violent.
-"Very violent" is an understatement.

We believe that
the World of Twelve would be destroyed. And who is "we?" "We" are the siblings. A secret guild whose mission
is to get to old age in the world. All Sibling members are
demi-gods or sons of dragons. We are all immortal. Like you, Adamai,
son of Goddess Eliatrope, and you, Otomai,
son of Goddess Feca. For hundreds of years, we have protected our world
against any dangers it may face. I don't believe one back-stabbing
word you're saying.

Oh, but I'm not trying
to convince you, Adamai. If you want the Dofus,
here take them. What if it's a trick? You'll really let us leave here? I've told you what will happen
if you use the Dofus, and I know you're clever enough
to make the right decision. Don't disappoint me, Adamai. The destiny of the World
of Twelve is in your hands. Dally! Dally!
Why is he shining like that? Calm down, Eva.
The big fool's been banged around. Let him rest a little. It's a lot to take in
for a small brain. Let alone being in the process of receiving a huge
quantity of divine energy. Dally is a god?
I still can't believe it! I've been on this world
for a very long time, -but it still surprises me.
-Eva, it's fantastic! It means that he'll be able to help
us save the Kingdom of Sadida. It doesn't look like he'd be
able to save much at the moment. Time is running out and we're still
missing four of the six Eliatrope Dofus. I'm going to find Ush to get back
the other two that he stole from us.

It's the only trail we have. With a god on our side,
we no longer need Eliatrope Dofus. We can't leave them in the hands
of the wicked princess. Very good. This will be the
opportunity to take revenge on Ush. -Count me in.
-And me! It's been a while since I've
been in the Ecaflip dimension. This is just the
occasion for a kitty. Children, I would love
for you to go to the Kingdom of Sadida with your friends,
but you're still too young. You would leave your
sons behind, Father? I'm coming too. Only this Ush
knows where I can find Adamai. Blast. It wasn't a dream.
I really am a God. Apparently so, but you'll still
be the same old Dally to me. See you in the
Kingdom of Sadida. Take care of yourself, Yugo. Don't forget the promise
I made to Alibert. Ok? Master Joris, what do we need to
do to get to the Ecaflip dimension? Nothing is more simple! Jinxed! What is this rat trap? Ush! The entry zone to the Ecaflip
dimension has been moved! Look out below! It looks very much like the
work of that deceitful Ush.

He hits below the belt,
that's his specialty! That may be, but you have an
Eliatrope among you now. That kid's a fool! Very well, over to you! Ok, now for Joris. Dad! Here they are,
our valiant heroes. How are your backsides? Better than your snout
will be in a second. Remington. Yes, and with guns, Yugo. Ush, you know why we're here. Terrible things are happening
in the World of Twelve and– Yes, I know all that, Joris. Just because you've taken
care of these two brutes doesn't mean we'll be united
or that I owe you anything. Don't be a fool, Ush, we are brothers,
even if you come from a previous litter. I'm not proud at all
that we share the same father. That stupid God who thought
of nothing but himself. If you have come back
to get the two Dofus Eliatropes that I have in my possession.
You have to deserve them. Sirs, may I present Percimol
and Maskemane? They are in my team. That's it, here we go. Another one of his silly games
to which he holds the secret.

Rest assured, this time
it's a very simple one. A team versus team fight. Youngsters and old folk against
a team that I've put together myself. A timed battle, during which
all blows are allowed. You have 30 minutes
to take the Dofus, if you succeed,
they are yours to keep. If you fail… -If we fail?
-I'll destroy the two Dofus. That's impossible,
nothing can destroy a Dofus. Really? Let's see then. Only one thing can destroy
a Dofus, young Yugo. Another Dofus. Master Joris?
I think it's time we took action. My thoughts exactly, Yugo. That went far. Yeah! Faster, Grandpa Ruel! Ok, but if you call me grandpa
one more time, I'm warning you, I'll drive faster
and with my eyes shut.

-Grandpa Ruel!
-Very well, here we go! Calm down, Ruel,
you're going to kill us all. -Spoilsport!
-He… he won't stop, knowing how sick it's making me
will amuse him too much. You look exactly the same
as Dally does when he's on a boat. Dally, you haven't said a word
since we left Frigost. So, are you cold? -No, I… I'm frightened.
-You? Frightened? You don't even know
the meaning of the word. I feel bad. So bad. I first felt it when
the children were born. I'm frightened for them.
For you, Eva. About losing you. My big-hearted hero. How do you stay so calm, Eva? We've just been told
I'm someone I didn't know I was.

I haven't managed
to take it in yet, Dally. All I know is that I love you,
and the rest doesn't matter. But everything will change
with my new powers. Do you think a God can live
peacefully with his family? Memories are flooding
back to me, Eva, and I'm beginning to realize
that nothing will ever be the same. I'd be happier
if you didn't think about it.

Me too.
I guess ignorance is bliss. This is gonna be fun. Master Joris,
we are both very quick, we could easily grab
the two Dofus. Don't get too carried away,
Ush is twisted and each of his games is made
up to give him the advantage. Over to you, Percimol. Careful! Great effort, Perci. Percimol, I've heard a lot about you.
I helped your people. Look at his hat. Percimol and Maskemane
are being controlled. Cover me, Remi. I'm going to see
if Atcham is still as good with a sword. -Good work, boss.
-Bootlicker. We're here because of you,
Grany, don't you forget that.

Remington Smisse. A notorious Roublard.
You've fallen upon the wrong adversary. I like these great heroes
blinded by their self-importance. It's such a pleasure
to see them fall into my… …traps! I also know about low blows. Do it now, Percimol! Just like in training. You're so slow, little brothers.
You're like two young tortoises. You have aged, Kerubim,
you're not worth a can of beans. I told you to keep on training, Kerubim.
Go and get the Dofus, you're in my way.

Hey! Take it easy! I thought I was going
to have a peaceful retirement. It's time to see
who's better at using a blade. With pleasure, little brother. Joris! Thanks, Yugo.
I allowed myself to be overtaken. Oh, Grany.
I can hardly see anything. I know, Remy. I'm staying here. It's not the kind of weather
for a kitty to be outside. We'll never manage to get them
in the time we've got. Ush is an excellent strategist.
He's thought up a battle that he can't lose
in under 30 minutes.

Let's concentrate
on the Dofus. Here kitty, kitty. Woah! I can't see
anything in this haze. Over here, you old kitty! We need to help him! Atcham! He– He's–
He's cheating with the statues. Well, I do believe
that this game is over. Yugo, you concentrate on him
and I'll take the two behind. With pleasure! You have five minutes remaining.
Really, what do you expect? To kick your furry backside! Father. My dam project
is almost finished. The Sadidas have worked
non-stop to be on time. That's good, son. You don't seem very convinced. That was a good effort, Armand, but this dam will not stand up
to the next Ogrest assault.

Let's hope that everything
goes well with Amalia. Whatever I do, I'm never
gonna be as good as her. Father! Amalia? I'm so happy, Father. The marriage
never went ahead. Harebourg wanted to chop
down our forests for fuel. What? I will never make a decision that my friends don't approve of,
even if it's my duty as Queen. Understood. But where
is the rest of the Brotherhood? I'll explain everything in detail,
but for now we'll need to act quickly. Building a dam
was a good idea Armand, but I'm worried
that it won't be enough. We were just talking about it. Maybe you have a better idea? I have a much better one. We are lucky to have a member
of the Brotherhood of Tofu, who, it's just been revealed,
is a god! He doesn't seem that impressed. No, it's not Ruel. It's Percedal, he is the
reincarnation of the God Iop. And he's going to save us all. I do believe
that your trip to Frigost has frazzled
your mind little sister. Look at this pretty little aura. It belongs to God Iop.

-Show them, Dally.
-Show them what? Something god-like, you must have
something up your sleeve, surely? That's right, Dally, go on,
show us something god-like. Be quiet, Armand. Go on, Dad, show them. What are you waiting for,
show them! But what should I show them, exactly? What does a God actually do? Do you know?
Because I'm really not sure. Dally. You see? Our kingdom is saved. Saved? Amalia, nothing gets
resolved by strength alone. And if Sir Percedal retains
the same level of… intelligence, he's not really
going to be a great help. Armand.
the Tree of Life is in danger, and the people of Sadida
have been condemned. Put your jealousy to one side for once,
and try to think of the kingdom. Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove. You have always been
a precious ally of the kingdom, -and I hope that…
-What did I tell you. Dally? Are you crazy? You just disrespected
the Sadida King. It's exactly what I
was frightened of. Everyone is pressuring me,
begging me for everything. As if I can solve
every single problem! But you can change the world! You don't get it, Eva.

I never asked to be
a reincarnation of God Iop. I wanna live a simple life
with you and the children. Let's go back home
while there's still time. How can you be so selfish? You'd let the King
of Sadida disappear? No, of course not, but… There is no "but" Dally.
I married a brave Iop. Someone who holds his
head high in battle, who doesn't hesitate
to sacrifice himself in order to defend the values
in which he believes. He's the Percedal that I love. It's different, Eva.
It's different. Now I'm the God Iop. So start acting like it then. Take your time and think.
I know you'll make the right decision. I'll wait for you with the
King and the children. It can't be easy living
with such a fool day in and day out.

Prince Armand, in spite of the great
respect I have for you and your people, I'm warning you, never insult
Percedal in front of his children again! What a slap! The Sadidas at the other end
of the kingdom heard it, too. Tell me what you need me to do.
I am going to help you. I'll admit that you're
very strong, Yugo. But something tells me that
your luck is about to change. What is this? One of my specialties,
my dear little Eliatrope. Each and every move you make
will put you in danger. My advice to you would
be to not move. Now now.
No need for name calling. Grab the Dofus, Joris!
I'm taking over! They…

They're not real! Appearances are
often deceiving, Joris. You have lost. You have been
dominated from beginning to end. You will never find the Dofus
in the time left. Yugo, go and help Joris! Look who have we here. What do you think
you'll be able to do, Grandpa? You can hardly stand
on those things you call legs. I'm going
to teach you some respect! I can see that you're a gambler! You seem particularly proud of your
statues, let's go and see them close up.

No! Not near the statues,
there are traps everywhere! No! Atcham! Atcham! He is particularly
proud of his statues. Move away friends! -Goodnight, Roublard!
-Wuss! No! Clever guy. Well played. Bravo. I bet this is the first
time you've lost? Tell us who's pulling the strings, Ush.
Why hide the Eliatrope Dofus, and why do you wanna stop us
from saving the world? It's not up to me to explain. And Adamai,
tell us where you've taken him. You're the first to ever defeat me,
so I'll give you your information. Ask me a question,
but I'll answer only one. I wanna know where Adamai is! Considering the time?
He's probably at the Kingdom of Sadida. -You liar!
-My little Yugo, there's something you need to understand,
and that is you're the bad guys. That's enough.
We have what we came for. Let's return to the Kingdom
of Sadida. Atch? After you, my dear Kerubim.

It's going to be big.
Dally are you sure that–? Where is Percedal? Elely and Flopin
are missing too. We're here! Are you ok, children?
You look sad. It's the dust. Right, I've gotta go.
Let's get this started. Yeah! In that case,
maybe we shouldn't hang around here. Ok then,
let's get ready. Ready! Great. And we're off! Otomai, can you see what I see? Yes! It's really very impressive. Our friends have found a way
to save the Kingdom of Sadida. Look who it is, ha! Hi guys! You've arrived
just when the show's over. Dally, watch out! It's a… It's a miracle. Look! Dally! -He's gone.
-What do you mean he's gone? Well,
before moving the mountain, when we were away from everyone,
he told us something. Tell your mother that she was right. I'm
going right to the source of the problem. You're going to beat
up Ogrest by yourself? That's awesome! Mom won't be happy. That's why I haven't told her.
I love you, children. Whatever happens,
never forget that. And tell your mother that she has
made me the happiest of all Iops.

Come on, let's go. I'm going to show you
what a God is made of! Dally. Iop-brain. Yugo! Mission accomplished.
We have the two Dofus. Mission accomplished for us too! -Adamai!
-Yugo! And Dally? Maybe you've bitten off
a bit more than you can chew? Don't be such a pessimist,
we've fought tougher. Not really..

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