Vorsprung durch Laden: Audi e-tron 0 auf 100% in 47 Minuten!

Welcome to another nextmove test video with the Audi e-tron. I drove the car down to 0 in order to test the charging speed and how long it takes to fully charge the car. Where are we? We are here at a IONIQ charging station. All chargers are lined up. This is my station. All of them have new plugs for full charging speeds. On top in the middle you see 0 km left range. And this small line is the power limitation. Just now the car shut down at the traffic light. But the car was nice to me and allowed to start it again so I could drive a little more.

But now let’s check the charging speed. Now the car is charging. I had some problems to initiate the charging. I tried to start the charging station via Paypal but it didn’t work out. I tried several charging cards and also failed. So I called the hotline and they have started the charging process for me. At 0% State of charge the charging started at 132 kW.

Let’s take a look at the current speed. This is the ventilation – you hear its working full steam. 139 kW – in three and a half minutes to 9 % minutes. It is quite fast. 400 Volts and 350 Ampere. Interim status update: 145 kW and the battery is already half full. 43 kWh were charged in 18 minutes – that's something to be proud of. Let's see how long he keeps up this tempo.

Let’s take a look at the competition at the Tesla Supercharger. A few moments ago we had 4 cars charging here. I tried to get comments from Owners to the 145 kW and how much they get right now. Here in Hohenwarsleben we don’t have the full charging speed right now. Currently the maximum is 90 to 95 kW. CCS is also available but only for the Tesla Model 3.

Right over there the Audi etron is charging at the IONITY charger. The Tesla Model 3 could get a higher charging speed over there. Let’s take a look at the values again. We are at 70% State of charge after 26 minutes. The charging speed drops now from 120 kW to approximately 110 kW. 62 kWh were charged. Mhh? 110 kW charging speed: Continue charging or should go on driving already? I say we charge up a little more! Now the charging station made the decision if I should continue charging or start driving. Approximately 64 kWh, 73% state of charge after 28 minutes the charging stopped. I want to charge to 100%. Let’s try to restart the charging process. I will call the hotline again.The lady was really nice. The charging started again at 117 kW. The charging starts again. Let’s see how it develops. Another status update. I have to calculate a bit due to the restart. We are at 90%. The car charges at 73 kW. We charged 38 minutes. So far 80 kWh. Let’s keep on charging to 100 %. Right now 72 kW. Let’s see if the car charges against the wall.

I expect that the car will stop the charging at around 40 kW – just like against the wall. The reason is that the et-ron has a 95 kWh build in, but only 84 kWh are accessible. The limit is relatively low. That enables a charging curve that is not decreasing to low levels but relatively high charging speeds to the end. That has two advantages: it is good for the battery and it enables fast charging on long distance trips. Another charging stop but this time it comes not unexpected. At some point also an Audi is full. 100% state of charge. I have charged 25.5 kWh in 19 minutes in the second cycle. Adding cycle one and two together it results in: 90 kWh according to the display of the station in incredible 47 minutes.

Not up to 80%, not up to 90% but 47 minutes to a full charge! On average the charging power was 115 kW. This is the peak power of a regular Tesla Model S with 85 kWh under normal conditions – and it is the average for the Audi! I can only say: hat off to Audi – you solved that really well. I am really impressed. And maybe I'll drive another car soon..

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