what is up everybody and welcome back to the jake 
giggins show my name is jay gagan i'm gonna be   your host today and guys we have some breaking 
news coming live right now it's 12 15 p.m on   may 12th and we have some breaking news regarding 
vitalik buterin the ceo and co-founder of ethereum   and what he just did with his sheep token so 
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red button to stay up to date on all of my   youtube videos guys so first off vitalik buterin 
apparently just donated one billion dollars worth   of his sheep and akita to the india coveted 
crypto relief fund as we know india has been   widely impacted by the covid uh outbreak that we 
have been seeing and they have been hit very very   hard so before i get into this news from metallic 
i just want to send my thoughts and prayers to   everyone impacted by covet 19 especially everybody 
that's struggling in india right now but let's get   into the show guys so first off you can see right 
here this is the this is on the sheba website and i want to highlight this middle 
bar right here so we locked the 50 of the total   supply to uni swap and threw away the keys the 
remaining 50 percent was burned to vitalik buterin   and we were the first project following this past 
so everyone has to buy on the open market ensuring   a fair and complete distribution where devs don't 
own any team tokens now you might wonder why this   is important so 50 of the tokens were burned 
to vitalik buterin and what we saw uh happening   earlier today guys was a sharp drop-off and i was 
wondering what was happening we were down 30 or 40   on the sheep token so we're looking at the shiba 
inu chart right now we were down 30 or 40 i was   wondering what happened i was like i thought that 
this was rug proof because essentially that's   how the tokenomics are set up on the shiba token 
website and i didn't think that vitalik would just   you know rug pull this project but apparently 
guys and this is breaking news apparently what   happened around this time at 10 a.m was that 
vitalik buterin and we'll go ahead and pull   this up he sold his sheep and sold some akita 
tokens and donated one billion dollars to the   india covid crypto fund now this is not confirmed 
yet guys i'm still waiting this is breaking news   as i mentioned this story just broke on twitter 
so i'm trying to report on it first guys there   is not uh confirmed from italic yet but the ether 
scans are showing this and vitalik is trending on   twitter there's also another note here guys so 
ryoshi is the founder of sheep token he has not   come out with his name yet but he did tweet this 
as well he said thank you to the wolfmeister for   enabling true decentralization now we truly begin 
so it is believed that vitalik buterin has sent   over one billion dollars of his sheep tokens to 
the uh india kobit relief fund as i mentioned this   is still breaking news this is not confirmed yet 
but we're gonna see because vitalik is trending   on twitter and i just posted this article guys 
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up to date but this is the ether scan guys this   happened on may 12th at 6 39 p.m utc and you can 
see right here tokens were transferred from the   vb which is vitalik buterin to the india covid 
crypto relief fund and you can see that he sent   one billion dollars worth of sheep or it looks 
like 50 trillion tokens is that 50 trillion one   two three four i believe that's 50 up 50 trillion 
tokens for a total value of 1 billion dollars you   can see it on the ether scan this is trending on 
twitter and vitalik is trending all over twitter   which leads me to believe that this story might 
be true like i said it's 10 uh it's 12 19 p.m in   california here in the pacific time there has 
been no confirmation yet from vitalik but you   can see that there's 16 000 tweets here uh about 
vitalik and he is trending on twitter love him   or hate him vitalik buterin just donated big to 
the covet 19 relief fund this man is going to   save so many lives guys if this is true this 
is going to prove to be one of the greatest   donations that we've ever seen a billion 
dollar donation coming from vitalik buterin   to 19 relief fund if this is true i just want to 
say thank you to vitalik from all of us in the   sheba army and all of us in the crypto community 
you are doing a great job for the crypto space and   like people said love him or hate him this is 
a fantastic thing for him to do so we're still   waiting on confirmation guys but it is looking 
like this is going to be true it's looking like   vitalik buterin just donated 1 billion dollars 
of the sheep token to the crypto relief fund now here is the most updated picture and as i 
said he's trending on twitter 17 000 people   are tweeting about him uh people are wondering 
if he dumped i was wondering what happened but   apparently he donated one billion tokens guys 
let me know in the comments how great is this   you can go ahead and see the ether scan here uh 
but essentially what's happening in india guys   it's very very sad they've been hit very very 
hard harder than most countries have been hit   and they've been struggling a lot to get 
the kovid 19 pandemic under control i mean   this was this article was wrote written in 
may but uh you know over 300 000 coven 19   infections were reported today along with 
2200 deaths and i think it's been getting   worse and worse so someone set up the crypto 
relief fund and the reason that i do believe   this is true you can see here on may 6 uh vitalik 
donated 3 million of his own dollars to the fund   and apparently he took some of the sheep 
profits because it has been pumping in the   past seven days and essentially got rid of this 
sold his sold his tokens and uh gave it to the   crypto relief fund in india and you can see that 
you know all the time stamps are adding up guys   around 10 a.m is when the founder ryoshi tweeted 
uh danking vitalik buterin this happened at 10 14   a.m we saw the first sharp drop happen at 10 30 
a.m and ryoshi tweeted this at 10 52.

So the time   stamps are adding up and if you're just joining 
me ryoshi is the founder of shebe he's part of the   founder he doesn't have his identity out yet but 
he tweeted this at 10 52 saying thank you to the   wolfmeister for enabling true decentralization 
now we begin and you can see here at 10   40 is when the the sell-off started to happen uh 
we were down 40 as you can see sheep is rebounding   but this is incredible so if this is true guys 
like i said this is breaking news we're just   now hearing about this story right now but 
if this is true uh it is a great great thing   for the crypto space and i just want to say thank 
you to vitalik buterin let me know in the comments   guys if you're watching this live with me right 
now we're premiering this live uh let me know   in the comments and if you're watching this at a 
later time what do you guys think did he sell this   uh one billion dollars to donate if he did i think 
this is going to be even more bullish news for the   sheep token because now it's going to be all over 
the news people are going to be talking about this   for years and years to come the fact that vitalik 
buterin donated 1 billion that is so much money to   the crypto relief fund and not only did he use 
cryptocurrency but he used the sheep token this   is going to bring a positive association to the 
cryptocurrency space this is going to be a bring a   positive association to the sheep token and bring 
so much more awareness to the sheep token so as i   said guys it's 12 22 when i'm recording this this 
has not been confirmed it hasn't reached any major   news articles yet i just wanted to bring this to 
you first i've been doing my research on twitter   and seeing what is going on but as i'm looking at 
this and as i'm seeing what's happening on twitter   i can see that this is from the ether scan someone 
just tweeted this and it looks like this is pretty   accurate from vitalik from vb to the india covert 
relief fund 50 trillion sheep tokens guys for a   total of one billion dollars this is absolutely 
massive massive stuff and just a great thing for   him to do to donate a billion dollars guys is 
incredible so breaking news guys if you want to   stay up to date please do me a favor subscribe 
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try to get back to all comments in 24 hours   but this is breaking news as of right now at 12 
23 p.m this is what we're seeing that vitalik   buterin just donated one billion dollars to the 
india kobe relief fund to help india battle the   pandemic that's going on which is incredible so 
we saw what happened with sheep it dropped down   people were kind of panicking i was wondering 
what was happening because there are a lot of   things coming to sheba and a lot of attention 
but apparently vitalik buterin sold one billion   dollars of his sheep to donate it to the crypto 
relief fund which i think is absolutely incredible   like i said let me know in the comments guys 
uh what you think is and follow me on twitter   to stay up to date on all the breaking news at 
jake gagan j-a-k-e-g-a-g-a-n to stay up to date   on all the breaking news we're gonna be reporting 
on this if this is true guys this is incredible   and shout out to vitalik buterin but like i said 
it's not confirmed yet this is still breaking news   jake gagan reporting live we will be having 
more updates on this all day subscribe to   my youtube channel now to stay up to date and 
leave me a comment let me know your thoughts   on this vitalik buterin amazing guy if this 
is true we'll be back for more breaking news

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