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what is up crypto fan we've had some massive 
things been happening in the market and i'll   just break them down for you to give you 
some perspective of where we're going we had   paypal come out a few months back and say 
that they're gonna start letting you purchase   cryptocurrencies on their platform followed by 
michael saylor and his mission to bring others   into crypto and others by other institutions 
we've seen since then several institutions   city of miami and most recently tesla i've also 
have good source that google and apple are also   acquiring bitcoin as we speak through similar 
methods that tesla did through similar companies   the tesla did whether this comes true or not 
we'll only see but as you guys know i don't   bring you fake sources i bring you the real thing 
and i trust this person is telling me the truth   now we're going to look at also how visa is now 
going to let you settle in usdc as well as paypal   and what they're going to let you pay with 
adoption is basically here so do me a favor   and adopt this channel by clicking on that 
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tips i'm about to share with you let's get it we're started at what i'm talking about with visa 
and paypal why is this a big deal well the fact   of the matter is is what did your mom and your 
mom and your wife and your any of your naysayers   say they said you can't spend crypto anywhere 
right well hello you can spend crypto somewhere   you can easily spend it now what do people 
have to say to you nothing you could spend   it on paypal you'll be able to settle on visa sure 
mastercard's not too far away what does this mean   this simply means that our industry has become 
adopted bitcoin is adopted litecoin is adopted   ethereum's adopted anything that we can spend 
easily and freely is adopted meaning that we're   in that start of the adoption phase now just now 
if you want to be an early adopter you may have   missed your early adoption window or that window 
was extremely small and closing ever so quickly   if you get it now you'll still be early that's 
the thing that everyone doesn't realize they see   a bullish market and they think they're too late 
you're not but visa allowing you to settle in   cryptocurrency means that all the naysayers about 
cryptocurrency are all wrong because now you can   simply hold usdc and settle any payment in usdc 
right within your credit card but not only that   paypal will also let you settle in bitcoin 
ethereum and litecoin starting yesterday   as of yesterday you could basically spend and 
can right now spend if you're a us user bitcoin   ethereum and litecoin anywhere you want 
think about what that means for adoption   think about how this is different than them 
letting you buy cryptocurrencies that you can't   take off their platform now you can buy a 
cryptocurrency hold it on their platform   it can appreciate in value and then you 
could buy something with that appreciated   cryptocurrency let that sink in 
just a little bit and then tell me   that crypto isn't here to stay that crypto isn't 
the future that we won't be using crypto as our   main form of payment whether it be dollar crypto 
or whatever it is will be our main form of payment   in the next five to ten years we're all early 
we're all here if you're new welcome to crypto strax a project which has its own blockchain from 
2016 only raised 600 000 and is still living to   today very strong community and it's going to be 
having a dex that's coming out soon which will   be able to pull liquidity from other dexes so 
that'll be a very interesting concept that will   be coming out soon from strack so keep your eyes 
on our channel sponsor for what they have to come   looking over here we're gonna check out what's 
going on with btc it's doing the same thing we   talked about yesterday still looks fine nothing to 
really be threatened and worrying about here wants   to get above this level we gotta break above that 
level but yesterday we broke above this past one   right now we're retesting it this could send us 
a much higher and we do have the largest amount   of stable coins on exchanges ever in the multi i 
think it's tens of billions of dollars of stable   coins just sitting on exchanges not in contracts 
making 10 20 percent a year in all these other   programs just sitting there usually when money's 
sitting there people are getting ready to buy   whether that means we're waiting for a dip first 
that could be the question i think potentially it   could be one but not a crazy one just a normal one 
before we go into an april madness now looking at   ethereum it's still playing into this inverted 
head and shoulders we'll see if it plays out it   may not but i do like the way it looks i don't 
like how there's an impending tk cross there   could be bearish but if we do have a very bullish 
april coming that predictive analysis will change   so just keep that in mind looking at our bitcoin 
dominance well what do we see we see that we are   now under this level and retesting it so we're not 
only underneath that key level that i've talked   about in the past we're now under this one and now 
we're retesting and potentially going down lower   fitting perfectly for an april old season 
perfectly for an april old season here's april 1st   april fool's day and i don't know if you guys 
remember april fool's day was the day before   we really took off i don't remember you guys 
remember that that was the that was right when   we came out of the bear market we had a you 
know that huge 1 000 candle was on april 2nd   so let's see if history repeats itself or not 
looking at our total market cap we've actually   been breaking that level meaning that there's more 
money in this market right now than there has ever   been in this market now could some people say this 
might be a double top sure but the real reality is   is it hasn't really been that much time so it may 
not play out i personally think we're just going   to smash much higher you know data doesn't lie 
and we're literally there's more money coming in   the market right now follow the money follow the 
money and you will always get to the honey look   we got rsr mega bullish okay we got the spx 
500 still very bullish we got the dow jones   still very bullish so we have nothing really too 
much to be concerned about here things are great   the whole perspective of the whole 
market other than gold peter schiff   is good we came down to my red level we've held it 
twice will we defend it again or will we come down   lower to our golden level that's the question 
silver similar things underneath the 200-day ema   not looking so good all right something that i've 
done recently is i actually itemized my actual   watch lists and you can do that by 
clicking a right click on your watch list   and adding a section so if you ever want to add 
a section like block chains um you know oracles   you can actually do that on your list so when you 
want to find something you can find it even easier   right on your trading view alright so looking 
at our blockchains 88 i'm still very bullish on   uh bnb all the blockchains are pretty bullish 
um over here we look at strax strax is uh   definitely pushing it we're gonna see strax go 
to new all-time highs as i've said many times   so atlanta looks really bullish ever since down 
here when on the 12 hour i i pointed out this   trade um where we had the tk cross the you know 
we had a bullish kumo breakout with a uh retest   and then it you've gone in on there or in the 
second trade that we have here done extremely   extremely well all the actual ecosystems have done 
really well uh so keep your eyes on the ecosystem   plays and when they stop being so bullish you'll 
probably see some of the mid caps starting to be   more bullish looking over back to icx which i've 
talked about quite a few times from way down here   um we're seeing that icx is now really getting 
pushing higher and remember there is a lot of   room for growth with icx this is just like 
almost the bottom of the last bull run so   you know um we're not even there yet there's 
a huge amount of growth potential with icx   keep your eyes on that one too it's very much 
used in korea and um you know they didn't give   up on their project or anything and now guys let's 
have a quick word from one of our amazing sponsors   yield app the easiest d5 app that you can use 
in your pocket where you can invest in a d5 fund   and do not have to worry about all 
the nuances of impermanent loss   or how to use metamask or dex tools or any 
of these confusing projects for newbies   so if you guys want a place to park your ethereum 
and stable coins look no further than yield app   alright looking at our channel sponsor yield 
app they've been stuck in this range for quite   some time so i'll tell you how to play this 
okay if you're looking to get in the yield   app you're not in yet you would be looking at 
two different scenarios the first scenario is   that this drops down here so we see that you 
can you'll see something along the lines of this   continue to come back down to re-test this load 
that's happened in the past before it starts to   go back to the top of the level um or the top 
of the range from the bottom now it doesn't   look like a big range but it's actually quite 
a sizeable range here we're we're talking about   uh a 70 60 70 percent uh range between there so 
if we come down and drop to this 60 cent level   we'd be looking to get in around 60 looking to 
take profit around a dollar then we would wait   for the second level where it would where would 
come above now if that doesn't drop and it just   moons here we would see that it would come above 
our dollar level or 97 cents or so retest that   and then go higher so those are the two scenarios 
you're going to look at for yield app to get in   and that's how you're going to play them all right 
now let's look over at marsh so on marshall i've   talked about it many different times it's done 
extremely well and it seems to be in a gigantic   bull flag i mean it's only been on the four-hour 
chart that we haven't even had a full day yet   so it's really hard to say exactly from a 
technical perspective where it's going but all i   see is gigantic bull flag i see a bull flag bull 
flag big time generally how these play out you   will see something along the lines of a breakout 
now a couple really important things to note now   a lot of people don't understand tokenomics so 
they come in and they're like i don't understand   you know why projects dump or stuff what i 
will tell you about the tokenomics of four on   marshall is this there's a four month cliff what 
a cliff means is that people do not get any tokens   for those four months cliff basically means no 
tokens okay what that means is that there are no   new tokens in circulation for four months 
what that also means is that this project   is if whatever cells pressure it's going to 
have it's going to have and then there's not   going to be cell pressure because there's 
going to be no new tokens in circulation   so for me projects like this really make me feel 
comfortable holding for a longer period of time   at least until the unlocks start to happen because 
i know for the next four months that this doesn't   have any cell pressure and if they are achieving 
goals they are going to have people buying this   project because it is a good project it's indexing 
blockchains it's making them faster it's making   them easier to use and be accessible to now let's 
look at another one ethernet so everyone said when   should i buy a 30 when should i buy 30.

I said 
if we dump we'll come probably down to this level   which is around 50 bucks most people that i know 
that asked me when they should buy it i told   them this and most of those people still have not 
even looked at buying because they're scared now   which is an emotional response to what the market 
does this should be a really good opportunity   you should not be looking at this as at all with 
any bit of fear fear is how i eat you i beat you   with my with your fear i'll use your fear against 
you i will sell into your fear so you sell even   more so that i can buy even cheaper that is how 
smart money works if you don't understand that   and you let emotions get the best of you well 
tell me one time in life where emotions got the   best of you and the result was what you wanted 
all right looking at one that i talked about   that had a little bit of a dip and people were a 
little bit mad at me about um but i still believe   in it i still think dds has a good amount of 
growth to go if we've looked at things like spi   another reason why i think dds is good isn't just 
because of dds it's because of their competition   and what they have done now this is 
doing something very similar to what dds is doing   now they started at 4 cents there are 245 dollars 
now let me just put that in perspective i'll even   do it a little bit higher than forces well like 
two dollars this is up over a thou uh ten thousand   percent about 1100 x at this point even more if we 
go from the very very bottom we're looking at like   400x or so 300 to 400x and now this is dds now 
dds is about ready to launch i am going to make a   video of me buying my son a nintendo switch using 
dds's platform so you guys can see it works and   not only see that i'm buying it but actually get 
to see me open it on my actual live feed this way   you can trust that i don't just talk but actually 
do what i'm saying and i'm really big on that   transparency and that trust and that's why you 
guys watch because you know i won't sell into you   you know i don't screw you i know that you guys 
are following me so that when i win you win right   so if i lose you can lose two but in general as 
long as i win more than i lose you guys will win   and so that's the mentality you have to have 
because some people were mad at me about dds and   said coach why did you tell us to buy it at four 
dollars it went down to two i said then buy more   because i'm not emotional it's still early stage 
so they're still the platform is just launching   it's early stage it could do really really well 
but it is a little bit more of a punt than an   ethernet for example but you could make great 
profits from these types when they're way down   here and they could be way up there you decide up 
to you but this is the stuff that i do on a daily   basis so on to our next one we talked about what 
we paid but moby pay today had something come out   their bridge to ethereum so now welcome 
w mbx so you guys can go on there right   now and use the bridge and guess what 
you'll be able to take part in staking   because you can stake through fair network so that 
will be one of the new partnerships that they had   that will be where you can actually stake so you 
could change your moby pay up i have lots change   it up and stake it so if you're getting 30 a year 
just as an example and you had a hundred thousand   dollars moby pay you'd make thirty thousand 
dollars a year by just transferring it over   and staking it this is one of the examples there's 
also other things that will come including adding   liquidity and earning on that side of course 
there's impermanent loss but you still have more   things that they can do now by having a wrapped 
token so you're someone who wants to trade off of   something like bitum global which honestly isn't 
the exchange of the exchanges that we want to   trade on as we all know and go on to something 
that we all love like uniswap well this might be   the right way to go so they are limiting everyone 
to a transaction cap of 500 000 mbx at a time   and basically they're they're pushing to get that 
off but obviously if everyone did it at one time   it may not work it may be very slow so they 
wanted to do it in a very segmented um you   know methodical way which i think is a smart 
move especially where you know we break every   website we ever try to do for token sales and so 
on and so forth another project i want to talk   about younoland unilind just went live on mainnet 
you will now be able to lend your uft why is that   important well basically staking rewards airdrops 
etc will all be activated and flash loans their   solution is going to be live on bse and ethereum 
so definitely check uft unilen finance out guys   i think there's a lot of stuff coming looking 
over at paid i talked about this trade last   week we were on banter what did i say i said guys 
anything under paid under two dollars is a steal   it was a steal now look where we're at we hit 
exactly where i thought we broke above we retested   and we blew up and we got to that four dollar 
level paid has been crushing why has paid been   crushing well very simply binance has invested 
into paid with their 100 million dollar defy   accelerator fund to help accelerate d5 
projects and the fact of the matter is is   master ventures kyle invested in some of the 
best projects that have come out in crypto   since the start you know in coinbase etc um 
these guys are not you know new to this game   and they know what they're doing and they have 
great deal flow and they have good connections   and so what i see it paid is paid is going to 
be at and above the levels it was in the past   and this should be your validation for it 
now another thing that they have is awesome   ido's right and so what you can see here is paid 
ignition has the eos white list winners that just   came out today all right guys so make sure that 
you definitely check out to see if you won and   if you won make sure that you go and actually 
claim it or you will get nothing all right so   what public sales are coming up that you should 
be keeping your eyes on well my buddy over at   altcoin alerts you guys should go and check them 
out because they do really cool simple things like   this that you can keep around and look see what's 
going on on the week or the next couple weeks from   the public sale side so you can be ready what you 
can see here is we have many of our favorites uh   like split and collateral uh ios mobify all coming 
up but there's other good projects like rage fan   uh pokemon cook um eureka from farah network 
our friends over there totem phy on launchpool   launchpool's got some really interesting stuff 
and remember with them they are going to give   you the seed level the private a level the stuff 
that sometimes you can't get in these public ido   platforms you will get on launch pool so you might 
see stuff like launch pools doing this project   and so is something like you know their partners 
over at master ventures and paid they might do   stuff together with ignition so keep eyes out for 
that lots of stuff coming this month and there's   more that's not even on that list that is going 
to be stacking in there uh one of them i know of   uh block bank is also going to be at the end of 
april so lots of stuff coming to be excited for   all right guys so that's it 
tell me what you think is this   news from visa and from paypal is it big news 
or is it not big news i want to know what you   guys think tell me your opinion if you're someone 
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guys thanks so much for being here don't forget   to like subscribe and share and i will see all 
of you tomorrow have yourselves a great day

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