Viewsonic G-Tablet 3G via Wireless Tether to Droid 1 using Barnacle

hi today we're going to take a look at taking your review sonic d tablet and tethering it to a droid one phone using the droid 1 as a wireless hotspot so you can use its 3g for internet access on your G tablet wherever you go first a couple things is both devices will need to be routed if you're not sure about routing just look it up on the Internet XDA developers com is a great place to start looking at the droid here once it's been routed what we're going to do is we're going to install the application the application that i installed and i'm using for this is barnacle Wi-Fi tether once you've got the barnacle installed what you're going to do is you're going to go into the settings and you're going to go ahead and set your SSID once you've got your SSID set there's one other thing that you definitely need to do and that is put the check box next to the Skip wpa supplicant this is definitely going to need to be done in order to connect to the G tablet alright we're going to go over here to the G tablet here we have a G tablet it's been rooted it's running TNT 1 over top gives us a nice interface a lot better than the stock tap and tap which is just horrendous once you've got your G tablet up and running you're going to need to install the clockworkmod recovery because you're going to need that to install some files and the files that you're going to install you can also get XDA developers com that's the place where I got these files and let me go ahead and go in to the file explorer and show you what files are going to use and the files are going to need to do is what you're going to do is boot into the clockwork recovery and you're going to install the wpa add hop signed zip that will install the files necessary in order to get the g tablet to be able to recognize the Wi-Fi hotspot okay we're going to go ahead now let's go ahead and go back to our droid and we've got everything set up we're going to go ahead and start and we've got our Wi-Fi started shows that it started and we're going to go back over to our G tablet and let's take a look we're scanning for some Wi-Fi networks let's see your point here now one thing that you may have to do is you may have to go back and click on the associate on your droid to make sure that the Wi-Fi network is out there and there we go and you'll notice it has a little asterisk next to it that's just the way that it's set we'll go ahead and click connect and you need to give it a minute to connect and sometimes I said you need to go back and reassociate every once in a while just to make sure that it's actually the Wi-Fi tether is actually putting out the signal and there we go obtaining an address and we hear the little droid sound and we look over here and we see that it is connected to the Android coming back over we see we've got a Wi-Fi signal let's go ahead and check out and see what we've got on the web and bam there's Google depend go to page and notice even even on the going over the 3g it's pretty darn quick so there we have it tethering your viewsonic g tablet to a droid one to give you internet access everywhere

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