Video 015: Tezos là gì (nguồn coinbase)

lesson number one what is tezo's Tasos is a cryptocurrency and blockchain designed for safety open participation and upgradability it started in 2014 with an observation that existing block chains lacked a way to coordinate decisions and upgrades in other blockchain communities developers and miners would argue over changes causing splits in the community network Forks and slower innovation Tasos aim to fix these problems by introducing a formal governance process to its blockchain today users of tezo's often call it a true digital Commonwealth because it's designed to allow all of its stakeholders to participate in making decisions to accomplish this Tasos has pioneered innovations in three areas smart contract safety open participation and upgradability let's take a look at the first one smart contract safety what are smart contracts smart contracts are computer programs that live on a blockchain they automate and decentralize processes that would normally require an intermediary for example this is Emma she wants to send her friend Peter some cryptocurrency one year from today to do this she could pay a real-world escrow service to hold her money and process the transaction or instead she could send her money to a smart contract on tezo's that handles the whole transaction for her automatically all while allowing Peter to verify the funds and the date he'll receive them because smart contracts sometimes manage large amounts of money smart contract safety is very important hackers might find a bug in a contracts code and exploited to access the funds in the contract or people might send money to an improperly coded smart contract and never get it back both of these issues have occurred on other blocked chains in the past and remain an obstacle to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency to help prevent this Tasos improves safety by facilitating smart contracts that can be formally verified formal verification is a technique that allows developers to mathematically prove the correctness of their code and ensure that it will behave as intended it's increasingly useful in areas that rely on mission-critical code such as the aerospace nuclear transportation and finance industries smart contracts that are formally proven are less prone to errors that could cause funds to be lost due to bugs or cyberattacks this emphasis on safety makes Tasos particularly well-suited for payments and other high-value transactions and applications

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