VERY BULLISH FOR Shiba Inu! You’re Going To Be Wealthier Than You Can Imagine! shiba inu news!

VERY BULLISH FOR Shiba Inu! You're Going 
To Be Wealthier Than You Can Imagine!  Hi Crypto lovers! Welcome to Finance 
Bro, Your daily crypto update!   Right now, very important moments are happening 
in the cryptocurrency market before our eyes.   All of these events can lead to a big 
bang and a great earning opportunity.   This chance must be used unambiguously.
In today's video, we will touch on such   topics from the world of cryptocurrencies as:
1) What's going on with Shiba Inu in general?  2) What is happening in the cryptocurrency market
3) Why should Shiba enrich you?  Well, let's discuss the main 
topics of interest to us .. Be with us because the video is full of major 
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Without further ado, let’s get into it! What's the latest news in the world of Shiba Inu?
Shiba Inu ready to take off after launching   10,000 NFT on ShibaSwap
• Shiba Inu announces   the sale of 10,000 randomly generated 
NFTs available for sale on ShibaSwap.  • Buyers will be able to call their 
shiboshi by burning SHIB tokens, further   reducing the number of tokens in circulation.
How does Shiba Inu feel in the crypto market?  You need to understand that in this phase of the 
market, projects like Shiba Inu are treated with   disdain and paid less attention to them (but we 
can take advantage of this 😉) However, recent   developments in the Shiba Inu ecosystem should 
lead to a shortage of tokens in circulation,   and this, in turn, will show 
the "real" price for the token.  A new development line for Shiba?
Shiba Inu Follows Latest   Cryptocurrency Trend And Announces NFT Launch
Shitoshi Kusama, developer and ecosystem leader   for the Shiba Inu project, announced the launch 
of 10,000 NFTs on the ShibaSwap decentralized   exchange.

The collection of randomly generated 
NFTs is called "Shiboshi". It is this kind of work   with NFT that should lead to a shortage of coins.
New Opportunities in the Shiba Ecosystem?  Now every buyer has the opportunity to change the 
name of the shiboshi that he buys by burning SHIB.   Shitoshi names the coins SHIB, BONE 
and LEASH tokens as the “Shib Token   Trifecta. The ad contains a hint of another 
launch in the gaming or gaming ecosystem.   As you can see, the Shiba project does not 
stand still and even thinks about such advanced   things as the gaming industry, the developers 
definitely want the best for their project.  How does the development of 
a project affect its price?  The ecosystem updates are expected to drive growth 
in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. More than 660,000 SHIB   owners are expected to renew in October 2021. 
The launch of Shiboshis is the first step   towards new updates on the SHIB network.
SHIB was ranked among the top ten most   popular coins in Asia last week based on data from 
CoinGecko, a cryptographic data provider platform.  Factors like quality development by developers and 
the adoption of cryptocurrency by ordinary people   show us great potential for further growth.
Let's move on to a new topic and find out   how the price of the Shiba token is doing 
there? And let's do a little technical analysis  At the moment, the Shiba Inu token is trading 
at $ 0.00000811, which is more than 8% growth   in the last 24 hours.

The trading volume is now 
$ 375,275,954, and over the last 24 hours it   has increased by as much as 18%! This is a really 
great indicator that shows the interest of people   in the project. Market capitalization is currently 
at around – $ 3,193,675,859. It is worth noting   that in terms of capitalization, the Shiba Inu 
project is already 47th according to Coinmarketcap   among all tokens in the world, and this despite 
the fact that quite recently the token could   be below 60th place. This actually shows the 
development of the project in the right direction.  What are the support and 
resistance lines of Shiba?  Now we have broken through the impressive 
resistance line – $ 0.00000778,   and at the same time we are quite confidently 
holding above it.

Most likely we are waiting   for a test of this level, it will be quite 
interesting to watch this in the near future.   In which case, our closest major support level 
is at $ 0.00000750. And we will probably test the   next support level of $ 0.00000700 only with the 
correction of the entire cryptocurrency market and   bitcoin in particular, do not forget about such 
opportunities in the cryptocurrency market too.  On the other hand, if the Shiba Inu 
price fails to hold above $ 0.00000684,   it would result in retesting at $ 
0.00000654 or $ 0.00000625, where   buyers could try to rally a bullish rally again.
However, if none of the support levels mentioned   above holds up, the cryptocurrency with dog 
topic is likely to lead to a decisive close below   $ 0.00000625, which refutes the bullish thesis.
Just a little bit more and you will hear why Sheba   should enrich you, watch this video to the end.
In the meantime, let's move on to the next topic:  In the meantime, we move on to the main 
question of interest to you in this video:  Why should Shiba Inu enrich you?
We can say with confidence that no one   knows for sure with a hundred percent probability 
where this or that coin, or the cryptocurrency   market as a whole, will go.

But it can be said 
unequivocally that in the long and medium term,   the Shiba project will not be lost, it is 
certainly possible to watch it and slowly buy   into your portfolio, all of it is developing 
very quickly: various kinds of cooperation   with other projects and trading platforms, the 
development of the Shiba Inu ecosystem , even   the latest updates that touch on the NFT 
theme are really very cool! Until recently,   few people paid attention to the Shiba 
Inu project, then they began to develop,   but everyone said that they would not be 
able to significantly increase in price,   but it seems to me that the situation with the 
burning of coins will change the situation a lot   and soon these people will regret that they did 
not have time into a quality project like Shiba.   Surely at the moment of burning, Traders will 
monitor the increase in the number of burned   coins in the near future, and this, in turn, will 
attract even more people to our favorite project! What's happening in the cryptocurrency market?
Something really interesting is happening with   Bitcoin right now – Bitcoin price 
has made the biggest jump since July  Bitcoin's value jumped sharply in a matter 
of minutes, showing the most intense gains   since July.

Following the leader, other 
popular cryptocurrencies also showed a   sharp rise in price, interrupting 
the largest monthly fall since May.  The largest cryptocurrency rose by 10% to almost $ 
48,000 at the start of trading in New York the day   before, after which there was a stabilization. 
This dynamic has triggered a rise in prices for   Ethereum, Litecoin and EOS. In September, 
the price of bitcoin fell sharply by 7.6%   amid fears of possible increased pressure from 
regulators in China and the United States.  Interesting fact: Michael Novogratz, the founder 
and CEO of the Galaxy Digital crypto fund,   ignoring the statements of critics 
of digital assets, strongly supports   Bitcoin and believes in its potential.

influential investor is convinced that the   price of the main cryptocurrency will 
skyrocket and reach the $ 500,000 mark.  What to expect from the bitcoin price?
According to Novogratz, he has never   hidden that he is a longtime proponent of 
digital assets. He also advises all investors   to ignore the daily fluctuations in Bitcoin's 
value. The analyst is convinced that they need   to focus on the global picture and believe 
in the potential of the main crypto coin.  As we can see, even such significant people 
in the investment world believe in the main   cryptocurrency of the world, and this, 
in turn, will entail the growth of the   rest of the crypto market behind it.
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