Verge: “15k transactions were made on PornHub in XVG”

so thank you for the interview again we are here of course to talk about the birch so I will ask you to just to introduce yourself for our audience and then I will start with a few questions for you I'm Justin also known as soon Iraq from verge the founder and one of the developers as well good and I'm mark virtue core team in business development and I basically just do what everybody asked me to do oh don't be shy for the first question I would like to ask you if you can tell us more about the partnership with the mind Jake and so with the poor how basically yeah so we partnered with my geek who is the largest online adult entertainment company out there they run pornhub browsers and many other sites traffic junkies also the largest adult banner ad network so yeah so we partnered with them and they now accept Verge's payments across the board on all of their services and yeah it was a really good move and do you know many payments in birthday and actually I could probably find out the last I saw it was something like ten or fifteen thousand since but that was many many months ago let me see if I could find out real quick and actually pull up those exact numbers mark do you want to add something about it hey they I think they're well he's looking that up they've got over a hundred thousand so they've got six figures so a hundred thousand active participants on their platforms when I'm saying active participants again I guess we can refer to them as models or or everyone so they've got I think about a hundred and fifty thousand models worldwide actively using their platform I'm not too sure about the number of those models getting paid but I know they have over a hundred thousand and I don't know Justin's gonna look up what what the actual percentages are how much they're getting paid I guess but in transactions so what's important what's important to know quickly is that you can use verge to to to be a member of mine geeks platforms but as a model you can get paid and verge as well so there's it's two-way rail right so go ahead Justin yeah so basically what they let you when you check out you could actually see how many purchases have been made so I should be able to see right on here somewhere transaction status oh I guess I can't find it now I guess they don't they don't display it anymore but the last that I saw it was a somewhere somewhere around fifteen thousand yeah what's your main goal yes our main goal is to be a currency you know we don't see ourselves as a security or utility or even in an investment we see ourselves as a currency just like the the US dollar and so that's the goal is to get accepted into as many you know online retailers and services as we possibly can when and what do you think we were you will reach the mass adoption or in general when the currency will reach it well I think that we're well on our way I mean we're pretty consistent oh here sorry puppies whining say hi so uh so yeah so I think we're well on our way I mean we're we're constantly reaching out to two companies that we think would be a good fit to start accepting cryptocurrency as payment you know many years ago people were under the impression and still are under the impression that since the crypto market is so volatile that their income would be affected by the volatility of the prices and they weren't aware that uh you know payment platforms like pay cent net cents coin payments all these guys have actually locked in the price at the moment so you're not actually going to lose you know you're not gonna lose money if I sell something for a dollar and you give me $1 worth of urge you know by the time I cash it out I'm not gonna have like 75 cents yeah I mean it's important that's important to know because when we're speaking about volatility like from my standpoint people are so wrapped up around a value of something it's like you know I'm up in Canada so the Canada dollar fluctuates too in fact over the last like three months since this whole kovat thing the Canada dollar has fluctuated like a lot you know you don't hear people going on Twitter talking about well the Canada dollar is zabis yeah dad the candidate of dollars dead listen we'll see you at the US dollar losses on average almost ten percent a year that's right and just like you said you don't hear anybody know people though most people don't even know that at all let alone acknowledge it and you know make claims that it's dead yeah what's important to me Emilia is that and I'll speak to just as well what's important to us is our core team we'll never speak about investing in diverge that's not what I do that's not what we're here for we are completely decentralized it's not up to me if you want to go invest your money into Virg and if you want to use Virg as an investment engine I can't stop you from doing that our job is to become currency so what word we're completely decentralized if ABC store wants to accept Virg for ABC store can just go and accept Virg that's up to these exchanges that's up to these companies that's up to these multi-million dollar businesses like mine geek to accept Virg there's a reason why a multi-million dollar company like mine geek decided to accept Virg the multi-billion multi-billion dollar company like mine geek there's a reason why they decided to accept Virg that's up to they had actually told me that they had tried to implement Bitcoin previously but the payments were just too slow yeah which is which is understandable you know I mean both the customer and you know for the company's sake you know settling you know taking taking anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour settling is kind of a long time you know imagine imagine going to a store and standing at the cash register for 15 or 20 minutes after you've already paid the main advantages as a make a payment well well it's fast you know our transactions take about a second or a millisecond to show up and for them to actually clear only takes about 30 seconds and we've actually built a lot of software around that like our iOS wallet is also very RIS well I can actually be used and I've seen people using it as a POS for their stores so you know not only do we have not only are we integrated into many payment processors but people are actually just using our applications as POS devices now just because of our transaction speed alone but another advantage is that you know we have a lot of liquidity we've been around a long time you know I launched this coin in 2014 so we're coming up on six years of existing in the blockchain space which is you know veteran status compared to many other projects and we've got really dedicated community we've got dedicated developers we have an incredible mark team like Marc who's a very dedicated and motivated guy you know probably in in the top of motivated people I've ever met in my life so yeah so we have a lot of positive things working for us you know there's only so much that we can do about our price anyway you know as the Bitcoin market is a you know been really unstable lately but I do have to say I'm very impressed as far as how Bitcoin is held up and how crypto currencies have held up under the curve at 19 pandemic acheivement you are most proud of in your career working on word convert I think it's well it's not really a specific thing but I would say that probably having most everybody in crypto know verge is probably what I'm most proud of you know I I never intended this to be a big project I I just kind of started it for fun while I was hanging out doing other work for other other cryptocurrencies you know helping with Android wallets or blockchain explorers or with their code base and I kind of just made this for fun to see what I could do with it so the fact that it turned into something so big is an achievement in and of itself and I'm definitely very proud of it but I'm also really proud to see the people that are working on it you know like Marvin and and swen who are just constantly working on the code around the clock and you know guys like Mark who wake up and drink their coffee and start you know working on verge immediately I mean that's the kind of stuff I'm the most proud of I mean obviously I'm very I'm very happy that we've you know had partnerships that are so big like mine geek but really the people involved are what makes me the most proud and knowing that my passion is something that they they have the same passion for and you know it's become such an integrated part of their life they wake up every day and that's what they do and for you mark ah the biggest achievement for verge of your career in my career in Verge I think man see probably seeing the community that it's not so much my achievement but it'sit's verjus achievement of seeing the community how passionate the community actually is with Virg we have very loyal like we've got probably one of the largest communities in all of crypto and I'll openly say that up may be the most active especially through this time even through the bear market the verge community is always very active and very loyal so for me the achievement for virgin itself is using a hat as having that large community and having leaders when I say leaders I mean we've given we were given this opportunity by people like Justin right when he founded birch without that there's no us like so we were given that opportunity and and you know what we have very talented developers in Virg very hardworking very talented there's some Kryptos out there that have two or three thousand developers working on their chains we have three or four and then they put in the hours we have the very talented crew so the achievement for me is Verge's achievement is verges Verge's achievement not mine and it's community and what do you think about defying do you want to it's still it's still new are you talking about defy like as the defy project or you just mean decentralize finance in general I'm not too familiar with the actual defy project but I'm familiar with decentralized financing and I've seen a lot of different you know projects coming out of that like block Phi and all these other ones where you can lend crypto and get an interest back and you know even make mortgage payments and stuff like that and I think that's fantastic you know I as with anything new one thing I get asked a lot is when a new technology comes out for for the blockchain protocol people say hey are you gonna add this to Virg so with the same answer would apply here since it's so new I think it's important to watch it first and see how it does you know you no I mean I've seen privacy protocols that pop up and they're still here today and they're better than ever and then I've seen privacy protocols pop up and within you know two or three months four months five months they end up getting exploited somehow so so it's the same thing I mean I I have I think it's a good thing and if it continues to work then I think it'd be outstanding you mean like as far as different blockchains communicating back and forth yeah well yeah I mean we have we have atomic swaps so you know we certainly have the capability and just like with Bitcoin we have a whole series of empty op codes in our source code so we definitely have the capability of inter blockchain communication you know with atomic swaps probably being the most common and what are your future goals for great really just to continue what we're doing you know more partnerships keeping the code up-to-date gaining gaining communities consensus is really important seeing seeing how the community feels about different changes that we make you know those are really the the most important things you know keep keeping the source code together and keep expanding in the in the in the real real world market for my standpoint from a marketing standpoint consumer confidence and community confidence surrounding for so again going back to what Justin said we've been around since 2014 we're completely all-volunteer we're completely decentralized none of us are getting paid none of us had a pre mine none of us are getting bagged up from verge to to get paid so for me it's it's having the larger corporations recognize that we're not going away right so we're not an ICO so we didn't we don't have that money that we raised from from investors that can just go down to zero and then everybody's cooked and everybody's gone away we are niceö so we're not going away our community is actually getting larger in the last year we're actually getting more engagement from different parts of the world so as far as a goal for me it's having other larger corporations recognize that we are a currency we are a digital currency our wallets are going to be branded to V pay so we are gonna moving forward we're becoming more prevalent in the digital payment space for sure so so thanks a lot for your time see you I don't know further to the next event for real sure I'm Amalia I really appreciate your time thank you very much stay safe where you are please and stay wrapped up inside if you can yeah I will thank you you do

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