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Hello smart investors! We meet again like every Monday for the crypto-news where I tell you what happened this last week in the industry crypto, I give you my opinion on everything that happened. If this is your first time here, before you start of course, I invite you to click on the button “Subscribe” just below this video. Let's go ! We start right away with this little one graph from which shows you that there is, it is a little shared, there is a lot a lot of red, there is a little bit of green over the last 7 days, so since last Monday. We have of course Ethereum which is at -8% and which was quite hectic. Bitcoin which was quite hectic but which over 7 days is finally in equilibrium. The Ripple which takes 10%. And the only ones who are here in green, we have the EOS but almost at equilibrium, the Vechain here takes over 51% we will talk about it again, the BNB -16, Tronix -3. So we stick to fairly classic things. So I just wanted to talk to you again quickly Ethereum because he did the roller coaster anyway, he only finishes at -8% but it started last week Monday, you see it here, at $ 322, and he dived there quite quickly on Monday at 259.

So he lost almost 100 dollars, a little less, just huge. He was very, very low in the 250s, then it climbed gently, it climbed to the maximum to 319, and then there today it is at 292. So a big big plunge for Ethereum which made in quotes "Quite scared" about what happened these last days, and then we see it there which has re-stabilized, which is rising quietly. So we start the news. I have a lot of news I want to talk to you about today. The first news is Venezuela and its crypto, the Petro, which you have probably heard of before, who is talking about him and in particular the use of the Petro. So Venezuela announced that the Petro is going to be used to pay employee salaries and “Goods and Services”.

So grosso modo it will be used by the Venezuelan state as current currency to pay salaries. Maduro, the president, announced it on August 14. And what is enough phew is that from August 20, that is to say, ah well it's today, we are August 20 Here it is, from August 20, Venezuela will have two official currencies: the bolivar classic, that's it, “sovereign bolivar”, and Petro, crypto. So he gives like second official currency crypto and that's a very first and it's like usually a big step forward for the crypto world, a very good one, a very very positive that crypto is here to stay for the long term and we have, that's it, a country. You see I recently published a video that said that the first cryptocurrency State would surely be Chinese, well it is failed, she is Venezuelan. And so this is very, very big news. And again, it's still a crypto, it's not Bitcoin, it's Petro, it's the internal currency, but it's still very, very good news.

Still on Venezuela, we learn that they are also in the process of launching a central bank of crypto-currencies since indeed if cryptocurrencies become in common use, well it will need a central bank, and Venezuela wants to be the first to create this central bank. So they announced that they were considering launching a central bank. As always with the news, it's never: "We launched a central bank, here it is", it's: "We are looking to maybe launch a central bank." This is a news that date August 15, so they announced that they were watching but already they say that they going in that direction, it's quite interesting. So it's someone who is a certain Herman Escarra, who is quite influential, who announced that. They will have to change constitution, etc. The article is not super interesting. But on the other hand I have noted this passage in the article that I loved, we learn that Venezuela proposed to India to sell him oil at 30% cheaper if they used the Petro as a means of payment.

Today, India, they buy oil from Venezuela, they surely pay either in rupees or in dollars, I think, or in the Venezuelan currency the bolivar. Well they said, "If you pay us in Petro, the crypto, well we get you a reduction of 30% ”. It's just huge 30% on the volume, I don't know if you imagine how much oil does India have to buy from Venezuela but it is billions and billions and billions, and besides, it's all stupid because they would have just needed to convert their dollars or rupees into Petro to buy it, they refused, they surely have their reasons. But it's interesting, you see, there are stuff like that that will fall into place. This of course allows Venezuela to avoid all, damn I did not highlight it, but it avoids all, bypass all the international roadblocks, the pressure that can be put on a country.

Sometimes you know the United Nations are embarking, etc. If we go through crypto, finally, we don't have much to, there is nothing that is controllable. So it's quite interesting. We see here that there is inflation, a coffee at the moment in Venezuela it costs 2 million bolivars, that is to say 2300 times more than a year ago, so it is completely crazy what is happening with inflation in Venezuela and it is in particular an element that is positive for crypto since crypto it is non-inflationary, in particular Bitcoin and potentially the Petro too. So much for Venezuela which is therefore a lot of talk from him this week and the news. We continue with a very silly thing, UEFA which uses the blockchain for its ticket system, to sell tickets. So it's an article a bit as usual which dates from August 16, saying: well here it is, such and such a company is looking at the blockchain to do that.

Where I really wanted, why I wanted to give you this article, it's that it's not, they haven't announced the UEFA that it was a project to use crypto, it is effective. They have in a first time sold 50% of tickets for a match in Lyon in May, the final of the Europa League in May 2018, so last May they sold half of the tickets thanks to the blockchain. It was a conclusive test. And so there they announced that 100% of the tickets of a match between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid on August 15, so it was this week, 100% of tickets are sold using the blockchain, an iOS and Android application. So that is once again not at all, you see Venezuela a moment ago says: "We are looking to maybe become the central bank", no, that's concrete. They said: "There, we sell 100% of the seats using the blockchain". So that's super strong, a signal once again that the blockchain is here to stay, that we use it on a daily basis and that there is still a use even if it is not not necessarily backed up with a particular crypto but it's the blockchain, the technology.

We continue with the season of the extinction of Altcoins. So it's a certain Rogers, Ted Rogers, the chairman of Xapo, who announced in a tweet that 90% of Altcoins were going disappear very soon. And so it's extinction, the season of extinction Altcoins, and it is true that we have seen, we have seen Altcoins completely plunge since Several weeks. So potentially a very good buying opportunity for those that will go up again, but potentially an extinction. So he tweeted that, it did talk about him a lot, and he says: "90% of CoinMarketCap is going to disappear one day", and he said, "It could very well be now." Which is quite interesting, a comment like that from a guy we don't really know, until then, I got says: "Okay, blah". But in fact, that's why I'm including this article for you in the news is that this is something that was also announced by Vitalik Buterin.

Vitalik Buterin or "Buterin", the founder of Ethereum, who said the exact same thing: "90% of the tokens listed on CoinMarketCap will go to 0". Him, he put this comment last October, when it was, on the contrary, at a time when crypto was in big, rather in progress. So it is extremely extremely interesting. At the bottom, they say there is, it was noted somewhere how much there is, here is 1833, there are 1,833 cryptos on CoinMarketCap and there are indeed probably 90% that are going to go to zero.

So it remains to be seen in which to invest. And as usual, if you want to know which altcoins i invest my own money in, you can join the club private "Leonis Crypto Mastermind", I give you the description link. I invest every week in a new crypto, one which will a priori be part of the 10%, in all case I hope so. But it proves to you that it is important not to invest in chance, not to invest in cryptos that are more or less jokes, the Dogecoin I had made a video which is basically a joke.

And so it's important to have cryptos that are in very, very good fundamentals because it is a game where 90% will go crazy, like startups. And that's what I do, 9 startups on 10 freak out, and yet in startups I manage to earn money and it's the same in cryptos. But be careful what you do, and still once, he does not know how to predict the future this Vitalik Buterin but if he says that 90% of cryptos are going to go to zero, I believe so.

He's still a smart guy who knows what he's talking about. And indeed, we can see that there are plenty of cryptos that are completely, altcoins which are completely rotten and useless. I continue with the following news: the CEO of Binance who has made a little talk about him, a bit of a bad buzz. So Zhao, Changpeng Zhao sorry, who ultimately denied the fact that to join Binance, a crypto had to pay up to 400 Bitcoins. So 400 Bitcoins that's $ 2.5 million, what we call "listings fees", that is to say it's an entry fee for your crypto to be listed on Binance. So I had even heard it went up to $ 5 million at times, at a time when all cryptos wanted to get started.

And there is a certain Christopher Franko who tweeted this saying, “I got an email from Binance. To be listed at they are 400 Bitcoins ”. And he did a poll and there were over 8,500 votes and everyone, well the vast majority of people said: "But it is completely delusional ”. So the polls on Twitter mean nothing. What is interesting is that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that was completely wrong, he replied that it was wrong, he said that Ether, NEO, EOS, etc., etc., they didn't have to pay to be listed at all, and that the right question to ask is not how much it cost to be listed but did you have a very good project. If you had a great project, well you would be listed for free, and so he replies to everyone: "Instead of focusing on the price that that cost, focus on creating the best possible project and you will be listed for free ”.

The funny thing is that so he denied it, he said, "No, it doesn't cost 400 Bitcoins ”, and the guy in question replied, the Christopher Franko responded by giving a screenshot of an email saying that it had received an email from the server, and so he said, "Either he's a liar, or he's been hacked, or there's a employee who sends emails from Binance server ”, but in any case there is a real problem in communication, why is he lying? We do not know.

And so they went into a battle on Twitter with everyone called names of birds etc. And indeed there is, in fact finally I think a priori that it is true that it costs money, he doesn't want to say it, we don't know why, there is no reason, he has the right to list, to charge a certain price for listing but that made a little buzz. In any case, obviously it's a shame because it doesn't give access to everyone to be listed on Binance, it only gives access to coins that have money.

It also means that instead of donating ICO money, instead to use it to develop their products, well they have to use it to be listed on Binance because today if you are not on Binance, roughly you do not exist, it is not quite true besides but a little all the same. Therefore instead of using that money to recruit engineers, well they spin the money to Binance. And so it's also a bit of a concentration of the crypto community, all the money goes on a big one, finally on some big players.

But it also means that if you have a very very good project, you will be listed for free. And so it makes people do very very good projects and to continue in this direction. So the next news I wanted to give you is on the site, but you see "Nasdaq Site Maintenance", so I can't give you the site but I found another site that talks about the Nasdaq site. It's on the Vechain. Therefore there was an explosion of the Vechain which took 65% in one day, on August 17, it was a few days ago, because, so there the article is not terrible, it talks about full of stuff, he tells you about the whole crypto market, Bitcoin, Ethereum, blah blah. But he tells you that Vechain, so there it was 38% when he wrote his article but above all he made 65% in 24 hours. And he explains to you that in fact, So here is the Nasdaq article which is the one where I do not have access, there was an announcement that the Vechain which is a blockchain which is used for traceability, I already have some for you spoken on this channel, you can go get it, you type "Leonis Vechain", I did a complete video dedicated to the Vechain on the traceability of physical goods, and the Chinese government announced that they had a problem with their vaccines, there was vaccines that had been infected, that were not good vaccines, they announced that they were probably going to use the Vechain blockchain for traceability.

And it did not been confirmed by the Chinese government but apparently they are on very good track, to relatively advanced discussions. And so that obviously made a big big big climb of Vechain that day. This is very, very good news for the people who had them. And it's interesting how always the news has an impact extremely strong. We're getting closer and closer with a Wall Street system where when there is incredible news about a company, it drives up the share price. And there, that obviously raised the price of the token almost immediately. Pretty funny. We go on. We're almost done. We continue with UPS which quite simply files a patent on crypto.

So not a crazy thing but they have filed a patent to use blockchain and distributed ledgers, therefore "DLT – Distributed Ledger Technology", therefore the technology of the decentralized ledger to route a "package", to route a parcel internationally between different countries and with several carriers. Since UPS, maybe if they deliver a package from USA I don't know to Switzerland, well they go through France then through Switzerland and it is not every both UPS but by a relay carrier, and therefore all that, that's a lot of intermediaries.

And they filed a patent on traceability. So again a little news, not an importance phenomenal but simply to tell you that there are more and more companies who are interested in crypto. We have one more example. Two more news I wanted to tell you about. First there is an article I found, I fall on it, the article of August 15, which tells you there is: "40 Ethereum Apps that you can use there today ”, which are“ Decentralized Apps ”, DApps, decentralized applications, on the Ethereum blockchain. So it's really nice, you can find it, you type in Google “40 Ethereum apps”, you type the title, you will find.

There are things you know. What i wanted to tell you is that finally this article is a little, I think he wanted, he wanted to say: “Well there you go, it's great, there are lots of things you can use today”. I find that very little, I find that there are only 40. We are millions of people who are interested in crypto, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of projects, ICOs that come out every day, and today we tell you: “Well there are 40 Apps you can use”. So I find it completely mind-blowing that there are so few, I find that much too low. And it's interesting to see those that appear in this list. For me, I find that they are relatively people seriously, that means that it is people who have released their DApps while all the people you hear about, they haven't released their DApps.

So there is in particular Metamask that you surely recognize. There is Brave. There is Toshi who is now renamed Coinbase Wallet, which just changed its name. There's Civic that I told you about on that chain, you see Civic, a little crypto that doesn't look good, that doesn't make too much talk of her but in the meantime, they have their DApp "up and running" as they say, they are live is quite interesting. There's Augur I told you about. There is Golem which I already talked to you. There is Aragon that I haven't told you about but I could do a video is really cool and interesting what they do. Lots of stuff like it. What else do we have? We have Ethlance, I could also make a video on that.

Of course, we have Peepeth who does a lot of talk about him. We have CryptoKitties that we do not present more. Games, exchanges. So we have Bancor Protocol which is quite well known. We have 0x, I Also made you a video to tell you about it. We have Melonport, I didn't do any video but maybe I could make some. So here are the names, you can go and see what's in there, it's things that are live.

Once again, I just wanted to point it out to you to tell you that 40 is very little, that we are still at the very beginning, that there are a lot of people blowing the wind and there not many people who ultimately deploy their DApp on the Ethereum blockchain. But they are serious people. There are 40 of them, they did, so it's pretty neat. We finish the last news of the day, the last news of the week, to tell you that Binance Academy has just been released.

So the url is, I'll give it to you right here in the video field, right here:, not .com, And it's Binance Academy just released, it's completely free. This is blockchain videos, "How Does Blockchain Work?" ", " Benefits and the disadvantages of blockchain ”,“ What is mining? ", " The Security ”, etc., etc. It's videos, it's completely free, it's Binance who do this.

Don't hesitate to go take a look, to share it with someone. So it's of course in English but it can always be interesting, it's a free online resource available to everyone and so I'll share the info with you. That's all for this week's news. I tell you see you next Monday for the next crypto-news. If you want to be sure you don't miss all the news and all the videos I make every day, I don't just make videos on Mondays, on the crypto, well don't forget to subscribe to the "Leonis" YouTube channel. All the other days, I talk about crypto-currencies among others and many other things, and investment. And then every Monday, the meeting. Subscribe to not miss crypto-news. If you liked this video, don't forget to give me a little "like", to share it with someone to keep them up to date with crypto news.

You can of course watch a following video of me over my head. And don't forget not sure to leave me a little comment to tell me what is your favorite news, what is the news that surprised you the most in this selection. If you want to learn to invest, well you can also see in description my training on crypto-currencies "Crypto Millionaire", or you can join if you want to invest directly with me my private club "Leonis Crypto Mastermind" in which I give you daily signals investment and trading, and once a week live, on video, I give you a cryptocurrency in which to invest.

Next video. Come on, hi, see you very soon. Ciao!.

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