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Very good to everyone! Welcome to the Crypto Futuro channel! How are people doing? Today we have a red day and the feeling
of fear is once again among us. But this is not only happening in Bitcoin
and cryptocurrencies, this fall occurred in all markets and now we are going to see it. Bitcoin was in the area of $ 43,000,
and consequently all altcoins also fell, since as you well know, Bitcoin
is what moves the market. But what was the cause of this? Well, this fall in all markets
was due to the fall of Evergrande, a giant real estate company in China
that has huge debt problems. This company must pay several million
dollars in debt and this naturally worries all its investors, who
believe that the company is unable to meet its obligations, which led to a
strong sale of the company's shares, the which closed more than 10% below its
old value, marking an 11-year low.

Giving signs that the company could
be about to fail. Now, this caused a lot of fear in the markets,
because it is believed that this fact can cause a domino effect in other assets. To this is added
the lifelong media that want to inflate and exaggerate the news more than necessary, many claiming
that this could be the new Lehman Brothers case that caused the 2008 crisis in the
United States, also affecting the rest of the world. I personally believe that China is not going to
let Evergrande cause a disaster of this type at times like the ones we are experiencing
today, and I believe that the Chinese government will come out to rescue this company by printing and injecting
all the amount of money that is necessary. But now how does this affect Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin is always correlated
with everything, fear is always transferred to the crypto market, which, being a
very new and highly volatile market, is the one that suffers the most of all and where the declines are most noticeable

Since if we look at the stock indices, we find
declines everywhere, all exchanges had their little crash today, but where this was
most noticeable was in Bitcoin and the crypto market. I do not believe that this can cause a major
crisis or that it will continue to affect cryptos a lot, which is what really
matters to us. This does not mean that Bitcoin cannot continue to
fall momentarily, indeed, I expect a very volatile and scary week, not only
in crypto but in all markets. But if Bitcoin keeps going down I think
the farthest it can go is 40,000, remember that none of this is 100% safe,
but unless something very bad happens with this Evergrande narrative or anything else,
I don't think we'll see to Bitcoin below 40K. And in the coming months, I see it having
strong rises, but well, you already know that and it is the subject of another video. What do I do at times like these? First of all, do not lose your cool, selling
in a panic when everything is already in red is your worst option, selling is always sold in green,
since when the price drops as it did today, many end up selling at the lowest point
from where the price is already starting to pick up a bit.

So selling is sold green. On red days like these it is best to always
have a separate money in stable coins and use it to make staggered purchases
during the dip. Where the best coins to buy in
my opinion are those that had been behaving well just before the fall, such as
ATOM that was coming in quite well and collapsed. Coins like this are able to quickly resume
their rises when the market recovers, while others may not recover
as quickly. Having money aside to buy the
dips is always an excellent option, then deciding whether to buy when it went down or wait
for it to go down further will be up to each individual depending on their own analysis. As I say, I do not see that we go down more but
if we do it it would seem strange to me that we go below $ 40,000.

Also I don't think all of this Evergrande stuff
is relevant to Bitcoin and cryptos, the fundamentals are still strong and the
bullish targets for the end of the year are still in place. What I do believe in is the models, the charts
and the metrics. If we see this tweet from PlanB about the
stock to flow model, a model that has to predict the price of Bitcoin based on its scarcity
and its demand. Which despite having many critics is
for me a very successful model. The creator of this model, who calls himself
PLAN B on twitter, told us that the worst case scenarios for the price of Bitcoin during
these months was 47,000 for August, which held up quite well as support for
the price.

And he also warned us of a minimum of $ 43,000
for this month of September, which today proved to be a strong support. So it was already predicted that September
would be a weak month for cryptos. Both of these model predictions were
correct. So now, look at the months that follow …
in October it tells us that the minimum for BTC will be 63,000 remember, the minimum, the worst
scenario. In November this minimum could be 98,000
and in December it would be $ 135,000 … I know that for many this may be difficult to believe,
but for me this is very, very possible. The stock to flow model was quite
successful all this time, and I think it will continue to be, at least during this cycle.

So … I'm not a financial advisor,
I'm just someone else like all of you but who makes videos for YouTube, nothing more, that
's the only difference … So don't take what I say as an absolute truth, but
I hope to see those prices for the end of the year and that is why I am buying and accumulating
my favorite cryptos in each dip that is presented. So I still think there is time to make
good profits from here to the end of the cycle and that's why I'm going to keep looking for cryptocurrencies,
I'm going to keep looking for gems, and I'm going to keep looking more than anything for pre-sales.

Since pre-sales or IDOs are in my opinion
the best way to make money in this market, that is why I already have many pre-sales
in which I will be participating and that I will bring videos to the channel. This does not mean that you should do
the same, everyone has their own strategy and their own aversion to risk. For my part, I am already loaded into some
of the currencies that I like the most, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot,
Luna, Cosmos, Cake, VeChain and others … I also have my gems which are OMI, VRA, DeRace,
ADAX, SAILS and many others more … And finally in recent times I have been
investing a lot in launchpads such as BSCPad, Chainboost through the
Chain Guardians currency and also DAOMAKER. Since I believe that pre-sales is where
I can find the biggest gains before the bull cycle ends. That is why if I bought today I would look
for launchpads projects, gems of some strong ecosystem such as polkadot or cardano and of
course also DeFi projects of decentralized exchanges that work
on growing ecosystems such as Avalanche, Solana, Polygon or Fantom.

Those are high-risk projects but I
think they will attract a lot of attention soon, so they could make huge profits. Where already consolidated projects such as
CAKE or Uniswap are, for example, I also think that they will benefit a lot from a
rising market where everyone gets into DeFi, especially CAKE, which is the most complete,
since it has Pools, Farms, Exchange, Token burning, Lottery, Predictions and
soon also the NFTs market, so CAKE I see it very well for the end of the year. But I would also start looking for protocols,
which are behaving very well lately, where I think that although many of these have
"EXPLOITED" in quotes, they still have great upside potential if Bitcoin respects
the stock to flow model and goes above the 100,000 dollars.

Projects like Terra, Solana, Elrond, Algorand,
Avalanche, Fantom, Hedera, Polkadot and many more I think are going to rise very strongly. So
I would also look for positions there. Also watch out for projects that were
a bit stagnant or undervalued lately, such as Matic, BNB, Chainlink and VeChain. These can give very good
profit opportunities also if they get off the ground, since they are very cheap compared
to other similar projects. And well people, we are going to see all this
little by little on the channel as we continue to advance in this cycle, so stay tuned,
subscribe and activate the bell that I will be uploading videos of gems, of blockchains,
of projects defi, pre-sales and many more things than sure you will not want to lose.

Remember to leave in the comments which coins you
were buying during this DIP. So friends is how we end.

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