VeChain’s Tech Deep Dive Series – S3E4: Interesting Ideas

VeChain Tech Deep Dive Series VeChain Tech Deep Dive Series Session 3 Episode 4 Next, we will explain our ideas. To be honest, since these thoughts are in their infancy, We had a hard time deciding whether to share them with you or not. For some of them, like Swift's sidechain, We've been working on a little, but most of them haven't come true yet. Based on the needs of markets, businesses and applications, we What the next-generation technology and mainnet should be, about what features it should have. I came up with an idea. This is a roadmap announcement. So we picked some very interesting topics. Goo, tell me now. First, how do users prove they own an asset on the blockchain? For the time being, you can use the public key that corresponds to the private key. It creates an address that proves that you own the property.

Because the blockchain address is complex, it is difficult for users to remember. So we have a human readable and memorable account. I hope you can make Hopefully, we can turn this idea into a reality soon. Second, the MPP that Dr. Zhou mentioned at the last meeting. We are currently optimizing second-generation multi-party payments. For example, adding progressive payments and other payment agreements. Third, P&P storage. As is known, there is a cost to storing files and data on the blockchain. That's right, because resources are limited. Yes. If you have a lot of files, you can also store them elsewhere. To exchange or realize data You must use a common platform for storage. We provide a distributed storage platform such as IPFS and a platform that can be accessed through other platforms.

Users store data on the VeChaintor platform and It helps you get a clear picture of where your data is. The VeChaintor platform can provide such verification. Yes, there are basically two goals. First, we hope to engage more developers from the community. That's why we developed the Swift sidechain. That's why I decided to use the Swift language. Because we know there are a lot of Swift developers out there. If we have a Swift sidechain, faster developers will be able to join us, This will help the development of the entire ecosystem in the future. The other is that we want to get more feedback to improve our products. The account model, MPP, and P&P storage are all implemented through feedback.

We received ideas from companies during development. Easy for business or users to access the platform It was about how to make it accessible. Taking the account model as an example, when we design the model, We consider the corporate structure Always know that permissions, credit and payment permissions vary from department to department. In conclusion We encourage developers in the community to join us. You will get more feedback. So we can continue to develop our products. Hopefully, after DevCon, the developers in the community You will learn more about us. Please join us in developing the next generation of mainnet. That's right. It takes a long time for the technology to be fully prepared A complete infrastructure is required to use the technology. Because the power of VeChain alone is weak, We want more community members to join us You need to come here and build an ecosystem with us.

Finally, I take this opportunity I want to tell you that we will continue to evolve and advance our technology. As Goo said, Ideas, prototypes, development cycles, quality control testing, From final adoption and iteration It takes a long time for the technology to be fully ready. We do not rush anything and strive to make it perfect. We care more about quality than speed. When faced with new technologies such as blockchain technology Businesses have to admit they have a lot of concerns. After all, the existing system, business models, especially the Internet has been developed for a long time, When companies present a new technology, new product, or new business model, Being cautious and careful makes sense.

So, to ensure that companies use the solution We hope to be able to provide you with high-quality technical solutions. We don't want to offer them products or solutions that could cause any problems. It may make them reluctant to use such technology. Therefore, we provide a full-featured project management process and and risk management solutions. We want the products we offer to be near-perfect. good. These were our Session 3 Tech Deep Dives. We've introduced some yet-to-be-released details to Medium. It could be a wallet SDK, etc. More information will be provided later so more people can get the information. I'm going to show you the techniques discussed at DevCon today. We sincerely welcome developers from the community to join us.

Again, from our point of view, the industry should be more responsible for developers. We want to help them find the right business model and application project. By simply giving developers a lot of code and tools and leaving them to themselves It's not enough. To be honest, in our experience, Success in any program, whether it's our own program or the program of someone else in the industry, is Technology developers on their own are not enough. We need everyone's help. therefore We want to help you find the right business model and application project. Over the past year or two, we Developed numerous commercial applications and use cases. We tried a lot. Yes, there are many attempts. We also want to share our experiences with you. The good news is, What we're seeing is that there are more and more business opportunities around the world.

The same is true in Europe, America and Asia. In this case, I'm promoting our technology and To encourage more developers to participate in VeChain to make the VeChain ecosystem bigger and better. I think it's a good time to establish a developer community. Thank you. Thank you!.

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