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The Asian token VET has succeeded in the crypto 
space and emerged as an excellent & profitable   investment offlet. But what can be expected 
from VeChain in the future? Will the Vechain   price hit one dollar?
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Without further ado, let's dive in!  VeChain is a blockchain platform created to 
improve supply chain management and business   means. Its goal is to streamline these methods 
and information flow for complex supply chains   using distributed ledger technology (DLT).
The VeChain platform includes two distinct tokens:   the VeChain Token (VET) and the VeChain 
Thor Energy (VTHO).

The former is utilized   to transfer value across VeChain's network. 
The latter is being used as energy or "gas"   to power intelligent contract transactions.
VeChain declares that its aim is "to build   a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem 
platform to enable transparent information flow,   efficient collaboration, and 
high-speed value transfers."  Now let us look at the current price of VeChain. 
VeChain price at the time of making this video   is $ 0.105157 with a 24-hour trading volume of 
$ 1,134,922,415. VET price has decreased by 4.3   percent in the last 24 hours. It has a flowing 
supply of 65 billion VET coins and a maximum   supply of 86.7 billion. If you are looking to 
buy or sell VeChain, Binance is currently the   most active exchange. It is currently ranked 21.
Know that prices of cryptocurrencies frequently   change, so by the time you watch this video, 
it might have switched to a whole new value.  VeChain has been presenting a rising tendency, 
so we can believe that similar market   segments were viral in the given time frame.
According to the Gov Capital prediction system,   the asset's future price is predicted at $ 
0.213724 or 103.741 percent after a year.

This   indicates that if you invested 100 dollars now, 
your current investment might be worth 203.741   dollars on the 12th of June 2022, Sunday.
This means that this asset is suited as a   new addition to your portfolio as bullish 
trading markets are always a lot easier.  According to Gov Capital, VeChain might 
hit 1 dollar in the next five years.  Now let us look at the technical analysis and 
the price predictions by different analysts.  The daily technical chart of VeChain price action 
forecasts a downtrend. According to pivot points,   VET's critical support level is placed 
at 0.07660 cents. Whereas if it moves up,   the primary resistance level to watch is 0.1500 
cents. While diving into the chart deeply,   it concludes that both bulls and bears 
failed to gain control over the momentum.  The Ichimoku Cloud, combining lead one and 
lead two with a displacement value of one.   It plays as a pivot level and ahead 
indicator in the asset price movement.   Investors may observe the price break under the 
green Moku Cloud and now test the red Moku Cloud.   Hence, until the value stays below the red Moku 
Cloud, it will assure a bearish trend in VET.  The MACD indicator gives (BULLISH) crossover 
above the signal line on the 31st of May,   indicating a buy signal in the coin.

Investors can see both the lines are getting   closer to each other on intraday, which 
may lead to intersections once again.   Also, faded tiny green bars are 
visible in the Histogram index.  The volume of 7.19M showcases low importance 
below the volume MA and 11.36 million of 20-days.   Traders are directing low volume in the 
order book, resulting in the price level   remaining in a lower region. Investors may also 
observe declining volume bars in the chart.  VeChain initiated the year with its price 
trading at 0.020 cents. VeChain might attain   30 cents by the end of May.

After that, the 
price might remain stable at around with   inevitable variations till the middle of 2021.
As shown by VeChain's highly diverse partnerships,   the blockchain platform sets out to bring 
the advantages of decentralized applications   and smart contracts to many various industries. By 
2021, VeChain might attain 42 cents to 50 cents,   which may move VET upwards in the ranking order.
VeChain might begin the year 2022 with the price   of 44 cents and may proceed to be on the same 
scale of 4 cents with slight variations until   July. After that, the price may climb to 
50 cents and might remain the same drift   for several months. Finally, at the end of 
2022, VET might attain 7 cents to 8 cents,   and with a highly bullish trend, the price 
may also get much closer to one dollar.  VeChain is in development mode to build a 
blockchain-based program that limits itself   to the digital world and can integrate with the 
existing business ecosystems.

This would guarantee   that enterprises would be able to regulate various 
functions with the assistance of this blockchain.  If it can fully integrate the blockchain-based 
platform with the real business world, it would   be more manageable for the companies to use the 
blockchain. Thus, by 2025, VeChain might attain 5   dollars. On the contrary, if the bear market turns 
the uptrend, then the probability of the price   falling to as low as 25 cents to 3 dollar rises.
The broad cryptocurrency rally lifted the VET   price from 0.0191 cents at the start of January to 
an all-time high of 28 cents on the 17th of April.   However, the coin then began to retreat, 
dropping to a low of 7 cents on the 19th of May   and again on the 23rd of May, in line 
with a sharp cryptocurrency sell-off.  The VET crypto price prediction from 
Wallet Investor forecasts that VET   will climb from 959 cents at the start 
of June to end the year at 195 cents.   It could then rise further to 384 cents by the end 
of 2022 and reach 951 cents by December 2025.

That   suggests the price could get to 1 dollar in 2026.
The VET/USD forecast from Digital coin predicts   the price will rise over time, but not by as much 
as Wallet Investor's prediction. It projects that   VET will average 1532 cents in 2021, 1853 cents in 
2022, 3056 cents in 2025, and 4749 cents in 2028,   indicating that the price could remain 
below one dollar for the rest of the decade.  Coin Price Forecast is more bullish, predicting 
the VET price will climb from 27 cents at the   end of 2021 to 62 cents by the end of 2022 and 99 
cents by 2025.

Furthermore, it indicates that over   the longer term, VET will surpass the one dollar 
level in 2026 and end the decade at 1 dollar 66.  The cryptocurrency market had seen 
a significant boom in the past year,   and many cryptocurrencies have reached record 
prices. VeChain has become popular over the   past few months and has given good returns on 
investment. Crypto experts believe VeChain is   one of the most underrated cryptocurrencies that 
have the potential to blow up in the future.  VeChain has already collaborated with many 
famous companies to provide supply chain   data and tracking solutions, which have 
made VeChain steadily more popular and   a good choice for investors. However, while many 
cryptocurrencies have a high evaluation, not many   currencies have a real-world application yet.
However, it is essential to remember that   investing in VET is no guarantee of financial 
success, just like any other asset.

The crypto   market persists to be as volatile as ever, making 
it hard to predict the coin's price in a few hours   and even harder to give long-term estimates.
We advise you to consider the newest market   trends and news, technical analysis, and expert 
opinion before initiating any investment choices.  The content in this video is for educational 
purposes only and hence should not be considered   as financial advice.

All the financial decisions 
should be made after doing your research.   The information presented in this video does not 
constitute investment advice, financial advice,   trading advice, or any other sort of advice, and 
you should not treat any of the content as such.   The content in this video is for educational 
purposes only and hence should not be considered   as financial advice. Do conduct your due 
attention and discuss with your financial   advisor before making any investment decisions.
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