VeChain VET Will EXPLODE Because Of Carbon Trading | PRICE PREDICTION

v-chain v-e-t will explode because of carbon trading the post was published on may 24th and made headlines that vechain v-e-t has a significant role in china's plastic pollution control the post-captions v-chain featured blockchain and carbon naturality in the 10 billion market under the order of plastic limitation hi v chain lovers welcome to v chain coin your daily dose of v chain if you are interested in everything around v chain this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more vechain news and let us know in the comments how much you think vechain will cost next week notably we are all aware that v chain is a leading enterprise blockchain platform a digital coin which is a blockchain platform designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes its goal is to streamline these processes and information flow for complex supply chains through the use of distributed ledger technology dlt as of today june 29th 2021 v chain's current price is 0.0800 as we are seeing a little increase in the crypto market after a huge drawback but as we always mentioned there are certain things you need to be aware of firstly the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and the rates keep on changing therefore by the time you watch this video the coin prices would have switched to a whole different range secondly the content of this video in no manner should be taken as financial or investment advice this video is created purely to serve educational and informative purposes you are requested to pursue your own diligence or consult an expert in this regard to make better investment decisions besides it continues to use the technology at its disposal to prove its capability in the supply chain sector moreover a die hard v chain community member highlighted on a tweet how vechain helps in plastic pollution control in the post he pointed out that recently a relevant person from the environmental resources department revealed that the national commission is formulating the 14th five-year plan of action for plastic pollution control in addition this will optimize the national plastic governance restriction order issued in early 2020 it will forward new requirements for companies in all industry sectors and create unprecedented market prospects furthermore v-chain technology is taking a step forward to help companies achieve transparent data collaboration in the whole scenarios of raw materials production and application also it can reduce the cost pressure brought by biodegradable materials improved management and production efficiency lastly it can accumulate credible data for enterprises and attract corporate users with sustainable concepts the race to limit global warming by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases has created new dynamics in markets commodity markets may be among the most profoundly affected but they also have a crucial role to play in the transition to a lower carbon economy it is time for commodity traders to help make that happen using market forces risk management skills and our unique insight and expertise in managing global commodity supply chains to reduce carbon emissions this may seem a surprising statement from the head of one of the world's leading oil and metals trading firms but we recognize that the energy transition is already having a far-reaching impact on our business and that we have an important part to play companies of all sizes in all sectors now report emissions and set targets for cutting them not just the so-called scope 1 and 2 emissions for which they are directly responsible in their operations and from the use of the products they make but also those generated in their upstream supply chain from the manufacture processing and transportation of inputs or scope 3 emissions trifigura is no exception as ceo of trifigura stated that we have set targets for reducing our direct emissions and we are working to quantify and reduce those from our supply chain now let's get back to our main point which is in the initial release of a series of proof of concepts established between the three partnering parties byd announces that they have completed a carbon banking solution for the car models this solution utilizes vechain's automobile lifecycle management solution that encompasses nearly every branch of the automotive industry this will be the first enterprise level application moving millions of cars buses trains and other vehicles onto a public blockchain platform but what does this carbon bank do this carbon bank solution rewards vehicle operators with carbon credits based on their vehicle's driving performance and carbon reduction this solution provides the tools necessary to construct a blockchain based ecosystem aimed at reducing the global carbon footprint each footprint captured will be recorded on the vue chain thor blockchain and made available to clients interested in participating in the initiative with this solution corporations will be able to access a platform that facilitates easy data management sharing and analytics data will no longer be considered fragmented and untrustworthy but united and reliable xu yajing president of byd automotive intelligent ecological research institute commented this technology not only improves our current offering but allows us to create completely new markets the unique aspects that vechain provides will empower carbon monitoring development and sustainable ecosystems this solution is a glimpse into what we think we can achieve through this partnership sunny lou ceo and co-founder of vechain stated as the global leader in green car manufacturing byd offered us the opportunity to pioneer real change it takes innovators like byd to make the world a cleaner place carbon banking will be a new reality for billions now why is the car market getting into this i mean what benefits did they get in this let's go through some points thoroughly so car market benefits from an effective life cycle management solution including new energy vehicle subsidies lower carbon emissions verified data driven analysis reduced policy premiums and other such value-added services governmental bodies will return to subsidy driven policies with the ability to accurately monitor the use of energy vehicles insurance agencies will have a more complete picture of driver's habits and records resulting in driver specific packages costs renewals and extensions several insurance companies such as the people's insurance company of china picc have partnered with vechain to design the solution and have stated it creates new value in their businesses so after hearing all those news you still think vechain will not explode but that wasn't all let's hear some more reviews george kong ceo at dnv gl business assurance greater china region added that this solution represents the first major partner to utilize our carbon banking solution byd has gone to significant lengths to ensure our goal of making the world safer smarter and greener now let's see if v chain is going to explode with all these positivity or what is going to happen to v chain in the future as we have seen that all cryptocurrencies including vechain has been in a downtrend for the past one or two months meanwhile vechain is working towards the carbon neutrality and plastic control for the better future technical indicators of vet price suggest a consolidated momentum in contrast the price soared 18 after the carbon neutral news from vechain v chain will be working towards carbon neutrality and plastic control with nd rc vet will be providing help to achieve data transparent collaboration in raw materials productions and applications it will help the enterprises to adapt more environment-friendly applications the carbon neutrality step of v chain can help the price to go to the moon we got some projections for v-e-t projections for you from different analysts so here you go crypto new z has a v-chain v-e-t usd price prediction of 25 to 30 cents by the end of 2021 and 65 cents in the last quarter of 2025.

Long forecast sees v-e-t usd climbing to 19 cents by the end of the year and 41 cents by the end of 2025. coinpedia suggests v-chain will surge as high as 70 to 80 cents by the end of 2022. coin price forecast has a vechain vet usd price prediction of 59 cents by the end of 2021 a dollar 36 cents by the end of 2022 and 3.50 by the end of 2030. wallet investor says vechain will reach 36 cents by year's end and a dollar fifteen cents after five years time digital coin price has a vechain vet usd price prediction of 18 cents by the end of 2021 and 35 cents by the end of 2025.

We know that the global supply chain and logistics business is massive the fourth party logistics industry services to help third parties is estimated to be a market of over 80 billion dollars by 2026 we also know that china has announced its interest to reduce its carbon emissions in the coming decades and vechain's partnership with byd is aimed directly at that china also put blockchain in its latest five-year plan we know that the eu has announced its interest for a digital green pass for covet vaccinations and that vechain is already doing this quite elegantly in cyprus the opportunity can be seen clearly here so what is stopping you to go for v chain as it has the potential and future to go bullish and big well that's it for today's video guys and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time on vechainland

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