VeChain VET vs VTHO – Which Is A Better Investment?

Vechain is one of my favorite crypto projects and 
a few people have requested a video analyzing the   relative merits and disadvantages of holding 
vet or vthor and so this video is going to   be addressing those points first of all those who 
don't know vet is the currency native to vechain a   utility token meaning that the original purchasers 
of vet at the initial coin offering were investing   their capital for the development of the platform 
and the various associated services and in return   they gained a share of the future earning power 
of that platform as things were designed so that   vechain would require any potential users 
to pay for their desired services in vthor   and vet actually produces a vethor dividend 
which gives vet a regular source of income   as well as any potential price appreciation which 
may be realized as a platform grows and lands more   partners and more adoption over time and then on 
the other hand we have free thought which is again   the fuel of the vechain platform you want to use 
vechain services then you have to accumulate vthor   which gives it a direct reason to be in demand 
on a continuing basis before we get any further   discussing these currencies i just want to 
say that the reason as to why vet and vthor   are even on my radar at all and the reason that 
i consider them to be investments is because the   services which feature in provide transmit value 
to these cryptos as a result of the association   and necessary attachment vet or vthor on their 
own wouldn't be worth a penny but because they   are fundamentally intertwined with the vechain 
platform who have a large amount of genuine use   and real-world adoption this means that in my 
opinion at least both vet and vthor have real   value which is by the way a lot more than can be 
said for the majority of altcoins out there today   who have none of the adoption and therefore 
crucially none of the earning power to repay   investors over time in fact in most cases they are 
propped up by speculation and the price can't keep   rising indefinitely if the project itself isn't 
growing and so that will give you a bit of an   insight as to how i think as an investor in this 
space also if you're not yet subscribed to our   channel and you're enjoying this video so far 
i want to ask you to subscribe to our channel   so that we can keep growing and i can spend 
more time producing these videos but anyway   moving on my personal opinion is that while i 
wouldn't mind owning both and maybe that would   be a wise decision i personally prefer owning vet 
as vet is a producer of vthor dividend but vthor   cannot produce vet and it's a bit like asking 
whether you want to buy the egg or buy the chicken   and as a long-term investor i can use the staking 
yield to buy more vet or diversify into other   cryptos or stocks another point is that because 
all of the vet in existence has to produce all of   the thought that is in demand from vechain users 
no matter how much the adoption of vechain grows   all of that value will be captured by the whole 
supply effect and considering that the supply   of vet is fixed at a maximum level of around 87 
billion units my holding value and the earning   power of my vet in terms of producing that vthor 
dividend will grow with the demand for the vechain   platform for example let's say that over the next 
five years the demand for vechain services grows   tenfold and that during the same time period the 
demand for vthor grows by the same proportion now   there are two ways in which featuring could deal 
with the surging demand number one is that they   allocate 10 times more vthor to each vet dividend 
to increase the supply in line with demand and so   we can assume that the price of vet will remain 
roughly the same as by increasing the supply in   line with demand you want upsetting the ratio of 
supply to demand and keeping the price very steady   now the other thing which featuring could do is 
keep the dividend the same in unit terms and allow   the demand to grow and make vital more expensive 
but then lower the prices of their services to   again make sure that the ratio of supply to demand 
isn't changed in real terms now you may have   noticed that in the one case if vechain decide to 
allow the value of vthor to rise by not increasing   the vthor dividend as the demand for vtho grows 
then vthor will very likely grow in value but   if you chain decide to continually increase the 
supply of a thought to match the demand the value   of each single unit of vthor probably won't rise 
at all but in both cases the owner of vet will win   because regardless of whether there are fewer 
units at a much higher price or many units as   a lower price in each vtho dividend the owner 
event still captures the same amount of value   and not only this but as the earning power vet 
grows it's likely that the price will grow as well   meaning that the owner of vet will likely 
benefit from long-term value appreciation   and capital growth just as over time the 
dividend and income of a stock grows as   the company reinvests and develops new product 
lines and goes into new businesses the value   of the stock rises in line to reflect the earning 
power of the business and so in my opinion owning   vet is equivalent to owning a part of the tree 
and any fruits that it may deliver in the future   in proportion to the size of my holding 
whereas vthor is like owning the fruit itself   personally i prefer to own the tree but that's 
a reflection of my investment philosophy and   the way that i think and other investors may 
prefer v thought which is absolutely fine   let me know what you prefer in the comment 
section below and thanks for watching

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