VeChain (VET) Technical Analysis & Price Prediction $1.20 by Summer 2021!

Hello, welcome everyone to Cornerstone Crypto University On behalf of Professor Blockchain I And everyone in the trapezoidal encryption University Thank you for your gratitude to all of us subscriber If you haven’t already done so, click Subscribe button and the bell button Because we want to express our gratitude and When we reach a feeling of gratitude Thousands of subscribers We will choose three lucky ones Winners will receive Amazon gift card or wooden watch Debate now As a team, what we are going to do in this class is Going to watch v Chain of transaction codes veterinary Please note that I have used vechain Portfolio more than one year old So I am obviously biased naturally Towards it I will actually add more Here But not entirely because I think I can Get better buying opportunities I Then I will show you graph analysis Where i want to take me Profit, so we have to do First of all, we have to look at Technical indicators to be used You know why i think so We are entering this Retracement here to complete these four Waves Then let's take a look A partnership that makes tokenism a partnership with Historical volume, so when If you are Unfamiliar with Elotepo Wave 1 3 and 5 move Upward at the same time as waves 2 and 4 retrace Then why is it so important Last time we were traced back to Top to bottom of a wave In these two waves About 61 why this is important Well, I always tell others you know When you use elliott Wave right Naturally, you don’t want to buy Just one of three or five Waves You want to enter here ideally At the beginning of a wave, I was Lucky enough to be able to enter v Chain here, you know i have someone They are laughing at me They don’t understand the v-chain, but I Understand real-world applications We are going to enter here At a little bit when we look Partnerships So why is this important? 61% retracement Usually the correct Fibonacci retracement About 36% Why is so important in the Elliott wave Okay, we are now where I think We will peek at the top Three braid if we You know it's down 36% Is it the same as last time 61 Yes, that’s 16 cents, so let’s just say We don’t even shrink by 36% Say we return you know 30 is still 17 and a half years old Cents instead of paying you currently Know now I can accumulate 23 cents If i'm just patient time out So why i think we will fall On the right of these four is what I want to tell you Right in the technical indicators But what really matters is that I think Five waves are here, one dollar Twenty from the right, that's why the bottom of The upper right corner of a wave is 11 times The bottom of the two to where we are right now 28 times on the right From where we are now Price right here To one dollar 20 The correct one is 3.75 x So you know 11 times 28 times and 3.75 times I think this is very realistic, so This is where I want to take me away Here, the profit is about 1.20 summer time I think it will take a while I stand up there, but I’m the most Of course think this will So that's why I think we are going Enter the four waves When we come in and look at the rsi on the right Technically overbought 70 The last technically bought is 30 We came back when we got up so high July By 2020 Approximately 95 rsi, this is where we are now And it is naturally always when it is executed Reach the top like this It's like a roller coaster Gravity makes it fall again As a result, what you will see is A bunch of green candle sticks Here we come, and then a lot of red Candle stick, because we got down right, so Why this is important Every time you can see reach the peak One, two, three, and four are back now under Even at this time, it’s not all Retreat But it still shows better purchases Opportunities we will explore A little here So why is it so important now? expanded Right here, it's about 94 rsi, Daily chart, we have been above it In less than two weeks know RSI is extremely extended, I think it is Have to like what I said Roller coaster right gravity will Take over and it will fall back under Bring a lot of red candles Stick When I look at Macd really Sure it Why is that because this blue line is 12-day moving average The orange line is the 26-day moving average The blue macd line above Orange signal line and balance Yes, you will get these green candlesticks And then when it passes Signal line through And towards the balance line, we get Some of our red candlesticks So this is why it is so important You know the MACD and a lot of my charts analysis This is as extended as possible What we will see here is the same as rsi It will start to fall naturally now Back Drop and pass signal drop This line on the daily chart is about to rise And down to the balance line It will bring a whole A bunch of red candlesticks The last technical indicator I want Confirm the right What i see and why i am thinking Now we are almost at the top In the three waves When we look at the cloud Hysteresis span Yes, this pink line is nine days Moving average So it is better than 226-day moving average and 52-day moving average Moving average When forming the cloud itself It pops up above the clouds like this, Candlestick Yes, it peaked on May 17, and then The candle sticks to myself Practically barely reached the peak One month later The same thing peaked around June 21st The candlestick itself does not reach its peak Around July 9 So what we see is the right to delay About three to four weeks Time lag in between Reach the top, then the actual candlestick Some style ends So this is a wave here Do we know 61 polyline is here Why do you not know why this important advantage Buy when you fall behind Really expanded like this Want to add vechain to your portfolio You want to wait for it to fall Candlestick and ideally Yiyun itself Other moving averages here Because when it does It represents a major retracement with Like I was talking about Macd Line In rsi, it can only stay in so long Before gravity drops A while So why is it so important? Really another extension Lag span line, which is the longest V chain has always been in the market The lag span has always been higher than the two Cloud and candlestick Here it peeks back March 22 Yes, we see three Delayed by four weeks Now we continue Three and a half weeks later, we Reach the top of what I think you know The peak of our three waves So this is really important because let me know Hi Professor, I don’t want to add v Chain now If there is any need Profit now will be a good choice Take time Profit because I know and know me Can come back Right here and accumulate some more What is my profit I am approaching it This is why I think vechain is available One or twenty dollars Unlike the Dogecoin v-chain actually has one World purpose Tidal flats help large companies Do you know the company You know billions of dollars Global income Cooper's house like the price here With various supply chains management And logistical issues Real blockchain technology helps These companies are essentially Take them into the modern era So we saw the house of PricewaterhouseCoopers I believe BMW is here Yes BMW Group, then we have Renault right Renault renews 67 billion I know many people The U.S.

Hasn’t heard of it yet, but I know there are many people in Europe Yes, they are French, you know Multinational car manufacturer They are China's large Walmart Has also cooperated with vechain That's really a very bull market partnership I personally don’t care about Wal-Mart because A company, but I cannot deny the following facts: They are big They are all over the world, you know that News Type Only helps to consolidate When you see the legitimacy of vechain Big company like Walmart Leverage their blockchain technology We see here you know the annoying afternoon tea industry Why is it so important, probably 30 Of all the tea that came out of China it is One of the largest tea suppliers worldwide Is forged and has a main specialty problem Served with tea and fake tea There so you know there are many Different reasons Use cases for vechain And everyone at PwC Cooper's House Renault, BMW, Wal-Mart smaller You know you know the tea industry The association is here in China Till you know we got Double coin telegram and Um um heavy 25 billion in revenue, they also saw value So i know i might put some of you Sleep but This is really important Note, especially when you combine It's here with what we see Now in quantity, because these You know the partnership has Announce As early as 2020 vechain and its partnerships and In fact, there really needs to be a Use cases in the real world It needs to be legal Where the company put their Technology put into use Because if it’s not right, we will have Manual pumps and dumps seen In Dogecoin, this is not what you want What you want is good healthy organic food The growth you know This year, this is what we have seen With v chain And get collocation rights Where we grew up in the past 365 years day Because of many such partnerships What we just saw was announced in 2020 Correct volume backup basic Know we have more More companies More and more retail investors Results of the past year Become very bullish on the v-chain This is the reason for the same period last year Yes, our average is lower than what you know 200 million turnover And in most cases it stays in this state One day in April, we reached more than 200 Billion the next day Yes, but in most cases it will cause may It lets you know the situation below 250 million Why is it so important let's flash Move forward to where we are now Today's trading volume is 4.7 billion The trading volume just before the day was 2.3 Billion 3 billion 2 billion 1.36 billion pairs you understand me The volume is greatly increased On average Therefore, in the past year All these different fundamentals element So personally, I like to use graph analysis I like to use technical techniques index But I also want to draw attention You know the basic news What really drives the development of cryptocurrency The market and its pricing behavior And the historical volume and Current volume Know where you are We have been Where we are now, and then use data Trying to get a very firm and accurate Pictures of where we are going And I think the volume will only Increase and we will start to see More and more days, we On average higher than the 3.5 billion you know volume As we know, it may finally enter What i want to see is Tokenism is really fast Their maximum supply right is 86 Billion 80.

86.7 billion, we have 74 The total circulating supply has been In the loop, it's obviously you Know a bullish green flag I like to see cryptocurrencies above 50 Do not stock what you know is Under it But i mean do you know when They are over 50 years old When they are much higher than you, you will know 70 percentage They are entering 75 range This means that the cryptocurrency is not face Excessive inflation as we move forward This is a fall in fiat currency In fact, what it has to face is Quantitative hardening You know the revelation to some extent The real Bitcoin concept What we do is we need to have a maximum Limited supply Because as time goes by Demand increases, we do not depreciate By adding more and more currencies more Send every fiat currency to the system Has failed in history, the reason They partially failed Because of massive injection supply No so-called support Hard money Gold or silver If you don’t have a largest supply Cryptocurrency Like Dogecoin, you might just Invest your money in fiat currency And you know what i guess i will Tell you yes Kind of open your trash can, Just tuck it there Yes, if you don't care about your money That's because you know it's beautiful what are you doing When you are investing Outdated currencies are like this to us On the chain If you are hit by the button Like and subscribe buttons So you have to Notify when we get up and arrive Thousands of subscribers All you need to do is to post a comment Automatically enter to win one of us Random prizes No matter you are in this beautiful world We hope you have a good morning A good afternoon or a very good evening Peace everyone

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