VeChain VET Price Prediction – Crypto 2021- VET/USDT VET/BTC VET GIVEAWAY

hi crypto fans welcome to ccs cryptocurrency state my name is santiago i'm a web developer and investor and in today's video i'm going to do some price analysis on bitchin and i will give you my price prediction for this bull run on b chain also today i am launching the most amazing giveaway on crypto i will be giving half of bitcoin to one winner and i will giving five ethereum to five winners so one ethereum each if you want to participate on this big giveaway follow the link in the description it's super easy it's just a couple of clicks and you will be ready to the giveaway remember that only people that is subscribed to the channel and has the bell on will be considered to the giveaway before we begin please like the video subscribe to the channel and click the bell to get the notifications and also show me in twitter at cryptoc state and leave me some comments about and what are your thoughts about that are you holding it what is your price prediction for this bull run without anything else let's go into it [Music] hi guys well bitching is in position 20 of queen market cup at 11 cents already has been updating from december like many coins on this bull market before we go to the price i want to show you this uh chart for the bitcoin dominance i have been showing this chart in another uh trading analysis of another videos and i mentioned the importance of this rectangle as support and on the last days we broke that and we even brought this another line of support that i want to show you why this is very important we have been in 2018 actually having this as resistance here support resistance over here resistance over here and then clearly support around june of 2019 and we held it a support here in september of 2020.

So this line is very important and we just broke that to the downside we are at 56.31 of dominance on bitcoin and this part here where you can see here on green it was our bull run for the altcoins on the last bull market and you can see how we also break this resistance line at that moment and we went all the way up uh 35 of bitcoin dominance so we need to catch an eye on this if we continue bro broken and support lines we could have another support line around this area also that will be our next target at 43 53 sorry so if we broke this resistance also this line of support we will be maybe on a on the same situation that in the last bull market when the bitcoin dominance went parabolic down and the altcoins exploded we have been experienced that in the last two days in terms of price against usdt bitching has a beautiful trading extractor here of price like many other coins we have been in uh accumulation phase and then the last days of december from christmas we started in this uh ascending and welsh and actually this is a bearish pattern but we broke up here then we tested as resistance and from there uh from february we have been exploding on price but even if we are exploding in price the structure is very very beautiful for bitching look here how um we have this trend of resistance here on the body candles closed once we break down we went into another line of resistance here first was resistant then held it a support here then we broke another trend here uh to this point with the body closes here as resistance then we broke that and we have been having the last um peak a support then we went and again upside here in price touching the same price situation here as resistance and now we have been breaking down on the last three days so this instructor is very beautiful actually we have this big uh trend line on the upside parabolic upside down bitching has been doing once we break that we hold it as resistance like you can see here and now we are touching again as resistance so we need to to pay attention to this um to this trend line here a very bullish situation it will be if we break uh this again and held the support again but even if we not um break this trend line at this resistant trend line we can help support here at uh uh nine cents and a half which has been our previous resistance here on this channel and we can see here how we created all these channels very very healthy in the price movement of b chain against usdt so i think that would be the same here we need to weigh what are going to stop us here to continue the uptrend we are a little overextended on the other side but we can continue going a little more for the outside and we have been parabolic on momentum from april 3 already so probably you could see a very sharp downside here and across from the stochastic and that will be maybe the end of the momentum and we probably could in need of consolidation here this is if this uh little uh alcorn season that we have on the last two days stop here that maybe could not be the case but right now the charts are very healthy for bitching in terms of bitching against bitcoin while like many other coins also bitching has been out performing bitcoin from december we created this ascending welsh which is also a bearish pattern and also we broke it to the outside you can see here actually how we tested then a support and from there we have been this parabolic price on the last days like many other coins but we can see here some lines of resistance that we are entering like we have these previous peaks here and resistance here we are handling resistance right now but also v chain is very bullish against a bitcoin and this is a very important thing we can see here how this this line aligns perfectly with the fibonacci extension 0.5 if we consider the the last bottom here to our current price a resistance point and this this specific line i will manage to change the color of that line so you can see it better you can see how how this line is very important actually i will put it this way and i was trying to mark this line sorry for this this line was very important in the past also for b chain all the way to 2018 has been complete resistance here support here resistance here resistance again resistance again and now we broken that we have support first and we are having this parabolic trend so some consolidation could happen above this uh this line this trend line this is at one to seven satoshis um if we need to help support again probably we will retest this this price point here and that will be also very healthy for b chain but if we broke this these two trend lines here this golden pocket then probably bitcoin will outperform bitching again but i am expecting that bitching could go down again here when bitcoin pumps up to maybe 80 000 and from there again we will have another coincidence and bitching could recover and create a new world tank high before we continue with the video remember that i am doing an amazing giveaway i will be giving half of a bitcoin to one winner and five ethereum to 5 different winners if you want to participate it's super easy just a couple of clicks follow the link in the description but remember that you need to be subscribed to the channel with the bell on to be considered like i told you this is my b b chain analysis and price prediction i will explain in a little bit um this is our current price of uh b chain when i create this excel file a couple of hours ago this was the current market cap and this is the total mark of all the cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and all coins um how are you doing this price prediction opinion of course you need to consider this is only my my opinion but i want to base my opinion on facts so the only way that i am calculating a price prediction is based on on the price that we have right now in the market so i will not give you my opinion what i feel or what i want that bitching gain i have a lot of bit of bet i am into seven eight figures of bat on my portfolio so this is a coin that will give me a couple of millions i i am expecting that uh but i will not tell you what i wonder where i feel i am basing my opinion on all the facts that i could find so i will give you my logic uh thought my flow logic thought on this so these are the the current data for bitching and bitching right now has a point three four seven eight percent of the total market capitalization so bitcoin has the 55.3 percent of the total market cap and this is the current price of bitcoin and the current market cup of beacon so what i think is that bitching has been on the last two years almost always between the same range in the coin market cup between the position 15 and um 30 almost always moving around that so i checked a couple of historical screenshots from coin market cup and wanted to see the relationship of bitching against the total market cap of that moment and against bitcoin and even if the bitcoin dominance moved a lot the b chain a percentage of the total market cap didn't move a lot that's why bitching was also always in this 15 range of position in corn market cup and even if we had a lows or highs in the price uh the relationship between the reaching market capitalization and the total market cap it was a steady firm between the same ranges so how i think the price prediction well i will say that bitching will have the same percentage of the market that has now and i will say what what happened uh with bitcoin if that is the case and bitcoin held the same uh bitcoin dominance from the price prediction point so uh we are a little more than 10 cents we are right now actually at 11 cents but if bitching will have a 50 cents that will make the market cup of bitching at 32 billion dollars and the total market cup will be close to the 10 um 10 trillion dollars in that case if our market cap is 10 trillion um i am putting that b chain still holds the same percentage that we have right now of the of the total market cap this is obviously very variable but it's the variable more steady that i found between the last years on bitching that always was almost the same market cap relation um if bitcoin have the same uh bitcoin dominance bitcoin will be almost 300 thousand dollars for that moment and they will have a 5 trillion dollar capitalization to have this price so the here the thing is a little rare because uh i will say that i could see b chain picking the 50 cents we are at 11 right now but i am not sure that i see bitcoin at three hundred thousand dollars on this uh bull run this is my opinion and this is what i think could happen uh of course we can have the possibility to have to go to uh to 500 thousand dollars or more i don't say that is not possible is possible but it's likely i don't think so so if i maintain the same relationship if bitching goes to one dollar that will be 64 billion of market cap the total market cup will be almost 20 trillion and bitcoin for that moment will be nearly the 600 dollars the six hundred thousand dollars and with a market cap of 10 trillion this is most of the the market cup of gold right now so uh i think this is possible but again i don't see this this equation happening on this bull run right now uh i want to this happen but i really don't think so i don't see data right now that could suggest this but going to the end of this um speculative price prediction what yes i can see is that a realistic prediction for me for this bull run is that bitching at some point could touch 50 cents uh maintaining the same relationship with the total market cap that we have right now that means that if bitching goes into the top 10 or top five cryptocurrency that means that we have more market cap that in relationship that in the past and that will be much bullish for bitching and probably then we could have a higher price but i am doing this price prediction based on that we have the same market capitalization relationship that we have right now so you can see here that this implies that b chain is again in the position 20 of our market cap to that moment um i think anyways that 50 cent is a lot for b chain and i will be very pleased to see that um i say that i buy a big chain in october 2019 was when neighbors most uh and it was half of the center at that moment i didn't bought at the lowest price the lowest price on the last years was uh one sixth of a penny uh i shot bought a half of a penny but again if bitching gets this it will be a hundred x so you could be doing a hundred x in two years um probably we will have a lot of millionaires with uh only b chain so we imagine that situation so my practice prediction is 50 cents for this bull run touching at one moment i don't say that we will have that for much but i think we can touch 50 cents on the wool run of course remember this is only my opinion and i'm basing my opinion of what i can held more as a constant which is the relationship of the market cap of bitcoin of bitching against the total market cap over the last two years so this is my price prediction 50 cent for this bull run before we release the video remember to like subscribe to the channel click the bell to get the notifications and follow the link on the description to get the giveaway i am giving uh half a bitcoin to one winner and five ethereum to five winners so if you don't want to miss that go and check the link on the description and i see you in the next video

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