VeChain/VET Passive Income Strategy

the topic of passive income is huge right now, it's a very popular and mainstream topic and a lot people make the dangerous mistake of assuming it is easy to obtain, just because passive income exists, and in the past year we've had maybe two years of monumental change on the financial markets where the subject invest and generate a residual income for the first time has gone mainstream and has become something popular with the masses and one of the Effects of this change in market structure meant traditional sources of passive income , for example the stock market or real estate has become overcrowded and yields have fallen to levels that are not viable or even worthwhile for many investors. i mean the sp 500 sells for a deal of two and a half percent and real estate prices are unaffordable for most average people, which means that if investors want to get a better return in two or three percent per year, they have to think outside the box and they have to look at parts of the market that are not are completely mainstream and one of those areas is crypto and within the crypto market is one of the currencies used to generate passive income VET, the home currency of the VeChain platform and my strategy in the vet is very simple i try to buy large amounts of vet during cyclical lows and these for indefinitely, allowing the compounding effect to do its job by selling my vthor dividends to collect more vet and when an investor has a vet they actually own a stake in the vechain- platform and thus the subsequent revenue it generates through its operations supply chain management services, which vechain does in addition to a number of others stuff and hey if you enjoy this video so far, i want to ask you me one have fun and subscribe to the channel so I can spend more time making these types of videos, so on this Currently, the stocking rate for the vet is about five percent per year per year.

Nd that's not a huge amount, though if we consider the two and a half percent return in the sp 500, that's about half the price of the s p from an income-based perspective, which means that the vet investor is twice as much residual passive income per dollar invested than the sp investor and what is more than is that in my opinion at least the chance of price increase in vet is considerable better and much higher than in the spi average if we actually take a moment to think about it fact that we live in an ultra-liquid environment with zero interest rates where there is a huge one is oversupply of fiat money, and then we look at the increasing amount of money being printed around the world and link that to the fact that stock prices have more than quadrupled on average how much more can governments do over the past decade to sustain the stock market bubble, how much more quantitative easing can we do before experiencing hyperinflation and how much lower central banks may arti pull interest rates to try to push the tin a little further to kick the road before the US dollar and British pound become worth no more than monopoly money and many people think that the stock market index fence is very safe ways to invest money what it may be over long periods of time and they have been historical, but again, how much furthermore, asset prices can really go up, people are already accepting returns of two and a half percent and Tesla sells for nearly a thousand times its registered income, which equates to a 1,000 average annual return per million dollars invested, while on the other hand blockchain-based technologies , for example crypto, do not rely on centralized funding.

In fact, they are quite the opposite as well strangely enough the worse that the general economic condition gets better off with crypto and the more crypto grows, people are already moving en masse to using digital currencies , with centralized finance and government-issued currencies where possible and so again, I think vet prices will rise over the next decade will be much more likely than in the sp 500 but that's just my opinion and maybe I'm wrong, I just know that the growth prospects are good and the platform is growing at a fairly substantial pace, which means there is a strong growth in vet earning and all major signs point to a situation that will continue in the future, especially when looking at pure illusion in the wider economy and the fact that literally not much more can be done to keep the stock bubble going for much longer as a long term investor I reinvest my money to try to collect more vet over time and with a stocking yield of about five percent per year I expect that five percent to be worth a lot more today than five percent in the next years You could also use the proceeds to diversify into other cryptos or even other asset classes, Yet whatever far option you choose, there is a compound effect that can be achieved in the vet and what I really like about the vet's passive income is that when I buy a vet, I pledge for the purchase price and because the platform is growing rapidly within a few years, a vet will likely earn a lot more than when I bought it, but my cost base remains the same and of course it is one double win, because when the income that produces the assets of an asset increases, its value also increases, which means that my portfolio earns the power and ability to generate passive income has grown very quickly in the past year and so has the actual market value of the holding company, now it is important to remember that anything can happen in the crypto market and that i share my own opinion and my own thoughts on the subject, but it is entirely possible I'm wrong so make sure to do your own research thanks for watching

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