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Today, we will be talking about ‚ÄúVECHAIN (VET)¬†¬† NEWS & Price Prediction 2021: Buy or Sell VET?‚ÄĚ
Vechain is a blockchain platform that is designed   to enhance supply chain management and business 
processes. Its goal is to streamline these   processes and information flow for complex supply 
chains through the use of distributed ledger   technology. It was introduced in 2015 as part of 
Shanghai-based Blockchain as a Service company,   BitSE; Vechain is a distributed business 
ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology.   It's specifically designed to be used 
by both small and big businesses.
  Vechain was started as a subsidiary of Bitse, 
which was one of China's largest blockchain   companies.

It is one of the few blockchains 
that already have a substantial customer base   among many established companies. At first, the 
VEN token functioned on the Ethereum blockchain.   VeChain transitioned onto its own 
blockchain and rebranded itself in   2018. The VeChain Whitepaper 2.0 states that 
"these solutions are not just theoretical,   they are solutions tested and 
discussed with over 700 enterprises   and implemented for over 100+ fortune 
level enterprises." Their initial target   is to disrupt the supply chain industry by 
making data actionable and transparent.
  VeChain has also inked strategic partnerships 
over time with many companies in order to   help achieve this goal. The company has also 
partnered with Chinese firm Jiangsu Electronics   in order to develop custom RFID chips for 
use on its platform and automobile company   Renault for their manufacturing operations. 
VeChain is also the technology partner for Gui’an,   which is an economic development 
zone for the Central Government.
  As of now, supply chain data for business 
processes are compartmentalized in silos among   many stakeholders.

This affects the information 
flow, which is again divided among stakeholders.   The VeChain platform has claimed to provide 
a 360-degree view of necessary information   linked to a product and its business processes 
that include storage, transportation,   and supply to the authorized stakeholders 
and create greater market transparency.   As an example, VeChain can be used to 
track quality, transportation medium,   storage temperature, authenticity, and last-mile 
delivery of a medicine pack or an alcohol bottle   right from the manufacturing facility through 
to the final delivery to the end customer.
  For achieving this, VeChain uses Radio Frequency 
Identification tags and sensors or smart chips   that are able to broadcast key information 
into the blockchain network, and this can   be accessed in real-time by the authorized 
stakeholders. This application of sensors   means that all parameters which are related 
to the product can be continuously monitored,   and if there are any problems, they can be 
communicated back to the relevant stakeholders.
  The Vechain platform contains two distinct tokens 
that are VeChain Token and VeChainThor Energy.   VeChain Token is used to transfer value across 
VeChain’s network, and VeChainThor is used as   energy or "gas" to power smart contract 

VeChainThor is the public   blockchain of VeChain. VET or VeChain Tokens are 
used for financial transactions on the VeChainThor   blockchain and market speculation. VTHO or 
VeThor Token is used to conduct transactions on   VeChainThor. VET owners can generate VTHO 
for use on the VeChainThor blockchain.
  Single transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain 
are able to carry out multiple tasks. In addition   to this, VeChain app users don't have to hold any 
crypto to perform transactions. This can be done   instead by the app owners, which can make the user 
experience more favorable for the average user.   The VeChainThor blockchain uses Proof of Authority 
consensus, which delegates power to certain nodes   in the VeChainThor blockchain for confirming 
transactions. This means that it only passes   transactional blocks through Authority Masternodes 
that need to hold at least 25,000,000 VET.
  Blockchain-based solutions have the ability to 
lead to a more transparent food economy around   the world. VeChain enabled Internet of Things 
devices could be deployed across the supply chain,   including on vehicles, products, and warehouses. 
After this, environmental and location-based data   from these devices can be uploaded, verified, and 
stored in a tamper-proof, decentralized manner on   the VeChainThor blockchain.

Such similar solutions 
are already in effect for several companies,   including Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods.
Counterfeiting in the luxury goods market   is a very serious problem right now. By attaching 
an encrypted chip and then using the chip to log   and trace logistics, maintenance, warehousing, 
and resale, owners can be assured of genuineness.   This has been used for luxury wine tracing 
for Shanghai Waigaoqiao Direct Imported Goods   and is being used in testing for 
Renault luxury vehicle components.
  Healthcare records systems are extremely 
out of date. Instead of using insecure and   inefficient record systems for lab results, this 
valuable data can be stored on the blockchain,   with only patients and other 
authorized parties having access.
  The VeChain Foundation has also become the first 
block chain based entity to join the China Animal   Health and Food Safety Alliance or CAFA. CAFA is 
a government-backed organization that falls within   the purview of the Ministry of Agriculture of 
the People's Republic of China and includes some   of the world's most recognizable brands, such as 
MacDonald's and IBM.

China has suffered a number   of scandals involving food safety. CAFA sets out 
to prevent such incidents from occurring, as well   as to ensure animal health. VeChain will assist 
the alliance in the development of its platform   by connecting member organizations within China's 
food supply chain and offering technical support.
  The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is now 
utilizing the Vechain blockchain to store Covid-19   vaccination records. E- Heart app, an electronic 
wallet for lab results where individuals get their   digital certificates, is also built on the Vechain 
Thor blockchain, and with this, another compelling   use case of the company has come into the picture. 
During an economic cooperation conference, the   provincial government of Hubei announced that they 
will build a platform for a global health system   that will be based on Vechain.

The Vice Governor 
of the Hubei province said that the supply chain   traceability of Vechain is something that will 
prove to be highly beneficial to the platform.
  Vechain has announced that it will be teaming 
up with the international car company BMW.   There are already many luxury goods stores, 
logistics companies, and food/drug companies   that are already using their ecosystem. News 
broke out recently that the VeChain THOR team   just sealed their biggest partnership to-date. 
VeChain THOR had announced a collaboration with   Oxford University which will aid in the technical 
development of the VeChain THOR platform.   Connect, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, 
added VeChain THOR to its trading platform   and is offering direct fiat to VET pairing.
VeChain, in partnership with DNV,   a risk management and quality assurance company, 
has announced that they are leveraging public   blockchain technology to rapidly advance 
drug traceability, security, monitoring,   and auditing. This solution will be introduced 
within China firstly, but it has the potential to   eventually be implemented globally in the next two 

Ever since the VeChain project was publicly   launched, the team has been announcing loads of 
partnerships. Some notable companies that VeChain   has partnered with are PWC, DNV GL, and BMW, but 
these are just the biggest international names   from a long list. As indicated by VeChain's 
highly diverse partnerships, the blockchain   platform sets out to bring the advantages of 
decentralized applications and smart contracts   to a large number of different industries. This 
shows its use cases increasing exponentially.
  All these partnerships and collaborations 
have helped VeChain with its massive growth.   Vechain token is currently trading at a rate 
of 0.09289 dollars per token and has a market   capitalization of 5,956,183,305 dollars. 
It is currently number 16 in the global   Cryptocurrency Rating.

The currently available 
supply of Vechain is 64,315,576,989 tokens.   The current price of Vechain is established on 
the back of the 9.73% increase in the last 24   hours. In the past 30 days, the price 
of Vechain has increased by 116.08%,   while its accomplishments on the 1-year time frame 
amount to 2 876.86%. The expected volatility for   the next 10-15 days is at its highest value.
VeChain might reach 0.38939 dollars by 2023,   which will move VET upwards in the ranking 
order. Because of a very good connection and   rapport with the Chinese government, the digital 
currency is all set to surge to greater heights.   VET has been successful in maintaining an 
ascending trajectory despite the inconsistency   in the crypto market. VET has remained 
prominent among the other virtual currencies   in the token market that gained in value.
VeChain is in progress mode to build a   blockchain-based platform that does not only limit 
itself to the digital world but also can integrate   with the actual business ecosystems as well.

would ensure that enterprises would be able to   control various functions with the assistance 
of this blockchain. If it is able to provide   complete integration of the blockchain-based 
platform with the actual business world,   it would be easier for the companies to use the 
blockchain. By 2025, VeChain might reach $0.1.
  Due to the team’s expertise and vision, VeChain 
might touch new milestones over a period of five   years. It provides tremendous potential 
for applications in the future. It could   cooperate with third-party services as well.
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