VeChain VET in the Real Estate Sector – Pay Salaries with VET – Integrate Vechain on your Website

hi crypto fans welcome to ccs cryptocurrency state my name is santiago i'm a web developer and investor in today's video we are going to review two amazing news about bitching one is related to the real estate sector market and the other one is a new solutions for make payments with bet before we begin please like the video subscribe to the channel and click the bell to get the notifications and without anything else let's go into it [Music] hey guys a very quick update on the price of bet today right now we are at 13 cents and a half we have been broke in this falling watch that we have with two lines these two yellow lines and we are right now inside one of the majors point of resistance we have been having support in the uptrend of the 25 cents before here and after the downtrend we have been holding resistance on these levels last time was here around 14 cents and we are entering again into this rectangle so we need to see what happened but the stochastic is very bullish right now we have room with the other side but anyways everything will depend of what bitcoin does here in the news today we have a very important news about a bitching collaboration with jll china to explore application scenarios from blockchain in commercial real estate bitching with its industry-leading technologies will continue creating innovative solutions to tackle the carbon emissions and drive systematic change so going into the specific news jll means jones langley cell china connects with bitching to explore blockchain adoption in sustainable proptech this means for property and technology but why this is important well jll the company is a global commercial real estate service company founded in united kingdom with offices in 80 countries this is one of the biggest conglomerates of companies for the real estate industry the company also provides investment management service worldwide including services to institutional and retail investors and to high net worth individuals the company is ranked 156 on the fortune 500 and it's one of the big three commercial real estate services companies why is this important even if the news right now that we are going to review is for jll china that doesn't mean that that could expand to another countries or another affiliates they have 80 countries presences in 80 countries and you can see they have 21 southern employees in 2020 funded in london and the revenue in 2020 was 16.6 billion dollars so this is one of the biggest companies on the real estate market so very important very important news for for bitching this partnership if you go to the to the website of jll you can see how they are very a very green website always trying to get for example seven ways to retrofit buildings for energy efficiency they have a very green portfolio here i also look at the second quarter the earnings presentation of the second quarter of the company and this was uh launched the four of august and if you know something about numbers and how to read these charts you will know that this is a very big company they are not only in the real estate sector but actually influencing in technology and many other things i will put the link in the description if you are familiar and how to read this information but actually they are they are a very big company worldwide so all this information is very useful and a partnership with a company like that for bitching could be mainstream so go into the specific news jll has been seeking innovative solutions to accelerate carbon emissions reduction on real estate with this in mind jll china connected with bitching to release an article on potential blockchain adoption scenarios in this area before we continue with the video remember that i am doing an amazing giveaway i will be giving half of a bitcoin to one winner and five ethereum to five different winners if you want to participate it's super easy just a couple of clicks follow the link in the description but remember that you need to be subscribed to the channel with the bell on to be considered 66 percent of chinese corporation have incorporated carbon emission reductions into the real estate strategy of course in china the pollution is one of the biggest issues that the population has so it doesn't look rare that the real estate sector is always taking in consideration this and this will not be the first thing that bitching does around the the carbon emission and they have already projects going on around that actually they have another partnerships in the sector so it's not a new ecosystem for bitching actually bitching has an er er upset for a new patent of offset carbon emission so bitchin is around this green uh new investment spending opportunities to create applications to to track and see the traceability of this so i think this is very important in this case there are three major scenarios but basically they think that with an application using b chain we can see everything from the real estate developers and owners and easy traceability of full cycle carbon footprint in all the ecosystem of the of the real estate market actually even for enterprise employees for enterprise tenants better choice of green office space with the carbon level so basically they are advocate and leader of sustainable real estate cll has been developing strategies to help clients achieve net zero carbon emissions as a key piler on their future strategy bitching has devoted itself to assessing and developing new ways for blockchain to transform existing spaces and infrastructure ultimately making them more sustainable and less carbon intensive moving into another news while bitching officially now is accepted in in this new platform now pace and you can accept bet payments on woocommerce open card prestashop same card you can use the api for payments as a bet donations on twitch too for example and you can pay salaries or send rebates in bet you can see here how how this will work by basically woocommerce prestashop all those are tools that you can use in an e-commerce website for buying something you can pay on your on your card with bt this uh now payments that i owe this platform also accept another another cryptos but the news is that right now they are accepting be d2 and this is amazing you can put for example if you decide to start something bt on your website there was the best way to do it is to use the now payments get away it's a very easy way to do it and the integration will be active in your website and you are ready to accept payments basically you can put a b chain button on your website to pay something you can make invoice you can have a in which so really cool stuff and i think this will be something very big in the future uh this kind of companies to to facilitate to the retail user payments with cryptocurrency so it's nice to see we change on these two and to finish i want to remember everybody that the ecosystem for bitching has growing exponentially we don't have too much hype on b chain i don't know why that doesn't happen but bitching has partners and projects ongoing and live also with many many big companies it's not just for traceability bitching is in many ecosystems and even in nfts and i think it's one of the of the few projects that has a lot of applications in the real world actually in china has a very big presence it has a partnership with the china the safety alliance and that has partnered with many other companies so the consistent of bitching is very big and i will be continue reviewing b chain in the future that will be all for this video remember before we leave like the video subscribe to the channel and click the bell to wear the notifications and i will see you in the next video bye

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