VeChain VET EXPLOSION Planned By Wall Street Journal! (GET READY)

wall street journal admits that investors are looking forward to v chain we have all heard about cryptocurrency tokens for example ripple's xrp token cardano's ada token bitcoin's btc token and so on but what we're going to talk about today is entirely different and a lot more interesting than anything you've come across during recent times but before we get further into the topic ensure to keep on watching because we have a special hidden surprise for you in today's video hi v chain lovers welcome to vechainland your daily dose of vechain if you're interested in everything around vega this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us to provide you with more vj news and let us know in the comments how much you think v chain will cost next year month or week so without further ado let's get to it we'd also like to emphasize that this is not a financial advisory channel and we don't ask you to invest in any particular company this is simply a way for instructional materials to be delivered to your door with that in mind we recommend that you do your homework before investing in anything the current business environment is dynamically changing and new products are entering the market each day increasing competition while a large part of the cryptocurrency world is focused on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin ethereum cardano or even dogecoin what people forget is that the crypto space is a huge industry many other cryptocurrencies can make you equally rich and one such token is v-e-t popularly known as the v-chain token most of you must have heard about the v-chain token but for those of you who haven't don't worry that's what we're here for sunny lou the former chief information officer of louis vuitton china established vegan in 2015.

It began as a subsidiary of bitsy one of china's major blockchain startups and is one of the few blockchains with the large number of established firms as customers the v e n coin ran on the ethereum network at first in 2018 v-chain renamed itself and moved to its blockchain the v-e-n blockchain was renamed the v-chain thor v-e-t blockchain as part of the rebranding v-chain is a distributed ledger technology platform that aims to improve supply chain management and business processes its purpose is to leverage distributed ledger technology to streamline these operations and information flow for complicated supply chains v chain tokens v-e-t and v-chain thought energy v-e-t are two different tokens on the v-chain network vtho to construct a trust-free hand distributed business ecosystem platform to enable transparent information flow efficient cooperation and high-speed value transfers v-chain declares multiple stakeholders are currently compartmentalizing supply chain data for business processes in silos this has an impact on the flow of information which is again fragmented among stakeholders according to vechain's whitepaper blockchain technology can solve this asymmetric information problem by allowing data ownership to return to and empower its owner the v chain platform claims to give authorized stakeholders a 360 degree view of critical information related to a product and its business processes such as storage transit and supply and to increase market transparency the platform can for example be used to track the quality authenticity storage temperature transit medium and last mile delivery of a medicine pack or an alcohol bottle from the manufacturing side to the end customer but what makes it interesting is that the wall street journal recently mentioned the v chain vet token and people have been obsessed with it ever since the wall street journal twitter handle posted the following comment on their timeline investors are turning their attention to newer digital assets such as digibyte v-chain and safe moon in the hunt for cheaper alternatives the wall street journal a new york city-based american business-focused worldwide daily newspaper has admitted that investors are increasingly turning to old coins like vijay v-e-t digibyte dgb and safe moon in search of cheaper alternatives to bitcoin btc and dogecoin d-o-g-e on the 6th of may 2021 the mainstream media published a story titled dogecoin's 12 000 rally spurs hunt for the next crypto winner in which it was stated that bitcoin btc and dogecoin are becoming out of reach for investors looking for cheaper alternatives individual investors are pushing further into the cryptocurrency realm in search of the next big thing after bitcoin and dogecoin's meteoric rise this year dogecoin a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke and had no use hit a new high of 69 cents a token this week after a more than 12 000 surge this year last month bitcoin briefly surpassed 60 000 per coin as a result investors are turning their focus to newer digital assets like digibyte v chain and safe moon in search of less expensive alternatives that could be the next big thing v chain is a cryptocurrency that's seen a lot of growth in the past year read on to know more about vechain crypto and vechain price prediction the cryptocurrency market has exploded in the last year with numerous cryptocurrencies reaching new highs v-chain's gained popularity in the recent months and has provided good returns on investment v-chain according to crypto experts is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies with the potential to skyrocket in the future cryptocurrency price forecasting might be tough fortunately a number of cryptocurrency experts have offered their predictions regarding v chain according to wallet investor the v chain price might reach 0.19 in june and one dollar by 2025.

V-chain's price might rise to 15 cents in 2021 and 30 cents in 2025 according to digital coin price v change price is expected to rise to 27 cents by 2021 according to coin price forecast price forecasts on the other hand should be regarded with a grain of salt vegan has already partnered with several well-known organizations to provide supply chain data and tracking solutions which has helped v-chain grow in popularity and become a good investment option even though several cryptocurrencies have a high worth few of them have real world applications vechain has already partnered with several well-known organizations to provide supply chain data and tracking solutions solidifying its position as a viable investment option while several cryptocurrencies have a high valuation few have applications in the real world well we're almost at the end of this video and you know what that means yep time for the surprise mini quiz which organization is a partner of v chain is it one ferrari two price waterhouse coopers or three bmw let us know in the comments below what you think the answer is you can expect anything in the wild world of cryptocurrencies from promising projects that moon into space for no discernible reason other than sounding promising and living off the short-term hype two projects that are rock solid with continuous and increasing adoption in the business world with real world applications but that is somehow either stagnant in their valuation from the above data it's safe to assume that vechain displays promising potential and many people have been known to invest in it people believe that it's the next best thing in the cryptocurrency industry and they think it's the perfect time to invest in it therefore people looking for an investment opportunity this might be a chance vechain has a huge fan following and with a dedicated crowd of supporters it's sure to reach new heights and take the market by storm experts with the help of recent statistics and graphs have come to a conclusion that if vegan grows at the same pace and keeps on acquiring new partnerships there is no saying the heights it will accomplish and has a really good chance of being placed among the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and may even overtake most of the major crypto currencies that exist in the market today but like any other cryptocurrencies vechain is also subjected to market risks due to its extremely volatile nature and we recommend you do your fair share of research before investing in cryptocurrency because it's the 21st century and many products take the market by storm every day there's no saying if the companies you invested in might survive in the long run there have been incidents where people put their entire life savings into a company and went bankrupt therefore it is advisable that you invest in cryptocurrency only if you can handle the loss since we've reached the end of this video it's time to reveal the answer to the mini quiz the right answer was b price waterhouse coopers is a partner of v chain so that's it for today's video guys if you liked the video please like comment and subscribe to our channel see you next time on vegan land

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