VeChain/VET Don’t Believe Technical Analysis Price Predictions

this video is one that i think is very important as it could save investors from making a terrible decision many people have asked me about the price of the vet and what I think it will happen with this project and with its symbolic vet in 2021 and even beyond and after reading a lot online, I can safely say that there are many waste information is on Vechain price predictions, people use charts and refer to moving averages and talk supports and resistances and uptrends and downtrends and even side trends, as well as things like triangle patterns and rectangle patterns and double bottoms and triple bottoms and all these kinds of technical terms making it sounds like they know what they are talking about, but the point is there is only one way one crypto project can gain value and this is not an opinion, it is just common sense a crypto project can only gain value through partnerships and acceptance and growth in actual demand for the services of the platform and thus also to the currency and technical analysis is completely useless as far as predicting prices or determining the value of an investment In order to do this, you need to understand the future potential earning potential of that asset and the question of the fact is it doesn't matter how long I watch or how hard I focus on a chart i just will never be able to get this information as indispensable information as basis serves for making a value prediction and there are many people who have nice terminology and trade jargon will try to use what they know most people will not understand and they will do this because it sounds impressive there are hundreds of terms and trading jargon like the one what I was talking about earlier that you could use to make yourself sound really smart, but assuming that you are a long-term investor, which is actually the only type of person that really is can be called an investor i just don't see the relevance of charts, i think vechain a valuable one project is with good long-term prospects, but the point is that I came to those conclusions by to analyze the partnerships and the fact that vechain managed to land and retain those partners that me confidence in the effectiveness of the product and then by looking at the supply chain analysis- industry where vechain is active I saw the rapid growth predicted at a rate of 20 per year, compensated for the next decade instead of about 2 in the broader economy and hey if you so far enjoy this video and you agree with the points made here, do me a favor and subscribe to the channel so I can spend more time making videos like this and the trash information that is now widespread in crypto now that evidence has seen the v-chain effective and the fact that the market in which they operate is growing exponentially did not last long to find out that, although there are potential growth risks and rewards in any case in my opinion phenomenal and outweigh that risk and all the valuable information that needs to be learned about the fundamentals of this project is contained in the figures and the information about the supply chain and how blockchain disrupts this space and all this information is valuable and I would never consider investing in a crypto project without knowing this kind of information, but interestingly I never found the need to spend time analyzing a chart and looking for patterns because so would just do not produce valuable information.

A friend of mine once said a card can tell you what happened in the past, even if it was only five minutes ago, but it will never tell you what is going to happen in the future and that fact becomes self-evident when we consider that a chart shows the price of an asset, but the price is always behind the company itself for a company or in this case a crypto project to increase in value, the project itself would go first have to do well and therefore investors who analyze the fundamentals always will being one step ahead of those who spend all their time looking at charts and once again I'm do not say that it is impossible to gain valuable insights through technical analysis, but in my opinion at least it is clear that the price of a crypto will eventually the performance of the project will have to follow in terms of partners and adoption and unfortunately none can graphics that tell us all about the basics of a project anyway that's all for it this video if you found it useful subscribe and thanks for watching

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