VeChain / VET Can Realistically Reach $1

what most youtubers or social media ey get to 
their price prediction figures for any given   stock or crypto and the reason they don't do 
that is usually because they want to paint a   picture which is oversimplified and easier than 
reality for example in the case of vechain i've   seen a number of price predictions a vet of over 
a hundred dollars per unit now nobody really talks   about what would have to happen in order for a 
price prediction like that to be realized and   the truth is a market price of any crypto project 
is always behind the real value and performance   of the underlying operation which means that for 
vet to sustainably reach a value of 100 per unit   not just in a one-time ballroom where the price 
reaches that level for an hour and then crashes   back down but to sustainably reach that level of 
value the vechain platform would have to reflect   a valley through performance of 8.6 trillion 
dollars accounting for the maximum supply of vet   now to put that figure into perspective for vet 
to reach 100 per unit the market capitalization   event would have to reach a figure which is larger 
than the combined market capitalizations of apple   tesla amazon microsoft and alphabet and call me 
skeptical and while i do believe in the long-term   prospects of vet for the foreseeable future one 
hundred dollars per unit is simply out of the   question but remember that a hundred dollars is 
a long way away and even if the price of vet were   to reach just one dollar per unit we're talking 
again if twelve to one meaning that an investment   of eight and a half thousand dollars today would 
be worth a hundred thousand dollars at one dollar   per unit and for the market price to reach a 
dollar per unit we'd need a market capitalization   of 86 billion dollars at full dilution which is 
still a high figure but it's far more reasonable   than 8 trillion dollars and in my view it's 
realistic for the foreseeable future as well   and remember that the underlying business must 
first produce results worthwhile for the price   to then follow if we're talking about sustainable 
price prices and not just one-time rallies   and so what would make v-chain worth 86 billion 
dollars the answer is in my view earning power   companies including many of the biggest in the 
world are already paying to use vechain services   and they're paying for that using vthor and 
so the way to measure the earning power of   vechain is in my view to measure the annual 
total output of vthor from the vet dividends   and hey if you're enjoying this video so 
far and you're a vet investor or just a   fan we have a lot more content like this out 
daily so do me a favor and subscribe for those   of course the market value of both fed and the 
thor is constantly fluctuating which makes it hard   to pin down in an exact value but right now the 
monthly rethought dividend across all of the vet   in existence is around 18 million dollars which 
means that the whole dividend worth is around 216   million dollars annually and if we were to then 
divide this 216 million dollar figure by the 7.3   billion dollar market capitalization we arrive at 
a dividend yield of around three percent per year   which isn't a huge figure but actually when 
we compare it to the available alternatives   for example the s&p 500 which yields around 1.5 
percent or a regular savings account which offers   effectively nothing or next to nothing three 
percent per year isn't that bad but remember that   the 216 million dollar figure represents three 
percent per year at current levels but featuring   is a rapidly growing platform and the list of 
partners is growing pretty much all of the time   which means that the genuine usage and demand of 
vthor is growing at a fairly quick pace as well   although again it is hard to tell exactly what 
percentage is genuine and what percentage is   speculation or investment into v thor and if vet 
is yielding a three percent dividend value at a   market capitalization of 7.3 billion dollars we'd 
need a growth of 14 to 1 in the volume of genuine   use which featuring attracts and therefore in the 
demand for vthor and by the way the reason as to   why i think that this is more than achievable is 
fairly simple vechain started up in 2015 around   six years ago and since then considering that much 
of that time was probably spent in development   vechain have grown from zero to an annual veto 
dividend of around 216 million dollars by my   calculation and to grow by a factor of 14 to 
1 from here won't be an easy thing to do by   any measure but it's more than possible as the 
current level of vechain adoption is barely the   tip of the iceberg in terms of market share and 
adoption barely a few percent of businesses who   v chain could partner with have even heard about 
the platform and even then most probably aren't   aware of the immense capabilities and so i think 
that there is a long way to go and if the future   level of growth and adoption of eachine is even 
a fraction of what it has been over the last five   years then i think that vechain are well on track 
to generating that three billion dollar annual   dividend which would give a market valuation 
of one dollar per unit based upon the dividend   value alone not even considering speculation 
or reinvestment or anything else like that   anyway hopefully this analysis has been a bit more 
rational and data driven than the normal shouting   and screaming of ridiculous price predictions 
online and hopefully you guys enjoyed the video   and if you did consider subscribing for more 
content like this see you all in the next video

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