VeChain/VET – Can 1,000,000 VET Make You A Millionaire?

is a million vet enough to make you a millionaire now this question is clear subjectively and the answer will turn into agreement or disagreement and how long it would likely take it would become reality based on who we ask and it is no secret that I am a vet investor and that I believe in a vet's long-term prospects, but this video will be based on facts and evidence and less on personal feeling, so to become a millionaire from a 1 million unit vet that the market value should be one dollar per unit of course and with the current market value of vets sitting around four and a half cents per unit, we are talking about a cost basis of about forty-five thousand dollars give or take, which is a lot of money to spend in just one to invest crypto mainly because of the risk associated with investing in a new asset class and a new technology, but that said, although there is risk and every investor should find out if they can tolerate that risk in exchange for the potential reward the prospects are incredible and it may not often be a few times in his life that an investor is on the cusp of a technology that will fundamentally change the world I'm personally going to keep my vet with a million units until the price hits a dollar per unit and if not, I am willing to lose my initial investment, but as the vet a dollar per unit, I think it is realistic given the prospects of this project if you enjoy this video far and you would like more vechain content please do me a favor and subscribe so that I can spend more time producing content and delivering high-quality information to you, anyway, the supply chain analysis industry is really a huge space and one that still does not show any signs of slowing down or waning and it speaks for itself realize that as consumers increasingly shop online and less in physical physical stores, supply chains will continue to grow and there will be more shipping and land transport and more vans and so on, and many people here in the UK or live in the US or Canada or Australia with whom I spoke about reaching out to and about this e-commerce point in particular, have shown some concern that e-commerce is already a saturated space I mean here in the major cities of the UK people do most of their shopping online I mean there is still room for growth, but in general almost everyone is already using e-commerce and so it's easy to show why people think this industry is already saturated, but outside the big cities and especially in economically or technologically less developed ones countries, e-commerce is only a fraction of the market, in fact, e-commerce was in 2019 worldwide just accounted for 14 of total retail sales and this is expected over time figure will get close to 100, although we're talking decades into the future now that showcase is operating in a fast-growing market and are the industry leaders in using blockchain technology for supply chain analysis and because vechain is the market leader, it means that they are the natural Choice are or at least one of the major players that are companies looking for supply chain analysis services will consider and this means that as the industry grows and more people in the industry data, there is a lot of room for expansion if this takes many hundreds of times before we get a reaching saturation point and we have seen a phenomenon on the financial side over the past decade markets where the largest player or market leader in any industry or niche area if they are maintain the top position, grow disproportionately well compared to the rest of the competition think so to be the market leader you have to be better or cheaper or maybe both better if cheaper than the competition and so it is only natural that you are after over time, provided you can maintain this position, was a disproportionately large ge market share It used to be the case that only a handful of companies own the Coca-Colas and Walmarts of this world could seem to grow indefinitely and that was due to the lack of communication and technology at the time which made it very difficult but all for a couple companies with impregnable brands to expand to an international scale, but because of the widely available and cost effective communication available today if your product is good enough it is much easier to expand and for potential customers to find you because of the internet vechain is in my opinion the best project to use blockchain in this way, delivering data to companies will continue to grow and reap an increasing share of the supply chain analytics market a market forecast to grow at a compound rate of about 20 per year for the next decade and this is in contrary to the two percent average for the entire United States economy for these reasons and the fact that supply chain analysis isn't the only trade resource for vechain I mean, there is too the restaurant business, as vechain can measure temperatures and provide real-time tracking and traceability and there is also the agricultural sector and other, any purpose will probably be in my opinion are huge and all they need to focus on is keeping their position and just like in any other successful industry there will be competition day and night for vechain of the first place but it's still av chain which in my opinion has the advantage as they already have an established brand and a few years of experience and innovation on every game the potential is certainly there in my opinion and will likely be realized as the vet one dollars per unit and makes me a million dollars and as I said earlier in the video, will there is risk on the way, but in my opinion the expected value on a risk and raw basis is a chance of once or maybe twice in your life and i'm willing to risk my forty-five thousandth and dollars for what I think will be a pretty reasonable chance of getting back a million dollars or maybe more with the dividend of vethor and if I decide to keep more than a dollar per unit anyway, that's all for this video if you liked it subscribe for more and remember me too am not a financial advisor and this video is not financial advice thank you for watching

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