VeChain (VET) and WinK (WIN) Price Prediction Today 2021

Hello everyone. I’m Kevin from Crypto MY Today in this episode, I will recommend 2 ALT coins that I personally think have high growth potential. These 2 ALT coins are called WINK and VECHAIN. WINK uses Tron technology to implement their projects. The second one is VECHAIN. Recently, vechain has made a major update to its blockchain. Especially when you read their Twitter. They have implemented a basic GasPrice reduction on the VeChainThor mainnet. Therefore, transactions on Vechain are now 99% cheaper for all stakeholders. This way you can enjoy cheaper transactions and immediately build your project and dApp on the veterinary blockchain. Therefore, this is actually the main basic news of Vechain. Therefore, let us now delve into the technical analysis of these two coins, namely WINK and VECHAIN. Let's talk about blinking first.. this is WIN/USDT.. WIN/USDT now… let's take a look at the H4 chart..

In this chart, you can see that it has formed a descending triangle. If you can see here… the trend line is from here to here. And the horizontal line is here. So now WIN/USDT is in a descending triangle. Usually when you see a descending triangle, especially when higher highs are getting lower and lower and support is still there. You will soon know that there is a high probability of making up or down decisions. But in most cases, when you see a descending triangle.

Usually it will try to break upwards. Let's take a look at the moving average.. the moving average is now showing The moving average is now below the candlestick.. Actually, it has not been considered below.. because the candlestick Need to wait until 4 pm to stop moving, because this is an H4 chart. But because WINK as a whole is still in a downward trend.. Because the moving average is still higher than the candlestick. But the market is currently trying to break the moving average and the downward descending triangle. So it is very likely to move in the future, whether it wants to stay in the descending triangle or here It will rise and break the falling triangle. However, if it can really break upward, I think you can bring the take profit price from here to here.

About 40% You can apply here… also 40%… which is $ 0.0022.. This is an even price.. If the breakthrough succeeds, it will be our profit level.. So, I think WINK has potential and you can monitor it. And back up the entire program. Looking at the RSI, it now shows a level above 50. WINK has already begun to enter the buying area, so this is a good thing for WIN/USDT. So I think this is all about winning/losing the dollar.. So now let’s move on to the VECHAIN ​​chart.. Let's zoom into this technical analysis. If you look at the overall VET/USDT… let's take a look at the support and resistance… let me draw it… I have put this Fibonacci line there earlier. So let me first use horizontal lines as support and resistance. Here, I will place 1 resistance level here and another 1 support level here. If you look at this H4 chart earlier,.

The market tried to break the resistance line, but failed to break… and then fell back. After falling back…then the second attempt to successfully break the resistance line…so when it successfully breaks… It will soar to the 1.618 Fibonacci line. Therefore, the price of 0.19 $ may be touched later. When it touches $0.19 later, what will happen next. If it breaks below and stays above $0.19, it will most likely reach the level 2 Fibonacci level of $0.22. So you can take notes on this Vechain… However, if you look at the overall level of VET/USDT, please check RSI.. Let the RSI indicator be added to this chart to see a clearer chart. Now let’s look at RSI. RSI is now showing a very strong overbought area. Because it has exceeded this 70 level. Now it has reached the 82 level. So it is now overbought. So when it touches $0.19, it may make a market retracement. Maybe it will fall back a bit..

This is if it fails to break the 1.618 Fibonacci line.. It will fall back.. Then it will try again to break upward again. . See if there is a chance to break the 1.618 Fibonacci line again. Why do I have confidence in this kind of pairing, because it has only recently been updated to resolve the transaction, thereby making it cheaper. If you look here.. Previously, here was a very strong resistance on the H4 chart.. Then the market just broke through the resistance level. So now it is likely to reach 0.19 $. Then it will try to break the 1.618 Fibonacci line and soar further to 0.22 $. As a conclusion.. So far, these 2 coins are what I will recommend to everyone.. I believe it has great potential in future development. Recently, other alt coins outside have soared very high. .. the most important is.. You need to manage risks properly and conduct your own research correctly before investing. So I think there is so much for today's show…

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