Vechain (VET) – Análise de hoje, 28/04/2021!!! #VET #vechain #BTC #bitcoin #BNB #binance #ETH

I drink, I'm just going to talk about Zete and this super coin on the vechini which also made three low-pass up the screen channel like not crossing the ichimoku cloud so from a paper crosses clouds Shino the staff is normal to have this realization Zinha as it is happening now in some assets because the cloud exerts a gravitational pull on the price but when the scheme starts to go over the green part of the cloud you you will see that a magnetism contrary to that green part will catapult the price up Like what happened here you see this one there is a force gravitational pull that attracts the price to the cloud and here there is a magnetism repulsive that throws the price up be here will happen here you see and the price was catapulted upwards it is very interesting it was one of shimoku because it does not sell called with provides a lot of information about the price of personal and here is at MM 200 hours you realize that to see it already had difficulty drilling stuck in that brutal Bitcoin correction there now punctured the 200-period moving average from bottom to top and is now climbing right there 200 MM more clearly Buyers are in charge of nutrix o the indicator is in the upper metric band, that is, it indicates control of the price by buyers this realization Zinho I already said that it is normal when the paper the voice is towards the clouds is still in the red part and we will analyze update from the world of altcoins that is nothing more than the total crypto world with the exclusion of btc and Minas Gerais and scribble and remove this rabicho the update of the altcoins has passed 1 trillion has now remained personal the world of bouncers will face this this resistance here that is this top here look these two I only touch this one this one first top here has already created a resistance the price of a retreat but held on the midline here of the roof channel right and now the price is sticking the top line of the keltner channel from the bottom up indicating the price control by the buyers and now we should test here the 1,059 trillion dollars that is likely to break Hi and Vet to xrp these coins that really have a foundation that has that has one the human and physical capital behind the projects they really vacuum accompanies the movement of the auditions with much more impulse and clear that they are going to start a new Gohan okay guys if identify some other interesting entry point here I come back to remember big hug

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