VeChain/VET – 5 Year Investment Plan

so my strategy for the next five years in vet and vechain is to do nothing and just wait I know it's a bit complicated and even a bit daring, but if it's what I have to do then I'm just kidding, but even though it might seem boring to say I'm just going to wait sometimes it is the best course of action and sometimes less is really more One quote that has become one of my favorites over the years is that I prefer a relaxed one person am with moderate profits and a busy decline in other words someone who is busy with a lot activity, but is not really anything useful as a long-term investor I don't see my work like having the time of the market accomplish ups and downs on a daily basis or trying to predict next week's price I think my job is to identify undervalued projects or companies with good prospects managed by skilled and honest people who are experts in their field when I am make a bet on an investment in this vechain case i'm mainly conc trying to figure out what the future adoption and growth are and thus the earning capacity and also that the people who use the show running knowing what they are doing and more importantly than being competent is honest and be reliable, you don't want anyone to be smart if they are not honest because then the more likely they can cheat you and that's why I never invest in a project or stock if I think management is not fair, or also treat investors unfairly if you enjoy so far the video and you like what you hear do me a favor and subscribe to it channel so that we can continue to grow and I can spend more time on it personally bringing videos to you because my strategy is an income oriented investor i only really invest in crypto projects that provide an income that I think will grow over time in the case of vechain we have the veto dividend and the low dividend is quite modest at around two percent each years I can live with it because of the potential growth that I believe will be realized over time and you will be amazed at how many investors reap the benefits of slow compounding over time just overlook it, because even with a relatively modest dividend yield of two percent per year when it is an asset that has a good chance of appreciation in the long term, the outlook is Amazingly I own a million vet units and will at the current rate of about two percent per year my vthor dividend increase my portfolio by about ten percent over a five-year period maybe just above because of the effects of compounding and that may not sound like much, but remember, the whole reason I'm accepting less than a two percent dividend is because I think so appreciation will more than compensate for the low yield and so let's say vet in the next five years it will increase in value 10 times, which I am actually quite conservative given the potential and actually the success that vechain h has already achieved, find but let's still say that every unit of a vet is worth about 10 times more than its current market value at the end of the five-year period, even though I would have a low annual dividend of two percent get a growth of just 10 percent or so over that five year period because each vet unit in this example is worth ten times the current market value, just the 10 that I had earned with dividends it would be worth 100 of my present value, so basically because I think it is potential for price hike over the next five years is good, even a low dividend will make a huge difference to the final result, assuming I'm right and hey I could be wrong about v chain I mean of course I think I'm right, otherwise I wouldn't invest but the truth is like any other investor I make mistakes and that's why diversification is so important i also invest in the stock market and real estate or properties needed here in the UK and other cryptos such as and I believe that the more healthy investments an investor is in portfolio, the greater his assurance that he is wrong in individual stocks or cryptocurrencies and so every time an investor asks me if I think diversification is needed , that this is so because it is an insurance policy to be wrong and every investor in one career will be wrong from time to time and that's just the way it goes anyway that's it for this video if you liked it don't forget to subscribe to more content like this also remember I am not a financial advisor and that this video is not financial advice, thank you for watching you

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