Vechain/VET: 100X GAINS (vechain price prediction)

welcome back guys you are here today with hari we are going to see vechain and vet and I'm going to share my analysis on why vet a hundred times more in the coming period could rise then possibly more in market value a few years before we start, I just want to but say I'm not saying this for sure within the next few weeks or even several months I am a big crypto fan, but unlike much of the online content related to cryptocurrency I am also a realist and in addition to sharing my opinion on a price prediction, I am also going to support it with what I consider to be realistic and useful data and analysis and like that of a kind realistic approach that you like, be sure to sign up for more anyway why I think vechain and vet are so important to me and the reason why vechain is a fundamental part of my crypto portfolio is because of the relatively low market valuation in comparison with the size of the market disrupting vechain and the huge potential for adoption, so the market cap of vechain is currently about three and a half billion dollars and each vet's unit price is about five cents each now is the cumulative value of all vets in circulation of course equal to the market capitalization and that means that the market consensus values ​​vet earning power in the form of VeThor dividends at about three and a half billion dollars and my point is that I believe the market consensus is wrong and I believe the current vet price does not properly account for it huge growth potential and I think the market is also overlooking how valuable it is vechain can actually be and there are a few reasons that I think are responsible for the incorrect valuation of the vet by the market as the first I think is a simple discovery problem almost everyone in terms of average people around the world knows about the stock market as well therefore there is a lot of competition against the crypto market, of which only a much smaller percentage of the world's population is even aware and of course as a huge percentage of the general public don't even know or understand cryptocurrency or the crypto market, there are a huge number of them people who are potential investors who are now and then completely unaware of crypto if we dig a little further from those who do understand crypto and understand crypto, the most are just interested in bitcoin and a smaller number are going to discover ethereum and ripple and so on, but only a fraction of the small percentage of people who even know about crypto ever hear about vechain and while the discovery problem is a very simple and straightforward problem, it is also a huge barrier which in my opinion prevents assets like vechain and vet from being properly valued in my opinion , you know while we're on the topic of discovery bias there is another problem that I think is contributes to the lower than reasonable price of vechain, I think in addition to a voyage of discovery there is also a tendency to favor volatile cryptocurrencies in the market, some creates an attention deficit in the more relatively stable cryptos like that, you see if one structural flaw is what I would call on the crypto market, that's so too much speculation and not enough rational investment too many people think cryptocurrency is kind of a wonderland where you can come in and make money easily without any effort or research, that's probably why so many investors lose money in this space, but Another symptom of the large number of speculators in crypto is that many of them are not interested in finding valuable projects that have real use cases and provide a useful service and good ones business models they are interested in which crypto is booming the most this week and so is this part of the market what I like to call sheep as investors, investors whose attention each movement of the conse follows nsus and this kind of behavior means that there are two kinds of crypto projects number one are the projects supported by speculative demand the type of projects most investors don't even know what the project does, they are just there for what they do consider easy money and because these projects are dominated by speculators , they tend to be more volatile than other crypto projects, acting as a kind of enhancement cycle, because the more volatile the price, the more speculators are attracted and this continues until the boom ends and the price crashes.

On the other hand, we have projects like vechain I classify as investor-based cryptocurrencies. I mean most of the people who have a vet including myself are investors because of the merits of the project and the real underlying value in the form of the services that vechain offers I mean, we are all still here to make money, but the difference is that one group thinks in terms of days and what's going on o happen tomorrow and the other group thinks in terms of yes and is concerned about the bigger picture now it is actually quite simple, there are so many speculators in the crypto market and they are not really interested in projects like the future which are not so volatile but do have a real value proposition and so the market places a premium on it the value of volatile cryptocurrencies and to some extent ignores the more stable and less hyped cryptos and by the way, I think this is actually really good because I'm not into vechain for the short term and so I want vechain and vet to be overlooked by the consensus and the majority, so that I have as long as possible to collect while I think that as the discovery gets better and as more people find out about crypto and as the hype dies down and instead of speculating as more investors take a calm and rational approach to the quiet and hidden gems like vechain will, in my opinion, be lifted and the discovery diminished bias is enough in my opinion to cause a substantial gain in vet market value, but Aside from the view that vet is fairly undiscovered and undervalued, I think that's the real source of it potential growth in vechain is the real engine of growth and the reason I think a growth of one hundred to one in the value of vet is not at all unreasonable is the size of the market in which the retraining operates and how useful vechain is there is one thing I can safely say that I am in any case, no doubt about vechain and that is the fact that the services that vechain provides work and what i mean is that because vechain works in supply chain and logistics management, they provide data useful to their partners and the reason I know this is because v chain has landed and maintained partnerships with more than $ 15 billion revenue companies and as eachine did not work and their value proposition only worked on paper and not in real life, the business would vechain have been dropped by their partners long ago and so I have no doubt that vechain really works and the second point to consider is that the logistics industry is 6 trillion annually dollar is worth and this figure, by the way, will not be quite accurate, because it is natural near impossible to accurately value all logistics based trade in every part of every country in the world and I suspect a lot of the trade takes place behind closed doors and is not registered, and so actual global logistics expenditure is likely to exceed $ 6 trillion now imagine an industry for six trillion dollars and then imagine there in this case is a new player on the market who uses a technology that is revolutionary and very new in a way that has never been done before, namely the use of blockchain technology what we now know is that they are either chain work or at least they work for their existing partners who come from different countries and are active in different areas of sell different products vtrain those partners save enough money or give them in another way enough benefit for those companies to want to keep using vechain and so I see no reason that vechain couldn't do the same thing to a great extent or all the other companies around the world engaged in logistics and considering this market is worth 6 trillion annually, generating even a saving equal to half of a percent, we are talking about annual savings of more than $ 300 billion and assuming the vet becomes appreciated by the only one time marketing this savings, which is very conservative in my opinion, we are talking about an increase in value of 100 to 1 and so even though it seems one price of three and a half dollars per vet might be far away and unrealistic I think that if we consider the data and the fact that v train has credible partners and the Consider the size of the logistics market, even a few chains can capture a minute and a half percent market share, we are numerous king's winnings of possibly over 100 to one in the value of ed now this is only my opinion and my analysis as a longtime crypto investor and market observer and so is this video no financial advice if you enjoyed the video i am going to attend ask all of you for a favor and that is to subscribe to our channel and help us grow and reach more people, thank you for watching

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