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Let's start updating the series. So today, we're going to take another look at the V Series, and specifically we're going to take a look at technical analysis and take a look at the very scary crypto space. How does the V series compare and where would you recommend heading in the very near future as always guys. If you find this video really helpful and informative, then go ahead and like this button for us. We both really appreciate it. And of course, if you're new to the channel and want to stay up-to-date with all the VA news that VA has to offer.

Do a technical analysis of the sequence, so why not become a subscriber to the channels to become a subscriber? You'll stay connected so far with absolutely everything it's free. I will stay informed. So why not with that? He said done and got out of the way Chris would like to add anything else before I jump down and get into exactly what's going on here. With V. Now, let's get right into it. Wonderful uses. Well guys. As always, this is the fear indicator of greed.

I'm going to start here to give you the whole crypto space and an overview of the whole cipher space. And we actually have as we said yesterday, we were expecting this around 1415. She's actually 14 years old today so she was very scared again because it's brief. This is all bitcoin ethereum alternative and coins. All put together you get a little ingredient index here of fourteen. So it's still quite frightening there. We'll see you know we're looking to move this a little higher, but of course, you know we feel totally like you can see in the market. no one knows. What happens in many people are calling the market. I don't think this is the case and many other people are space analysts. I don't think this is the case, there is an abstract manipulation at the bitcoin level. We know this wyt this video also circulated.

So we know that's because there's a lot of manipulation going on here. Lots of smashed people who have been buying a lot of those absolute coins and you don't understand you see this all the time on ticktock where those people who have been ending up and press buy doji coins for example don't understand space crypto to say the least and feel really confused why . Is now worthless, so obviously there's a lot of people really confused about what's going on and eventually Wyckoff piles up and you know all that kind of stuff that was going on with bitcoin is basically now that you kind of know and we're at this point where We do really know what's going to happen next on a lot of these special projects.

Now, it's always important that when you have this kind of deep correction like this to take the steps back to analyze the situation you don't react to what's going on . Away, evaluate the situation and think about it that makes the most sense. What is the most logical outcome? Well, things don't come down in a straight line. They bounce and go reserve, so Fibonacci extension levels and Fibonacci retracement areas will be your friend in scenarios like this. So if you have unfortunately, we increase our power which no V series anyone you know? I think this is one we made fundamental mistakes, you can make by expanding yourself and copying them into cryptocurrency. What you know you have to lose is theory and I'm Chris. We are not financial advisors, but it is important to do this research and that you do not expand yourself because you will end up in a world of mischief Nick eventually Fibonacci indicator to predict where things are likely to bounce and come out if that is your intention.

Otherwise I am very optimistic about this entire space. The fear element indicator here doesn't bother me, a lot of because this is actually just a whole crypto space set, but if we really jump in. platform and we can actually take a look at Series V specifically and see how fearful investors are in Series V, so here we can see that Series V is actually a great deal, so it's still in the Series V space as well and you know there's another upside Here is also incredibly useful.

So I do to recommend a review of EI dot io. It will help you understand exactly how your cryptocurrency is afraid to perform. So for fluidity, we got the rating of the examples shown. The ratio is still quite a good indicator of profitability and one rating is not higher. So and good things going on there. So from your point of view, fear and greed, the V series is pretty scary. I wouldn't say it's very frightening, but it's very scary in terms of investors out there. They're a little confused as to what's going on in either, but in the end for me, it's not so bad, and if in Bitcoin dominance, we've talked about this quite a few times now on the channel. Finally guys. This is not new.

This is where we can. I'm back to the previous round, so the previous ball round, we're really at that level here. It came in at 37% so bitcoin's dominance was 37% here on June 17th 2017, so not too far away where today is right and it's obviously bounced back all the way back to that high until the end of December 2017, now see where we are now Guys we are , it's really down and bounced back from 39. Well it might be a little bit early a little bit ahead of schedule, but this correction could also continue for a little bit longer as we go to increase Bitcoin dominance, just a little bit ahead again. We descend to this lower bottom, in which the old season has already begun and reached its climax.

So we do not restart are not in the open market. That's exactly what happened the last time don't fall into that trap, but let's get into what VA is concerned with because this is clearly a video-serial AV. We're not really here to talk about BitCoin. Clearly he was affected. market, but in the end the V series is doing well and there is nothing strange going on here. There is something different than what you would expect if there is you are following something like Elliott wave. So there are a lot of Youtubers and other people who offer traders who understand how Elliott waves work, but we're supposed to move on to the second wave. default. Let's take a look at this on the weekly time scale here so we can see exactly what's going on with the series week after week right.

So each candle here represents one week and if you are that. Here you can see the Elliott wave correctly, so we have the first wave that took us up this very point. Here we have the correction, which is the second wave. We are already finding support on the moving average of fifty. Then we went up to the third wave and we have descended to the fourth wave in this correct correction. So if you've been following up on figuring out the theory, that's pretty predictable, well and see where we bump into when it comes to Elliott Wave youth.

So, if I just grabbed the pencil here, wherever it disappeared . I think there we go. Right so we obviously have the second wave coming down to the 50th moving average, and where from the fourth wave coming down that's right. It's 50 I only move average. So what does this mean? we will? We also have the first wave here.

We have the second wave that goes down from the third wave to the fourth wave, and then the fifth wave completes it. fine. The time is now the hardest thing you will get Elliott Wave. You know what's going on there, but we're also expecting a 123rd move on ABC from here on the right. Is it likely that way. The undo method is good, so again, and you had something similar to this on the way down as well. Once we finished that fifth wave of the fifth wave to us kind of looks around $1, it would be in the $1 range there, which actually resulted in a coincidence with the upper end of the Fibonacci extension levels, which came in at around 92%.

So again, it's possible that this is happening on something much above the crypto space that we can see here or at least the altcoins should be getting in about $5 trillion by the time they are. This peak in fact, I know some other people say the entire encryption space can be in between. You know a place in the eight to $10 trillion level, bitcoin will obviously grow exponentially as well. So I would expect this to be quiet. You know a lot of obsession in the field, specifically about the B series and many of these other projects as well.

But when you really break it down in this weekly time scale and you start to see a good good actually these were and the correction was actually quite severe and it was unexpected when who you start to look at. From the point of view of the Elliott wave its correct perspective. No, this was actually quite expected. We were expecting a pullback after the third wave. We've seen it's more extreme and faster and faster, but in the end, I think the levels are just right.

It bounces back the 50th moving average as seen in the second wave. But the end, you know, I think Wyckoff with Bitcoin was literally around the time that there's a huge selling period out there accumulating and all that kind of good stuff is going in from the whales that we're selling at 58K and buying during that time. A certain point in time was when it was bottoming out at about thirty K so now, I think this is decreasing rapidly, declining sharply. It kind of catches people a little by surprise, but it actually fits right in with our predictions here with the correct string, so the strings seem to have a patch found. It's the bottom in the way here that, fifty moving average and we are looking for that fifth wave starting to appear week after week.

This is going to start from , and it might take some time guys. It wouldn't be a quick fix. Nothing appears here in this crypto space. Be fast, it's not fast money unless you're totally accelerating, which is very hard to do. But here you are talking about 161 days between the second wave and the period of the third wave can be longer. So if you start looking at it from this , you can get a somewhat rough idea. If you look from the bottom up the first wave again, that's so many that it was 147 days, so you split the difference and assume in , it would be something similar. plank. The number three is usually the longest, so we'll assume maybe an extra 147 days. Which will draw us here in September once again, that may not be the peak you can reach any longer. Then September was my original build the timeline in which I was talking about a potential peak perspective from the August timeline, but it's in something that happens the top of the buildup phase.

We can start seeing this thing coming out in December of next year. Again, this obviously can then turn into something so much more, you know a lot and. Quite different, but in the end, the place that at the moment does not seem to change much. It's exactly the same as last year or the last bull run. Then we have Bitcoin dominance doing exactly what it was doing was happening during the 2017-2018 bull run and the Series V point here correctly traces the patterns. It's pretty much weekly to where things seemed to be heading. We do the $1 level that is set by type which corresponds to the Fibonacci Extension levels, which were showing us around 92%. And obviously you can overdo it a little bit not too much, but you can stretch it a little bit. So the ending looks very attractive. Still the V Series here has not sold any very little intention of selling any at this point in time, our V Series strategies have not changed and the technical analysis here on the V Series is still looking very good. Our RSI is well corrected.

It's well below halfway at 48 points. The sizes are very stable. Things can't be on string. Which is better in terms of the correction it has to come in very sharp and fast. There is another accumulation period. People are able to choose an advanced and broadest position here. Money might be wiser than setting up the top here. Ultimately, I'm not really the trader so I would have just kept all through this thing, but in the end there were opportunities as always in both market directions, both to the downside and to the upside. So people were even taking advantage of this as well. Right now, looking at that fifth wave. It looks very good and I think the possibility. For VA, here it is very attractive but Chris, what's next about all this? Yes for me a great project that will move mountains on the course of your thoughts for months. You know, I think it's a real shame that we are , and I think a lot of people have been caught.

You 'd think you knew that was to be expected. Everything was going through a bit too fast and yes for me, VA is a solid project. So I had no qualms, you know it's one of those projects that hardly ever really looks at I've made it come forward, now, which I think is pretty cool. I think this has gone under the radar with everything going on, so for me I'm still on the optimistic side. I think it doesn't help to have all this little fraud and I think you know you're going to witness the same individuals who are starting to talk in the media session and on social media in a much more positive way now that we've got these kind of awesome guys. If you didn't find this video useful and informative, go ahead and hit a button like this one, we both are. Really appreciate it , if you are new to the channel and want to stay updated with those new cryptocurrencies, those hidden gems.

Then technical analysis and news become subscribed by subscribing. You will now stay with everything that is completely free. You will be well informed. So why not with that, he said he did and he came out the way we hope you guys have a great day and we'll be joining you on the next……………………… ………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. …….yes take care of yourself..

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