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Welcome back welcome back to Perry Unlikely
We have done it. We have finally here at Perry Unlikely gotten
a partnership. This is a big partnership. This partnership
Is with none other than Will Smith Yes that’s right the Fresh Prince. From
now moving forward every two weeks. I will be washing his cars, yep great partnership
Now obviously this is not true, but you see what I did there was oftentimes the partnerships
that you see in the crypto space or just like that. They’re a fancy way of tying a crypto
to another project or another real-world company that don't really have much stock.
Now, nothing wrong with washing cars, The only issue there is in that example I gave
you, that is not a partnership that is called employment.

The reason I gave you that example
is, that is not what Vechain is in the game to
do. When they announce a partnership it is truly
a partnership and another notch on the way to mass adoption. I did not think I'd be making
another Vechain video so soon, but right after I released the last video
on Is a $10 Vechain a realistic figure. I think it was a day or two later
there was the announcement of Vechain partnering with Tyson.
now many people are saying Tyson chicken.

Yes Tyson, chicken is what they do but they
do much more than that, but it is with Tyson Brands, and be specific
that is Tyson brands in China. Today what we’re going to talk about is
Why this deal as well as another deal that came out two or three days
After that, why these deals are massive and why they truly are the set up for Vechain
and mass adoption. When you think about Tyson,
people are taking this at face value like any other deal
In today's video I'm going to explain to you why this deal is different
It’s going to make easy sense and for someone like myself who has spent a career in Supply
Chain management this is something I know all too well
I'm not a financial advisor before you invest in anything
you should seek the help of a professional So to start off lets really quickly recap
on Some of the other partnerships that they already
have And I have spoken about this in my other videos
For starters we have Walmart China, Sam’s Club China
This is a massive retailer so we already know Walmart’s a big deal.
We have the BMW group BMW, what more can you say about that, the
automotive industry They are certainly a leader and have been,
German engineering We have Reebonz secondary luxury goods
So obviously there is money in luxury goods There’s Price Waterhouse Coopers, PWC
Another great partnership As well there is the partnership with the
Chinese Government so that alone should tell you that
If the Chinese Government is in any fashion Partnering up with a project than there is
a valuable and viable Reason for that
As well there is the partnership, one of the early ones
In the wine industry and that is where you have visibility of the product from the
grapes All the way to the time that the wine hits
the glass And for customers and consumers to be able
to see that, That is a big deal
We are in the age of sustainability and things being all natural
Making sure things are pure, and for customers to be able to track that
And as well for the manufacturers, companies, and various businesses
To be able to track it as well and understand their products
Are truly good products is very important and that is not going away any time soon
There’s also H&M and I can name many more partnerships
That Vechain has had In the recent days and months we have seen
Vechain On an absolute tare, and I’ve got to be
honest That prediction of one dollar that I gave
for this bull run In one of my previous videos
I’m feeling even more confident about it and
Who knows it really could go higher.

So, now for Tyson
Let me explain to you why this particularly Partnership is such a massive deal, and let
Me explain to you how the actual setup would have taken place
And by the way I will post in the description a link
To Vechain101 They have an article with some great information
And that is where I got some of the information for today’s video
You really should take a second and read through it
So you’re probably thinking with this Vechain partnership
With Tyson that it’s just another thing where Tyson reached out
And said hey we’d like to partner up we’d like visibility
Well the beauty of this is, that is not exactly how this would have went.

You see remember just a few minutes ago
when I explained to you one of the first Partnerships and the reason I did that is because it's
such a big one and that is Walmart China and Sam's Club
you see you have to understand about these businesses
they don't ask when they need something they may mention it but because of the massive
size of them it is essentially a foregone conclusion because
it is such a big chunk of your business when you deal with them that you will comply
it is not in your best interest to say no and like I said in the field I've been spent
my career in I know this first hand so as I said whenever
they mention something you need to comply with it and ultimately
it really is in your best interest as a partner to the Walmarts and the big retailers
and big companies of the world so how would this deal have likely went down
Sam's Club China says Tyson we do a lot of business with you all
and moving forward what we want for you all to do is
We want you all to use Toolchain that's the Vechain Toolchain
What we want you to do is We want to include your wings into our Members
Mark brand and want you to be a part of that but yes moving forward as we mentioned we
would like you to use toolchain Tyson not really even knowing about Vechain
likely maybe they did maybe they didn't what are they going to do as I mentioned
they're going to comply what this does is this gives Sam's Club China visibility over
where their chicken is coming from and basically when they went to him they said
hey we want you to provide all the data to be available so we along with our consumers
understand the history of the chickens and where they come from and all the information
that consumers now want to know I dare say that Walmart as a whole and Sam's
Club is probably Tyson's biggest customer See the reason why this is so important
is Tyson is just one brand and that's Tyson China
we've already seen and I spoke to it before What do we thinks going to happen as the Walmart
business with vechain comes to America Or other places.

That’s going to expand
with the Tysons and with other companies and this is just the beginning of it you see
you in this deal with Tyson is such a big deal
because just think about how many Brands Walmart has sitting on his shelves
and this is just Tyson Brands it's not going to stop here this really is the key to mass
adoption and this is how it happens as I said earlier
I've watched this play out for years and it wasn't involving vechain but I'm talking
about in the world of Supply Chain management I've watched where Walmart is been a trendsetter
and everyone complies and it does move the industry forward
and when we think on the grand scale at how big is Supply Chain management world is
its massive think about the container ship many people knew nothing about container ships
in general but a few weeks ago one got stuck
and they were giving out figures of how much money
was being held up because the Waterway was confined
And the supply chain world is moving at a nonstop pace
so what I believe is over the next few months, years,
I believed that you were going to have Walmart continue to request
that the brands that they work with and that sell products in their stores
work with vechain and work with Toolchain for visibility
on their products this is just the beginning something else to mention I don't think it's
only that Walmart wants that I think the bigger Brands as well will come on board
The second partnership that was announced was Salesforce San francisco-based company
17.1 billion dollars in Revenue in 2020 that is a big amount
what is Salesforce to Salesforce is a cloud-based can service are in the business of
customer relationship management So what so big about the partnership
Which also points towards mass adoption is for sale to be as big as they are and to partner
with vechain this world is based off of networking we have
a company that made 17.1 billion dollars last year that is in the business of customer relationship
management do you think for one second that you're not
going to want to tie the various companies that they do business with into the vechain
network when they have successes and mind you Salesforce is all about making
vast amounts of data to you available about your customers so that you can move
in the right direction and make the right choices as a business
do you for one second think that using vechain for tracking and compliance doesn't give your
business a better name and doesn't help in the world where everybody's looking for sustainability
it absolutely does and Salesforce is a network itself
and as they use vechain and is successful I believe that their customers
which is a broad amount around the world as well
will start to use vechain So when we’re talking about these two partnerships
and that's why I mentioned at the beginning of the video
These are not just Partnerships that don't mean anything
This truly is the beginning of mass adoption we saw the Vechain recently run up to according
to coinmarketcap around the $0.27 range.

It has been moving
like crazy now it has settled back down at the time of
this video to around $0.23 It can't run forever maybe another retrace
as well but I do believe we are on Target in this bull market cycle to absolutely
hit $1 And with Partnerships like this and also through
the summer into the fall I believe will continue to get Partnerships
it could go farther than a dollar this is a project in my opinion that is a
long-term hold I'm not telling you to not play the short-term
because there's a lot of opportunity there as well
but for me I will make sure moving into the future and I do have bags of vechain
regardless of what I do in the short run and I do hold vechain I hold a good amount of
it this is one that I got into I believe back
when it was even under a penny So I’ve been in Vechain for quite some time
and I do believe in it one thing I like about it as I said I work
in the field of Supply Chain management so for me knowing this is a crypto with a
use case that is much needed and a crypto that is making things happen
So just to tie it in to be very direct when I say and you probably saw the thumbnail
something has changed let me tell you what's changed
what has changed is bigger companies are coming on board
and we now have Walmart and right now it is Walmart China
and by the way let me explain to you why that's good the reason that's good is
is China accounts for the most Manufacturing in the world
one and four things made in the world are made in China
and that's followed up by the United States that is why China is the perfect place
because of the sheer volume of manufacturing that they're doing
which would mean much of the products they produce
that is the source What i’m going to do is put a link right up above
the previous video that I did and that is can vechain realistically reach $10
You should check it out also it was mentioned to me after the last
video that Plair Network which is on the Vechain blockchain
no longer is in the gaming world They are headed in the NFT direction.
I do plan to give an update on Plair at some point in time
I just haven't been able to get to it yet so I didn't want to call that out and thanks
anytime you see something where maybe there's a change let me know
I will always try and update that in a following video
so want to make sure to do that Vechain is here
not only here to stay it is going to continue making waves
it is going to be phenomenal to see where this crypto goes
not only in this bull market but also four to five years even 10 years down the road
I'm telling you from the space of Supply Chain management
What Vechain is doing is an absolute necessity it's going to show in my opinion not only
in price action but also in Partnerships and these are real world Partnerships that
are doing real world things thank you for watching the content here Perry
Unlikely so make sure to leave a comment
the question I'm going to ask you is does Vechain have the best Partnerships in crypto
I happen to think it does let me know in the comments either yes it
does or no it does not and if you don't believe it does please let
me know what crypto has better Partnerships if you have not subscribed and you like the
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