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Welcome back to Perry Unlikely I know everybody right now in this bull market is looking for altcoin gems but what you have to remember is a lot of times there's cryptos right up under your nose They may not be small but they still have massive potential for gains so today i'm going to bring you one of those and that is Vechain i'm going to explain to you what Vechain does why it's so important to the world how it's progressing and we're going to hop into the numbers and take a look at its potential in this bull market We'll use this article from because i think they do a very good job of explaining what Vechain does Supply chain tracking is an industry ripe for disruption even though the internet has been around for decades suppliers still track shipments with paper and outdated computer programs now I myself being in supply chain management fully understand this this is true many of the methods are outdated now there is rfid tracking but even that at this point is outdated so i think that makes a very good point so that does explain to you what they are trying to do is it's all about supply chain tracking for instance when there is an e coli breakout it can take days to track the tainted vegetables back to their source and initiate a recall there is also a multi-billion dollar counterfeit goods industry which is partially enabled by all of the ways that supply chain tracking can be exploited Vechain hopes to solve their problems by using blockchain technology Vechain can create a universal supply chain tracking protocol which is vastly superior to anything that companies are using today already large retailers like Walmart and this is key because we know Walmart is a leader have signed up to use Vechain and it looks like the project has found a great product market fit now similar to Neo Vechain does have two different tokens they have the VET and they have VTHO I can do a video and go more in depth to explain to you why these tokens are needed but for today i just want to stick to a very surface level aspect of this just to let you understand how important Vechain is what's great about the Vechain is that users don't necessarily have to buy VTHO to pay for transactions instead users can earn VTHO so yes it's almost like a staking mechanism if you hold VET you get VTHO with it and i've been a holder of this for quite some time so i'm going to put the link to the article in the description i just want to give you the generalized idea of what Vechain is doing this is a major industry tons of money is lost each year on spoiled products as is mentioned in the article e coli and tracking when it comes to an e coli breakout no one can afford to take days to figure out you know what is uh the source of that Vechain is being used also in some wands where they can literally track the grapes all the way back to the source and everything including the glass every part of what makes up that wine the cork every single thing you know the source of it you'll be able to interact as the consumer with the app that lets you know the source of the products and where they came from and as we continue to move into where people are more concerned about health and sustainability this is going to be major and also on top of this IBM had a project that was similar and focused on food and food safety and tracking they have just disbanded that project and taking their funds from it so that's yet another competitor that is gone and IBM would have probably done a great job so I really like this it's cutting edge and basically they’re going to become the world leader in this very quickly If they haven't already when we look at the numbers Vechain is currently ranked number 30th in market cap and the price is currently at 2.9 cents the market cap is 1.88 billion so for us to get to a 30x it would have to go to 56.4 billion in market cap and for a 20x it would have to get to 37.6 billion in market cap and that would be 87 cents and 58 cents respectively what's important for you to remember about Vechain is it has a use case and it is actually in use so it's not just speculation it's been used in Walmarts in China now they are very happy with it and I want you to imagine what happens if this gets used in Walmarts in America and other places around the world massive massive potential you have to keep that in the forefront of your mind so not only in this bull run but long term Vechain really has potential and the founder Vechain has vast experience in leading a luxury brand prior and that's what caused him to go this route obviously with theft and loss prevention being at astronomical amounts so there you have it Vechain i really do believe that this could go to a dollar during this bull market but to get that 30x it needs to get to 87 cents i believe that is highly likely but let's say it falls short of that goal and we still get a 20x this is a great return compared to any other market and you should remember those cryptos that have been around longer typically are a safer play please remember I am not a financial advisor before you do anything with your money you should seek the advice of a professional Vechain is something you should really keep an eye on if you enjoy this video do me a favor for the algorithm hit the like button leave a comment and hit the bell for notification if there's something that you'd like me to research let me know in the comments and I will do my best to do so and get back with you Thanks for watching Perry unlikely [Music] you

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