We discuss VeChain all the time on this channel,
and that is because we truly believe that VeChain has a massive amount of potential
going into the future. Today we’re gunna be giving another price
prediction for VeChain, this time for the next month considering how well that it’s
bounced back from the recent market dip, and also how much bullish momentum it’s currently
experiencing. It seems likely that VeChain is going to head
to all time highs again this week considering how well it’s been recovering from the dip
in the past few weeks, and if this happens, we believe that VeChain can head to 50 cents
and $1 in the next month or so.

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useful resource for all. Welcome to Crypto Maximalist, let’s begin. Today we’re talking about VeChain and our
price prediction of 50 cents to $1 coming for the cryptocurrency in the next month or
so. This is not hopium, and the analysis is based
on a combination of technical analysis and also the incredible amount of momentum that
VeChain has been getting recently with news and general sentiment in the market.

The recent dip in the market dented the momentum
of VeChain somewhat, but it seems very likely that VeChain is going to continue it’s amazing
price action very soon, and there are a few reasons for this. The first reason is looking at how well that
VeChain handled the recent dip, which was exceptionally well in our opinion. VeChain dipped to around 13 cents before it
corrected, but there was a huge amount of buying pressure anywhere below 15 cents now,
and the price has already recovered back into the 20 cent range, which has only been seen
for the past month or so. VeChain actually lost less percentage gains
than most cryptocurrencies out there, and this is most likely because of the sheer momentus
run that it’s been on recently. VeChain has been on a tear for the past few
months and it seems likely it’s about to pick up the torch and continue it’s rip
for the next month.

With the revitalised sentiment in the market
it seems very likely that VeChain is going to continue it’s upwards pressure, and if
it can challenge it’s all time high again this week, we strongly believe it could be
heading to 50 cents in short order, and maybe upwards of nearly $1 in the next month depending
on how much the pump can achieve in the next few weeks. Adding additional fuel to the fire for VeChain
is the AMA happening in the next week with Sunny, the CEO of VeChain. There have been a large amount of rumours
surrounding the AMA with some big announcements coming, and considering how much that VeChain
has been pumping the past few days to reach it’s previous highs, it seems likely that
any news that is bullish for VeChain could tip the price action over the edge and send
us to further all time highs in short order. There are rumours of some large announcements
for the crypto and any more integrations or bullish sentiment would likely cause VeChain
to pick up where it left off in terms of price action for the past few months, and this would
obviously be amazing for investors.

We believe with the positive sentiment of
the whole space the past few days off the back of the market wide correction, we could
be seeing VeChain running up massive in the next few weeks off the back of more bullish
news, and the AMA could provide the fuel to fire that is needed to really send VeChain
running again. VeChain’s performance over the past year
has very likely seen many investors feeling extremely bullish about what they’ve been
seeing for the project. To put it mildly VeChain has seen huge growth
and continues to make strides to add additional partners and integrations to their ecosystem,
which has seen them exploding in value for the past 6 months or so. VeChain’s gains in the recent year have
been some of the largest in the entirety of the top 50, making over 150x returns from
the lows of March last year until the recent market wide correction that has see all cryptocurrencies
take around a 25% correction.

We’re very bullish on VeChain because it’s
been recovering so well from the recent market correction, and we believe that it can pick
up where it left off for gains in the next few weeks. VeChain millionaires are being made all the
time due to the huge growth of the project, and once more institutions start moving to
use VeChain in the future, there could very likely be a massive amount of growth for the
project, especially in the next 5 years. We believe our price target of 50 cents to
$1 is possible for VeChain in the next month, because there seems to be so much to be bullish
about for the project this year.

They are bringing out new news all the time
and its amazing to see how quickly they are developing their ecosystem. It wouldn’t surprise us if VeChain brought
out some more major partnerships soon, and if that happens it’s going to be very likely
that VeChain absolutely pumps after the AMA this week. If VeChain can reach these sorts of prices
before the climax of the bull run in the next 3-4 months, VeChain could look to hit a $3
price target or higher if it can keep up the sentiment we’re currently seeing. When looking at the technical analysis for
VeChain in the past few days, we’re very impressed and bullish on what we’ve seen
from the cryptocurrency’s performance. The double bottom that happened across the
entire market could be clearly seen with the downwards momentum for Bitcoin pulling VeChain
down with it. VeChain dropped momentarily to the 13-cent
range before being heavily bought up in the zone between 15-16 cents and then retesting
this area in the second leg down in the negative sentiment for the market. However VeChain was bought up heavily in these
areas and the bounce that it’s received as a result is very positive for the crypto,
and it’s headed back up into the 20 cent range at the time of recording this video.

We can envision it will most likely retest
a small downwards correction before heading back to the all time high range, where it
will pullback then retest the high again. Once this happens it difficult to imagine
that VeChain will not run up massively, especially if the sentiment matches the upwards pressure
of the market as a whole. VeChain as a project when looking at the fundamentals
has a huge pedigree.

It’s supply chain tracking and business
management protocol has seen amazing adoption by companies all around the world so far in
its lifecycle, and it seems likely to continue the trend going forward. The adoption for VeChain by large institutions
is massive and it seems very likely that this will continue into the future, as it’s obvious
VeChain know how to work with the biggest companies in the world. VeChain’s huge network effect and multiple
of integrations and partnerships of the protocol is the main reason to be bullish, as the sheer
amount of companies already using it proves just how valuable the project can be and may
very well continue this sentiment into the future. It’s very likely that VeChain will continue
to see adoption for its supply chain management if it’s already providing utility to so
many top companies around the world, and this is very bullish for investors. VeChain provides supply chain management and
business solutions for businesses, and the utility they provide for supply chain tracking
is getting use by so many top companies around the world such as BMW, it seems likely the
can continue to build their integrations in the future.

Supply chain tracking us a huge industry with
a massive market cap, and if VeChain can grab even a 1% of the huge market cap of $50 trillion
or more, VeChain would be a massive project with a $5-10 price per token at least. When you look at VeChain, it’s very easy
to be bullish on them at the moment, considering how well they’ve recovered in the past week
from the market wide correction. With the combination of more bullish sentiment
we believe our price target of around 50 cents to $1 is possible in the next month if VeChain
can break out. The sentiment of the whole market is bullish
again and we strongly believe that VeChain could be about to get more bullish news in
the space, pushing it higher into the future. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a
$1 price per VeChain in the next few months once the rally resumes. VeChain is a project with massive fundamentals
and in the long term, these always prove to be very decisive in the success of a protocol. VeChain has been robust in the recent correction,
and the buying pressure will likely see it conquer new all-time highs in the next few

VeChain is a project with some of the best
fundamentals in the whole of the space, and the recent price action really shows how quickly
and effectively VeChain can move. So, what are your thoughts on VeChain? Do you like the project and what is your price
prediction for them in 2021 and beyond? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
down below, as we’d be interested to hear your ideas about the price action of VeChain
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