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vechain provides blockchain solutions for companies around the world their systems have been proven in the real world with various existing industry blockchain applications ranging from supply chain management to anti-counterfeiting and carbon credits and investing in vechain now is the best choice available for you and guess what you have a real chance of becoming a millionaire too hello everyone welcome back to our channel today we will be talking about 10 reasons you should invest in vechain but before we dive into the video please drop a like on this video and subscribe if you haven't already number 10. vechain is a pathfinder in linking nfts with the world as the top enterprise friendly public blockchain platform nfts are one-of-a-kind assets that may be stored and tracked on blockchain networks because of its rising adoption in various industries such as art collectibles and gaming the nft ecosystem has surged in recent years with the entire market value of all nfts standing at around 210 million dollars in 2019.

Vechain is a platform that merges the decentralized finance and centralized finance industries this method results in a well-balanced platform with rapid value transfers v-chain is a champion in linking nfts with the modern world as the top enterprise-friendly public blockchain platform software developers may use v-chain's purpose-built nft toolset to create nfts that are useful the v-chain thor blockchain is the most refined platform for constructing nft-related apps because of its proven case studies and technological characteristics our blockchain creates a secure rising and reliable protocol and features that simplify blockchain and provide extensive support for real-world applications number nine vechain has received the world's first five-star rated blockchain service certificate from tuv sarland certification their certification recognizes vechain's blockchain technology's readiness and maturity elevating the network's visibility and prestige and certifying it as one of the leading enterprise level blockchain pioneers vechain's blockchain technology is uniquely positioned in the enterprise and corporate sectors thanks to this accreditation this accreditation would provide us a competitive advantage over competing for blockchain systems in an industry where businesses are reluctant to adopt new technologies tuv sarland allowed vechain to illustrate regulatory compliance across jurisdictions and provide detailed reporting on its blockchain services including industrial blockchain applications technical documents business development plans delivery of technological services acceptance records and more finally as the vechain ecosystem gains greater recognition and confidence it will flourish resulting in increased usage and partnerships directly contributing to the value generation of our blockchain ecosystem number eight vechain has a large workforce scattered across offices all around the world vechain presently employs over 100 people in offices all over the world sunny lou the company's ceo has extensive expertise overseeing it teams having previously served as the cio of louis vuitton china sunny lou alumni of shanghai zhao tong university with a degree in electronics and communication engineering has over 13 years of experience as an i.t executive since its inception in 2015 he has been working on the vechain project it began as a branch of bitsy one of china's prominent blockchain startups and is one of the few blockchains with an established customer base jay chan is the chief financial officer at vechain with over 14 years of experience as a senior manager at deloitte and pwc he also joined vechain in 2015 where he now supervises the blockchain governance framework design and digital asset establishment teams number seven vechain was one of the first companies to combine iot and dlt technologies vechain was designed with iot integration in consideration from the beginning they use iot sensors to capture data like temperature humidity and acceleration the internet of things or iot is a global network of billions of smart gadgets currently in use all of these gadgets are smart because they have a sensor and the ability to send data through the internet today the phone you're holding in your hand right now is also equipped with this facility v-chain maintains a record of massive volumes of data from several fields in order to streamline operations for example anyone can scan a product's qr code using their platform and obtain information on the goods from manufacture to packing in a similar way to ethereum the platform used to achieve all this known as the main net may also be utilized by other blockchain projects to create their own cryptocurrency on v v-chain system this platform has aided v-chain's transition from supply chain to d-apps number six v-chain also provides several other advantageous features that benefit the supply chain sector radio frequency identification or rfid is one such boon v chain is able to track critical data while it is being transferred by using rfid sensors and tags sensors allow all product parameters to be evaluated and any problems to be conveyed to the appropriate stakeholders for instance if a packet is stored outside of a defined temperature range manufacturers and customers are notified allowing for better service and quality control the v-chain blockchain broadcasts information such as temperature location and shipping movements as a result supply shipments are less likely to go missing this builds a robust and long-term commercial foundation number five vechain is a blockchain that employs a dual token economic model to prevent transaction costs from rising as the token's value grows in the instance of vechain a vet token is utilized for exchange speculation and blockchain governance in addition the vet token is also used for staking and vtho token production the vtho tokens are used to pay for network transactions with a transaction charge as the default charge thus a transaction's priority on the network can be increased by increasing the number of vtho paid for it tokens for vtho may be acquired on exchanges or minted by storing vet in a wallet these tokens are vastly different in terms of the role they fulfill total supply and inflation the network costs are kept apart from the possible volatility in the price of the vet token when employing a dual token architecture like this making the blockchain more appropriate for corporate use users that keep vet in their wallets will produce vtho over time allowing them to do transactions for free as the network's utilization develops one side effect should be a rise in demand for vet aside from creating tiny quantities of vtho operating nodes to maintain the network can produce significantly more vital quantities number four vechain a distributed ledger technology network that is committed to using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems has released an innovative approach for the automotive industry the verify car program powered by vechain's blockchain technology has been disclosed that equips each car with unique blockchain based digital identity in addition the system keeps a tamper-proof record of a vehicle's whole history including its original owner mileage maintenance history insurance and other details the world's leading automobile manufacturers are using this technique vechain provides each vehicle a personal v chain id and a digital passport that covers the whole lifespan of the automobile with the automobile solution centered on the vechain thor blockchain the brand can evaluate the effectiveness and authenticity of vehicle components by utilizing genuine data recorded on the blockchain additionally the car owner can provide third-party service providers access to this information such as automobile insurance used car trading auto finance and so on number three the v chain thor wallet is a safe mobile wallet created by the vechain foundation for ios and android devices the wallet includes a node management tool and a built-in d-app browser as well as support for vet vtho and numerous vip 180 tokens the vechain thor wallet also consists of a node trade marketplace and allows for viewing ledger addresses directly from your mobile device the vechain wallet is both free and straightforward to use it's also highly secure having undergone comprehensive third-party testing to assure strict security in addition the observe function allows you to keep an eye on your wallets without having access to them providing added safety and convenience vechain is an exciting and intriguing blockchain proposition with many creative and exciting goods on offer and big name investors as a result vet and vtho as investments may have a bright future ahead of them number two proof of authority is used as a consensus technique on the v chain thor blockchain votes are distributed according to this mechanism based on vet holdings and disclosure vet holders with 1 million tokens in their account and no know your customer credentials are liable for 20 of all votes whereas vet holders with kyc and the same amount in their accounts are accountable for thirty percent number one vechain has excellent connections and collaborations as previously said vechain has been at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into the supply chains of some of the largest and most prestigious corporations bmw china h m lvmh mont hennessey louis vuitton walmart china bayer china enn byd auto piccc shanghai gas dig asi and others are leading the way in the real world use of this technology v-chain distinguishes being one of the few blockchain and crypto startups to receive official approval in china it's one of the reasons why this organization has built such a solid client base and commercial relationships in that nation the operation offices of vechain are located in shanghai and beijing japan france the united states luxembourg and italy well you have it there 10 reasons to invest in vechain thank you for staying till the end if you like this video and think it's informative make sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel to show your support bye

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