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Today we are going to be taking a look at
Vechain price predictions and breaking news on Vechain, one of the most popular on this
area. And I think there's a good reason behind it,
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haven't yet and let's get into it. Welcome to "Money Side". Vechain is a cryptocurrency and smart contracts
platform focused on supply chain management. It allows manufacturers to add sensors such
as RFID tags to their products, and then they can record data on the V chain blockchain. So if you don't know much about v chain, I
will say it is definitely one that you want to know more about. It's one that will continue to be huge around
the market. I think a lot of people are interested in
it, because it's definitely got that long term potential. So it's got controllable transaction lifecycle,
MTT transaction dependency and fee delegation. We've talked about these before, if you want
a little bit more in depth detail on you know, V chain itself, definitely take a look at
previous videos, we've talked about vechain.

VeChain Vast Adoption in Italy Confirmed Via
an Italian News Broadcast VeChain, the leading enterprise blockchain
platform headquartered in Singapore, continues to strive to become a solution that can be
widely recommended across the world. This effort is clearly paying off considering
the recent development. According to an Italian news broadcast, three
Italian wineries are currently testing the solution provided by VeChain Thor in collaboration
with the global certification body DNV-GL. A correspondent named Anna Scafuri concisely
described the use cases of VeChain and how it can be leveraged in Italy going forward,
to protect locally made wines against counterfeiting across the border. Scafuri also stated that this nascent technology
can also be applied in other industries such as food, fashion, and automotive. During the news broadcast, VeChain blockchain
was described as follows: “Let’s talk about the new frontier of
certification. Blockchain technology, the immutable digital
ledgers used to protect Italian high-quality wines, guaranteeing greater transparency and
security against counterfeiting.

“Enhancing the producer’s effort to guarantee
the quality of their wines on the market, as well as providing complete and verified
information to highly demanding customers. Thanks to the technology built on the blockchain
platform VeChain Thor and global certification body DNV-GL, operating in more than 100 countries,
designed a solution to convey, step by step, the story of a product. “Wine blazes the trail: 3 wineries are testing
the solution aimed to revolutionize the certification industry. Data and test results collected, in collaboration
with Valoritalia, to flow into a story, from the grape to the bottle in a verified and
immutable way that can be easily accessed through a QR code on the label. By scanning the code with the smartphone,
customers will be able to retrieve a full set of details, such as harvest year, production
technique, or any potential use of renewable energies, as well as awards received.

“This technology can successfully help in
the fight against counterfeiting of our wines abroad. It can be applied to any food product and
also other industries, from fashion to automotive. A huge boost in the promotion of made in Italy,
which will help ensure the authenticity of our products.” Good news for us! This is why billion-dollar companies are building
on VeChain VeChain has been among the best performers
in the crypto market on almost every chart. VET has posted an increase of over 2,800%
in one year. Part of the reason for its rally has been
the numerous partnerships that it has consolidated and VeChain’s team continues to advertise. The Strategic Advisor of VeChain, Jackson
Fu, has tallied up all the partnerships in an attempt to explain what has motivated these
billion-dollar companies to join the platform. Geared towards corporate implementation, VeChain
has managed to deliver strategies and solutions that according to, Fu, allows its partners
to run businesses at scale.

Fu adds:
VeChainThor public blockchain is already looking like the number 1 choice for businesses building
real world products. VeChain has consistently managed to solve
mass adoption hurdles, such as preventing unstable transaction fees with its VET-VTHO
two-token model and eliminating the threat of congestion with its scalable network that
proactively adjusts itself in response to network usage. Fu believes that the Blockchain-as-a-Service
platform offered by VeChain to its customers, ToolChain, allows them to build and deploy
“highly customizable” solutions. In addition, VeChain has deployed new protocols
that reduce problems suffered by other blockchain, for example, fee delegation. This allows an entity to cover the gas fee
costs for several users, decreasing congestion on the network. Thus, VeChain has expanded its adoption cases. Fu said:
allowing D-App owners and businesses to pay the gas fees of their users and opening up
D-Apps to the masses. VeChain excels at identifying and addressing
business needs. This proficiency is reflected by the calibre
of channel partners and companies they do business with. Different sectors implement VeChain solutions
Some of the partnerships VeChain has been able to secure include that formed with FoodGates,
ASI and DNV for an International Food and Beverage Trade Platform; the partnership with
Walmart China and Sam’s Club for a Food Traceability Platform; the construction of
the C-Secure platform with the giant Bayer to manage clinical trials, among many others.

Fu adds:
As demand for public blockchain picks up pace this year and beyond, VeChain’s proven technology
and successful business applications will surely see it becoming the world’s first
mass adopted public-blockchain. If we see the last month alone a lot of people
started realizing that early March and that's why we've had this constant increase in price
and I think it is going to continue to increase in price so by the end of April I definitely
see vechain being about a 12 to 15 cent coin at the very least I think it'll continue to
increase like this slowly over time.

And then we have a little stabilization at
the end like this again, I think we will see a 15. Hopefully, we stabilize there around. It could definitely go much higher at the
rate it's going right now if we did something like this in April. We would obviously see vechain being about
an 18-20 cent coin. Definitely a possibility. I think it could actually go higher in that
as well.

April is going to be a good month for cryptocurrency
it just previous years it has been and I think it will be yet again, March is obviously usually
a hard year for cryptocurrencies, definitely all coins specifically. If we look at this 4 hour time frame:
During BTC's dump VET consolidated but stayed well within its bullish megaphone. Currently its breaking out of a huge triangle
and W pattern and will fly off; check chart for targets.

I am super bullish on VET and it is one of the best risk & reward alts than go much higher
than current valuation. For the mid term ; I see VET targeting 0,15$
by the end of April / beginning of May – that is more than 50% increase! VET has both fundamentals and hype and still
has to catch up with the current bull run, this means she has a lot of gas! This means that I expect VET to outperform
BTC and most major alts in the mid term. Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor.

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